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The Eternal. Chapter Two. Michael.

The Eternal. Chapter Two. Michael.

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Published by Tron Young

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Published by: Tron Young on Jul 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Eternal.Chapter Two.Michael.“The house, its just down there.” Michael said as he pointed down the gardenpath, “Its been abandoned for years before my grandfather, my dad told me. Weshould go and see what’s inside!”“I don’t know Max. Its far and its nearly night time.” replied Peter.“You’re not scared, really?” Michael questioned.No more words were exchanged. The boys loved to explore, they were only 14. Allboys loved to explore.They made their way down the garden path. The leaves were orange and the growthwas wild. Tangles of vines wrapped pillars and metals. Flowers had bloomed anddied for many years here. A canopy of trees covered the path. Years of fallenleaves had concealed the track. It was a minor concern to the boys, crumpling oldleaves as they made their way to the house. The house was old. The front doorneeded no force to open. Peter pushed it with ease and entered. Michaelfollowed. Unimpressed with the hallway entrance the boys proceeded deeper intoits helm. Discovering its many rooms. Dust had settled upon everything. Nofurniture in any room, just soulless voids.Michael stared long and hard at the stairs. He wasn’t wondering what was upthere, he was questioning if anything of interest was worth the effort of theclimb. Peter ran past, crashing into Michael’s shoulder.“Are you scared Max?”Michael ran after him. Boys love to play. Through the hallway upstairs theychased. In and out of empty rooms until only one room was left. It was at theback of the house, down the corridor. Peter ran smiling into the room and slammedthe door shut, hoping to prevent Michael’s entrance. The trauma of the slamforced the old house to break. Walls separated and floors cracked. Michaelkicked the door opened triumphantly but it added to the shock. More of the woodcracked, more walls broke. The house was dying. After years of resting alone thehouse could not hold its own weight, its bones had worn away. Peter tried to graba wall for support. Michael unsure of his footing remained in the doorway.“We have to go Peter. I think we have a bit of time before it collapses!”Michael, with concern in his voice. Peter made a bolt for the door and the boysran. Ran. Down the hall. Jumped the stair well. The last step gave way underMichael’s feet and toppled him to the ground. He landed hard, breaking the floorboards. Peter without looking fell over Michael. His feet were unable to gatherunder his body and the landing caused him to tumble across Michael. Both boysfell through the boards. Boys did not love to fall. The house gave in. Dustfilled the now night sky as the stairs collapsed. For them it was black.“Are you alright?” Peter can here a voice, it took him a small amount of time torecognize that it was Michael’s.“I’m fine.” Peter said as he tried to stand up, “The house didn’t entirelycollapse?”“No, just the stairs and some parts of the house.”“Lucky us hey?” Peter smiled.Michael stood up and began to clean the dust from his body. As he brushed, apiece of paper fell to the ground. Michael picked it up and opened it.“It’s a piece of an address book. Addresses all over the world.” Michaelrevealed.“Who cares! I’m going home.” Peter cleaned himself and walked down the leafscattered garden path. Michael followed with the note in his pocket. The note
went into a small booklet and was forgotten, like many things would be forgottenin his youth.Winters passed...Unpacking the last box of books into his new home with his new wife. Michaelgrabbed a handful of books and rearranged them onto their new book shelf. Thelast book he placed was his old note book.“Babe! This is my old notebook from back when I was a brat.” Michael shoutedout.“Great!” She replied, uninterested. She just wanted the house unpacked. Michaelopened the book reliving his past. Turning pages and living a younger lifethrough his imagination. Smiles of joy of fond memories, then a piece of paperfell from the booklet. The note. Michael recognized it straight away. He openedit and read again. Running through the addresses and cities until he came acrossa city he was familiar. Paris. Michael loved Paris.“Babe! Let’s go to Paris for our holiday.”“Let’s get our house unpacked!” She ordered.A winter passed...Michael had just landed in Paris with his new wife. They have been here before,during their years courting each other. Michael was excited to explore anddiscover new parts of this old town. Boys loved to explore. The note was alsowith him. I might as well check out the address if I was in town, he thought.Michael had left his wife to spend money. He was happy for the free time. Hemissed being alone. It allowed him to relive his boyhood adventures. He could goanywhere. The address was his first stop. He came out of the train station andfound an old pawn shop. The shop front had not been changed in years. Goods hadgathered dust and no care takers removed it. Michael walked in.“Bonjour!” That’s all Michael knew as he greeted the shop keeper. “I’m sorry doyou speak English?”The keeper turned and smiled, “It must be a little bit annoying for you. No onespeaks English in this town. Not because they want to be arrogant, its becauseits France. The language is French.”“Yes.” Michael did not care he was just relief to not have to bring out hisFrench English dictionary. “I have a note here with the address of this shop init.” Michael passed the note to the shop keeper. He glanced at it, but a look ofconfusion replaced his face.“I don’t know. There is also a date. I’ll check our books. It may take a while.The date was years and years ago. Do you know this shop has been in my family formore generations than you and I could count together. I’ll be right back, find aseat.”Michael looked around but there was no seating available, the shop was cluttered.Old furniture, toys, pictures, painting, and things. Very very many things.Michael’s wife loved things.“Here. I found the catalogue. It’s old. I remember moving this when we had ourbig clean out when I was about 14.” The old shop keeper said as he turned thepages and read the catalogue.“We sold nothing on that date. But bought two items. Two wooden boxes. Goldtrimmed it says here. Lock and key as well.”“Do you know where these boxes are?” Michael asked.“I sure do!” Michael was surprise, the place was a mess. “Its in the shop.” Thekeeper smirk. Michael grew a frown. A small one, not of unhappiness, but more ofannoyance. Michael had a bit of time before his wife would want to show him allher purchases, so he decided to look around. Maybe these wooden boxes with goldtrims would just appear. Hours passed. Every corner checked, by both men.Nothing could be found. Michael had given up and walked out of the shop thanking

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