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Published by crysmesh101

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Published by: crysmesh101 on Jul 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“If You Don’t Know What Your ManIs Thinking, Then He’s probablythinking of 
 Already Know 
That When a Man “Closes Up” Or Stops Sharing, It’s A Bad Sign. Here’sHow to Find Out EXACTLY what’s going on Inside Of His Head… Then Use That InformationTo Not Only Re-Ignite His Love And PASSION For You… But Also Create A Deep, IntimateConnection Between The Two Of You
That Lasts A Lifetime…
Regardless Of what you’ve beenthrough…
 And Even If He’s Already Considering Moving On…
Dear Friend Who Wants To Understand Men Better,Have you ever wished you had a pair of X-Ray glasses that would let you look inside your man’s mindand let you know EXACTLY what he was thinking?And if so… if you
get a hold of them and actually see inside of your guy’s head… do you think you’d be excited… or FRIGHTENED by what you might find?If you answered, “Excited!”... Congratulations! I don’t need to tell you that feminine intuition isSTRONG (much stronger than a man’s) and you are probably right.On the other hand… if you don’t know what your guy is thinking… and if your feminine intuition istelling you that there might be something wrong… then chances are it’s probably WORSE than youthink…In other words… there is a very good chance he is thinking about LEAVING YOU…And if he isn’t… he’s probably not far from considering it…I’m sure that this isn’t news to you, and that you’ve already wondered this as well…It’s almost like you can FEEL a barrier growing between the two of you… and that it’s only becomingBIGGER and
harder to overcome
as the days go on…At the same time… I’m sure you also know that there is definitely hope…
that it isn’t too late…
and thatif the two of you could just
connect with each other and talk about what you are both feeling, youcould definitely work things out and become even closer together…Something else you certainly know:If you’ve hit one of these “barriers to intimacy” in your relationship, you’ve reached the point of “makeit or break it”… and if you don’t do something to remedy the situation and rekindle the intimatecommunication you used to have with your man IMMEDIATELY… this could be it…Fortunately… this barrier doesn’t have to be an obstacle at all.In fact… it’s perfectly normal for couples to experience difficult times.The key, of course… is HOW YOU HANDLE THEM.And handling these things correctly comes down to one thing:
COMMUNICATION.When you and your man are able to share open, honest communication with each other… a “roughspot” can actually bring the two of you
closer together…
and create a rock-solid foundation of love andintimacy that propels you to new levels of connection in your relationship… as you work together tomake things great.But go about things the
wrong way…
and it could be the beginning of the end…
Here’s How You Might BeMaking Things
Unfortunately… having open, honest communication with your man isn’t always easy…and most of the time, HE certainly isn’t going to help.I’m going to guess that when you try to communicate with your man, you’re running intoone or both of these things:
1. He Just Doesn’t Listen
Do you ever feel like what you say to your man goes in one ear and out the other? Youknow… that look that he gets on his face… where he’s doing his best to ACT like he’slistening… because he doesn’t want you to get upset?Maybe you’ve asked him nicely to take out the trash every Tuesday for the past 10 weeks…yet every Wednesday morning you wake up to find it hasn’t happened…Of course… the fact that the trash isn’t out is no big deal. What IS a big deal is that he justisn’t
to you… or just doesn’t seem to
And then… the same thing happens when you try to talk to him about something deep andmeaningful… like where your relationship is going or something that’s upsetting you…only to find he seems to care more about who won the ballgame or what’s for dinner…This can be INSANELY frustrating… and the worst thing is
he doesn’t even seem to carethat it makes you feel this way.
Not fun.And on top of all that…
2. He Doesn’t Talk 
Have you ever known your man was upset about something and asked him what waswrong… and he simply replied with, “Nothing” and walked away?You KNEW something was going on… but instead of wanting to talk about it and share hisfeelings… he simply shut down… and left you to try and “guess” what was bothering him
and how to fix it. This kind of behavior, when a person says “nothing” and walks away, iscalled “passive aggressive”. It’s hard enough to fix the
problem… but now you’vealso got a passive aggressive problem to deal with on TOP of the actual problem!Unfortunately, the things most women do to try to “fix” these frustrating situations, getsthem nowhere…The first mistake women often make is to share LESS of their feelings with their man.Of course this is usually done out of sheer frustration… if attempts to share your feelingswith your man get you nowhere… and can even take you BACKWARDS… why bother,right?But… I think you KNOW that this isn’t the answer.In fact, I think that YOU know that if the two of you could just sit down and have someopen communication with each other, you would BOTH feel better… and it would bringyou
closer together…
Which is exactly why you want to share your feelings with him in the first place!Well guess what?You are absolutely RIGHT.So with that in mind… is the solution to communicate MORE?I don’t think so. And if you think back on your past experiences I think you know thatattempting to communicate more isn’t the answer…If you’re not communicating with him in a way that is WORKING… you know as well as Ido that things are NOT going to get better.You can’t blame someone for being optimistic… but if you’re driving and you run into abrick wall, should you keep running into it?Unfortunately many women make the mistake of thinking that more attempts tocommunicate with their man will eventually get him to “crack”… or that maybe he will“change”… and that somehow everything will turn out alright.But let me ask you this… have you ever been in one of these situations and KNOWN deepdown in your heart that if you could just get your man to communicate with you and thetwo of you could openly share your feelings with each other… that the two of you WOULDhave worked out… and would have had a great chance at experiencing the dreamrelationship you both have always wanted?But then… after months or even years of getting nowhere… eventually you just gave up…and moved on?

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