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Murdo Coyote, September 26, 2013

Murdo Coyote, September 26, 2013

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Sep 25, 2013
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Notice of Auction****Jones County School Districtproceedings and2013-2014 Expenditure Projections****Murdo City Council Proceedings****Homecoming parade****Firemen’s feed****
Next week:
Tear down
Includes tax
Number 39Volume 107September 26, 2013
Murdo Coyote welcomes new journalist
by Karlee Moore
Tami Jo Newbold-Flynn will be joining the MurdoCoyote as a full-time newswriter and photographer. You can also talk to her about ad sales. Newbold-Flynn graduated from Jones County High School in1995. She currently resides in Okaton with her hus-band Brian and twins, Trey and Emily, who are inthe eighth grade.She earned her Associates degree of GeneralStudies in 2010 and a Bachelor’s of Science in Inter-disciplinary Studies in 2012, both from South Dako-ta State University.Newbold-Flynn is excited to start her new posi-tion and is looking forward to being more active inthe community. If you have any news leads, pleasecontact her at 605-669-2271 or mcoyote@gwtc.net.I want to thank everyone in the community forthe support I received during my year at the Coyote.I am happy to have been able to contribute to myhome community and I enjoyed getting to knowmore of you. I learned a lot and I am confident thatTami will do a great job taking my place!The following story was written by Newbold-Flynn and printed in the October 6, 1994 edition of Coyote Trax in the Murdo Coyote.
New methods explained: Tech Ed visitsexperimental farmby Tami Jo Newbold
Tech Ed upper classmen recently visited theDakota Lakes Research Farm. As Jason Miller fromthe S.C.S. office helped as personal guide, the stu-dents took a tour of the farm as manager and pro-fessor, Dwayne Beck, explained the details.The Dakota Lakes Research Farm is 460 acres of land southeast of Pierre along the Missouri River.Some people feel it is destined to become the premierirrigation and dry land research farm in the heart-land of South Dakota. The land is owned by theDakota Lakes Research Farm Corporation.The major objectives of the corporation are tobuild a water delivery system to supply MissouriRiver water to the land construct suitable office andmachinery storage facilities on the farm, raise fundsfor the operation of Dakota Lakes and cooperate insetting research projects and priorities. Already planned are projects in increased energyefficiency, crop varieties especially adapted for bothdry land and irrigated operations in central SouthDakota, improved pest management practices,increased water efficiency, and reduced and no-tillfarming methods. After the students viewed the farm, the generalconsensus was that the tour was interesting butvery unusual from farming techniques in the imme-diate area.
The unusual becomes the normby Tami Jo Newbold-Flynn
Nineteen years after the above story ran in Coy-ote Trax, Dakota Lakes Research Farm is still goingstrong, focusing not only on the advantages of no-tillfarming, but also on various research projects. No-till farming has become normal operating procedure.Raymond Roghair, who has used the no-till farmingtechnique for approximately 20 years said, “Thebiggest difference in the land, between then andnow, is that now there is a lot less erosion. There ishardly any wind erosion because you always have acover on the surface.”
This photo accompanied Newbold-Flynn’s 1994 story about no-till farming. John Deere 1560 no-till drill that the Jones County Conservation Districtrents out to various producers. This drill was first used in 2000. The drillis still rented often in the spring and fall, but as more and more produc-ers use no-till farming methods they either buy their own equipment or borrow it from a neighbor.
Photo by Tami Jo Newbold-Flynn
Brett Anderson relieves recognition for 30 years as an EMT. Tammy VanDam and Greg Boyle are each recognized for their 20 years as EMTs.Drivers taking the EVOC training drive Jones County’s new ambulance and their older ambulance through thecourse to get a feel for the differences in the vehicles.
Courtesy photos
Jones County Ambulance service honors veterans and teaches rookies
by Tami Jo Newbold-Flynn
Three Jones County EMTswere recently honored for theirmany years of service to theambulance. Tammy Van Dam andGreg Boyle have each been on theambulance service for 20 yearsand Brett Anderson has been onthe service for 30 years. When Van Dam was asked how thingshave changed in the last 20 yearsshe said, “There are less peopleon the service now, which some-times makes it hard, but I amhappy a new generation of EMTsis showing such enthusiasm”. Anderson joined the ambu-lance service at age seventeen.He said that there have beenmany highs and lows but that it iscompletely worth it. Anderson,says, “That after 30 years as anEMT one of the greatest things isthat when push comes to shovethis community is there for youand the ambulance service, whenneeded.” Anderson plans to be anEMT for as long as he is able.New EMTs and potentialambulance drivers were busy lastweek taking the Emergency Vehi-cle Operator Course or EVOCtraining. The training was held atthe state shed and anyone whowas interested in driving theambulance attended. Potentialambulance drivers went throughfive different scenarios with thenew ambulance. New EMTLaTonya Erickson said the train-ing was, “fun and educational”.The Jones County ambulancewill hold their third annualpheasant fundraiser breakfast onSaturday, October 19 and Sunday,October 20 from 7:00 –11:00 a.m.at the ambulance shed. Moneyraised will go towards purchasingmore equipment.
Jones County News
Murdo Coyote • September 26, 2013 •
Murdo Coyote – Murdo, SD
P.O. Box 465Murdo, SD 57559-0465Phone: (605) 669-2271FAX: (605) 669-2744E-mail: mcoyote@gwtc.netUSPS No.: 368300Don Ravellette, Publisher Karlee Moore,Reporter/Photographer/SalesLonna JacksonTypesetter/OfficeSUBSCRIPTION RATES:Local … $34.00 + Tax
Local subscriptions include the towns and ruralroutes of Murdo, Draper, Vivian, Presho, WhiteRiver, Okaton, Belvidere, Kadoka and Midland
In-State … $39.00 + taxOut-of-State … $39.00Periodicals Postage Paid atMurdo, SD 57559Postmaster:Send address changes to:Murdo CoyoteP.O. Box 465Murdo, SD 57559-0465Deadlines for articles and letters isThursdays at 5:00 p.m. (CT)
Items received after that time will beheld over until the next week’s issue.
LEGAL DEADLINE:Fridays at 4:00 p.m. (CT)ADVERTISING DEADLINE:Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m. (CT)
Published Every Thursday 
On Sunday, September 29,there will be a potluck dinner atSt. Paul’s Lutheran Church fol-lowed by a cleaning/fixing after-noon.Margaret Rankin became aresident at Kelly’s RetirementHome II in Pierre recently. Sincemoving there she has had lots of company and her family is withher a lot. Family there has been:Greg, Bob, Kris and Dick, Ronand Nan, Karen, Eleanor, Rayand Shirley, and Tyler. Othersthat have visited are: ElaineMeyers, Don Cromwell, Delores Volmer, Florence Christian,Cindy Louder and MadelineLouder. Nelva and Janet Loudercalled on her Friday afternoon asGreg was just leaving. They gotthere in time for coffee andsnacks. Also there was residentRudy Ellwanger, so had coffeeand a visit with both. They alsohad a chat with Nancy (Baker)who works there.Local county officials thatattended the county officialsstate convention last Mondaythrough Wednesday in Spearfishwere: Helen Louder, Monte Anker, Terri Volmer and DebByrd.Dorothy and Darin Louderspent last Friday in Kadoka vis-iting Dwight and Deanna Byrd.Philip and Audrey Mathewsmet Bill and Ellen Valburg inPierre last Thursday and hadsupper together at a steakhouse. Audrey has a birthday on Tues-day. Happy birthday, Audrey.Betty Mann visited HelenDeRyk in Pierre last Wednesday.On Friday she visited Gen Liffen-gren.Seven years ago this week,Nelva and Janet Louder were inColorado for the September 24wedding of our granddaughter,Shawna Miller, who became Mrs. Adam Lizotte. Happy anniver-sary, Shawna and Adam.Helen Louder, Shirley Vik, Velma Scott, Lill Seamans, PattiGreenseth, Patti Ellwanger,Janet Louder, Michelle McNeelyand Cheryl McMillan listened tothe first and second graders readto them last Thursday. Fromthere to a cafe for coffee, just theDraper gals. They appreciatedMichelle and Cheryl helpingthem out.Kathie Mason accompaniedShelley Boehmer to Sioux Fallslast Tuesday. Kathie had a doctorappointment; her new knee isdoing good. The gals joined sisterGinger Waltner of Freeman; herson and his wife, Travis and Jes-sica; and Shelley’s daughter,Lacey, for lunch.Eldon and Esther Magnusonspent Thursday in Pierre. Eldonkept an appointment. They metShelley, Lori Owens and sonTayler and Wade Fisher forlunch.Sunday Shelley Boehmer anddaughter Lacey –from SiouxFalls here visiting family inPierre –visited and had dinnerwith Eldon and Esther Magnu-son. Lacey returned to SiouxFalls later. Monday KathieMason spent the day with herparents.Helen Louder met Garry andMadeline Louder of Bettendorf,Iowa, and LeRoy and CindyLouder at a Pierre restaurantSunday evening for supper. Laterat LeRoy and Cindy’s, theyenjoyed birthday cake to cele-brate Helen’s ? birthday, which isSeptember 25. Happy birthday,Helen.Nelva and Janet Louder visit-ed Ellouise Ellwanger over coffeelast Tuesday morning.Ray and Janice Pike left forOgallala, Neb., on Friday wherethey met daughter Sandy andTim Zibell of Wann, Okla. OnSaturday evening they attendedthe 40th anniversary party forfriends Dean and Carol Weems of  Arthur, Neb. They were amongthe many that enjoyed anniver-sary cake, lots of visiting anddancing. Sunday morning thePikes and Zibells met the Weemsfamily for breakfast before head-ing home. They got to see waterwhile there as the river was veryhigh.The doors at their motel hadbeen sandbagged but luckily thewater didn’t get that far.Dean and Terri Volmer, Davidand Jill Venard and Lanny andMichele Iwan traveled to SiouxFalls Saturday to a surpriseanniversary party for Bob andSherrie Venard held at Spezzia’sRestaurant, hosted by Sherrie’sbrother Rocky Hayes and the Venard’s family Tanner, Brit-tanie and Trace. Others from thisarea were: Barb Venard andLynne Kinsley and Bill and Sher-ry Philips. All enjoyed lunchtopped off with anniversary cake.Sherrie was very surprised, butBob got a little suspicious beforeentering the restaurant. A goodtime was had. Happy anniver-sary, Bob and Sherrie.Following church Sunday RosaLee Styles, Lila Mae Christian,Wilma Ahlers, Pastor Hazen,Nelva and Janet Louder had din-ner together in Murdo. Later theLouders visited Dorothy andBrad Louder, Darin, Kevin andLevi.Lill and Jason Seamansattended the wedding of theirniece/cousin Lindsay Hamer andBeau Johnson held at theLutheran church in Kennebec onSaturday followed with a recep-tion/supper/dance. Also therewere Wayne and CherylHeisinger of Heron Lake, Minn.Beau is the son of Wayne’s sister,Gloria and Doug Johnson, of Presho. Lill and Jason spent thenight at Chet and TeresaHamer’s. On Sunday they haddinner to celebrate great-nephewJayden’s fifth birthday, alongwith other family and friends.Jason returned to Rapid Citylater Sunday.On Friday Nelva and JanetLouder went to Parkwood andvisited Lillian Severyn; Ken Hal-ligan; Joyce Nielsen (happybirthday Joyce on Monday, Sep-tember 23); Arlyne Brown; a visitplus a big hug from Irene Cald-well; met Jane Daum’s mom,Mrs. Todd; and a brief ‘hi andbye’ to Mona Sharp as she was onher way out. Audrey and EuniceHullinger of Vivian were alsothere visiting.Tony and Kim Schmidt left for Aberdeen on Wednesday. Kimkept appointments. They spenttime with Kayla and JeremyHoag and girls and JaimeSchmidt and friend Shawn. Theyreturned home Friday morning.Penny Dowling traveled to Alpena on Sunday and attendedservices at the United Church of Christ with son Troy and Stacieand girls Samantha, Jolie and Alexis. Samantha was confirmedinto the church. They all attend-ed the potluck held at the churchafter services. Penny returnedhome later that day.Wilma Ahlers of Flandreauwas out to spend a few days withsis Lila Mae Christian. On Fri-day they went to Vivian to seeDave and Janice Moore and takethem out to dinner. After, theywent to Pierre to see Margaretand Ronald Juhnke and got in avisit with Terry and Kay Moore,who were also visiting Juhnkes.Saturday they had dinner at alocal drive inn with GlennaMoore and grandkids and spentthe afternoon at Glenna’s. Satur-day evening they went to a cookout at Dennis and Julie Moore’s.It was a going away party fortheir daughter, Karlee, as she ismoving to Rapid City. On Sundaythey attended church and wentout to dinner with the churchbunch. Wilma left for home laterthat afternoon.Hannah Christian came froma wedding in Ord, Neb., on Sun-day and spent the night withgrandma Lila Mae Christian. PatShinabarger stopped in Mondayafternoon on her way home toRapid City from Miller, whereshe was visiting her son and fam-ily. Pat and Hannah left forRapid City later that afternoon.Good luck, Karlee, with yournew job and move to Rapid City.We will miss you at the Coyote.
Punt, Pass and Kick
The Murdo Lions Club will sponsor Punt, Pass and Kick for kidsages 6-15 on Wednesday, September 25 at 6 p.m. at the football field.
Open AA meetings
Thursdays 8:00 p.m. at the East Commons. Call 530-0371 or 280-7642.
For Al–Anon meetings call 669-2596 for time and place.
Housing assessment meeting
On November 6, the Chamber is hosting a public meeting regardingthe final report of the housing assessment for Murdo. The public meet-ing will be held at the Turner Community Center at 7 p.m.
Kids Club
Kids Club, sponsored by the Community Bible Church, will meetWednesday, October 2 at the mini–gym after school. All kids in gradesK–6th are welcome to attend. Come and enjoy a Bible story, snacks,games and a craft.
South Central RC&D annual meeting
South Central RC&D’s annual meeting will be held on September28, 2013 with registration beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Jones CountySenior Citizens Building on Main Street, Murdo, S.D. The public iswelcome to attend.
Murdo City Council
The Murdo City Council will meet Monday, October 7 at 7:30 p.m. atthe city office. The public is welcome to attend.
Draper Town Board
The Draper Town Board will meet Monday, October 7 at 7:00 p.m. atthe Draper hall. The public is welcome to attend.
County Commissioners
The Jones County Commissioners will hold their monthly meetingat the courthouse on Tuesday, October 1 at 9:00 a.m. The public is wel-come to attend.
J.C. School Board
The Jones County School District #37-3 will hold their monthlymeeting Monday, October 14 at 8:00 p.m. at the high school library.The public is encouraged to attend.
Caring and Sharing
The Caring and Sharing cancer support group will meet on Monday,October 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the Messiah Lutheran Church. Anyonewhose life has been touched by cancer is welcome to participate.
Coyote News Briefs
To have your NON-PROFIT meeting listed here, please submitthem by calling 669-2271 or emailing to coyoteads@gwtc.net. We will run your event notice the two issues prior to youreventat no charge. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, if you charge foran event, we must charge you for an ad!
East Side News
by Janet Louder • 669-2696
West Side News
Jessie brought a friend, Melin-da, home from Sunshine Bible Academy to spend the weekendwith parents Mel and ClariceRoghair.On Saturday the girls and MelRoghair drove to Fort Pierre totake in the Dick Stirling Memori-al Ranch Rodeo. The two“Roghair” teams each qualified inthe long go, so were part of theten finalist teams who performedafter the barbecue supper. Although neither team placed inthe finals, Savanna Roghair waspresented the “Top Hand” awardand Lonnie Roghair won the“Best Horse” award...I mean Lon-nie’s mount, Bronco Billy, won theaward. If you have watched theoriginal Roghair Ranch team per-form at Murdo and White River,you’ve seen the big palominogelding. The first year theRoghair brothers performed inranch rodeos on a muddy Satur-day afternoon in Miller, BroncoBilly slid in rounding a cornerand ended up on his side with allfour feet under a steel panel.Thankfully, he responded to Lon-nie’s voice commands and did notthrash around and break legs.The Stirling Ranch Rodeorequires at least one youngsterunder 16 or any female to be partof the team. Darian Roghair of Okaton rode with her dad, Bradand two uncles, Lonnie andMarty. Savanna Roghair of Isabelrode on her dad Brice’s team withtwo of Brice’s friends. The firstyear the Roghairs took part in theStirling rodeo, when it was stillheld in Highmore, Darianbrought home the Top Hand Award. Also present at the rodeo,amongst a clan of Roghairs, wasPerkins County Jr. rodeo queen,Maria Roghair.Mel took the girls back to Sun-shine Monday morning in timefor classes, then stayed aroundthe Wessington Springs area tovisit his aunt, Evelyn Weaver,and then later to attend theprayer services of a cousin, GaryBessey.West Nile has hit Jones Coun-ty hard enough. Last I checkedthere were at least five cases anda few more waiting to incubateenough for testing. There is astrain of sinus infection thatmimics many of the symptoms.It’s not so nice either.Last Sunday, Larry and RobinReinhold and children, along withGrandpa Tige Reinhold, droveover from the Rainbow BibleRanch north of Rapid City tospend the day with the Brad andShawna Roghair family. Robinplayed for church services andaccompanied Darian, Annaleeand Mesa in singing one of thisyear’s camp songs.
    !"
 Service men recognized
Tony Benda stands as the coronation crowd recognizes his service in theUnited States Air Force. The Jones County Jazz Choir sang ‘AmericanHeroes’ as Mrs. Peters called each branch of the Armed Forces to standand be recognized during correlating verses of the song.
Photo by Tami Jo Newbold-Flynn
Church and Community
Murdo Coyote • September 26, 2013 •
Catholic Church of St. Martin
502 E. Second St., Murdo, S.D. • Father Gary Oreshoski
Saturday Mass: 6 p.m.St. Anthony’s Catholic Church
Draper, S.D. • Father Gary Oreshoski
Sunday Mass: 8:30 a.m.Draper United Methodist Church
Pastor Rick Hazen
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m.Murdo United Methodist Church
Pastor Rick Hazen • Corner of E. 2nd and Jefferson Ave.
Sunday Worship: 9:30 a.m. and Fellowship Time •
Sunday School: 10:30 a.m.United Methodist Women: 1st Wednesday at 2 p.m. • ALL WELCOME!
Okaton Evangelical Free Church
Okaton I–90 Exit 183 • Pastor Gary McCubbin • 605–837–2233 (Kadoka)
Sunday Worship: 9 a.m. (CT) •
Sunday School: 10:30 a.m. (CT)
Messiah Lutheran Church
308 Cedar, Murdo, S.D. • Pastor Ray Greenseth
Sunday Worship: 9 a.m. •
Sunday School: 10 a.m. • Bible Study: Tuesday 7 a.m.Thursday 9:30 a.m. • Midweek: Wednesday 3:15 p.m.
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
Draper, S.D. • Pastor Ray Greenseth
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m. •
Bible Study: Wednesday 9 a.m.
Community Bible Church
410 Washington, Murdo, S.D. • Pastor Alvin Gwin • 669–2600
Sunday Worship: 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. •
Sunday School: 9:45 a.m.Wed. Night Bible Study: 7 p.m.
 Midwest Co–op
Graham’sBest Western
 First NationalBank
669–2414 Member F.D.I.C.
 PHONE: 669–2271 FAX: 669–2744mcoyote@gwtc.net 
Super 8 Motel
 Dakota PrairieBank
 Draper and Presho
669–2401 • Member F.D.I.C.
B Srng in h Lrb Psr Kvin Slr
“Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might” (Eph. 6:10).As Paul begins to close the letter to the Ephesians, he addresses the spiritual warfare of the Body of Christ. Paul’s instruction is for us to “be strong inthe Lord, and in the power of His might.” In this spiritual battle, we need spiritual strength. As we are on the Lord’s side, Paul points us to the LordAlmighty, from Whom we are to get our strength. In this epistle, Paul has been showing believers that we are “in Christ,” in perfect, eternal union withHim. Being in Christ, we find that His life is our life and His power is our power. We, the Body, draw the strength and power for living the Christian lifefrom our living Head.“What is the exceeding greatness of His power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of His mighty power, which He wrought in Christ,when He raised Him from the dead…” (Eph. 1:19,20).Being strong in the Lord and in the power of His might has to do with living by faith in the resurrection life and power which resides in every believ-er through Christ. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is the same power we’re to use to stand in this spiritual battle. The strength of theChristian life is dependence on God. So Paul points the Church to be “strong in the Lord,” to depend upon Him.Before salvation, Paul says we are “without strength” (Rom. 5:6). We are weak and absolutely unable to please God or save ourselves. Salvation isonly through trusting Christ, and by Him alone we have victory over sin’s penalty and punishment. After trusting Christ as our Savior, we are still weakin ourselves, and in the Christian life our sufficiency must be of God (II Cor. 3:5). Victory over sin’s power in our lives occurs the same way we are savedfrom sin’s penalty, by wholly trusting Christ and Him alone. His strength is more than sufficient for the battle, and we are guaranteed victory over any-thing Satan throws at us when we turn to our Lord (Phil. 4:13).The question was asked in a Sunday School class: “How can we defeat Satan?” One little girl answered, “Let Jesus answer the door when Satan startsknocking.” To be instructed to be “strong in the Lord and in the power of His might” tells us that our might is not strong enough for us to be able to standin this spiritual battle, and it tells us that we face an enemy much stronger than we are apart from Christ. Therefore we need the infinite power of our Lordin this spiritual battle, and we appropriate that strength by yielding to the indwelling Spirit, through prayer and dependence on God, and by knowledge of,faith in, and obedience to His Word, rightly divided (cf. Eph. 6:17,18).
Two minutes with the bible 
Gleanings from the prairie 
•Pastor Alvin L. Gwin Community Bible Church, Murdo•
Someone said: “We need boththe north wind of adversity andthe south wind of mercy for spir-itual health.” As certainly as the LORD per-mits us to suffer trials, HE willbring us out of them into times of rejoicing because of HIS favor.“…weeping may endure for anight, but joy comes in the morn-ing” (Psalm 30:5).It is GOD’s revealed purpose tochange our sighing into singing,our grief into gladness, ourmourning into music. Under HIShand the bitter becomes sweet,the wilderness turns into a para-dise, the desert blossoms as therose, winter’s night is followed bysummer’s day.We must not forget theseblessed truths while in some cru-cible of suffering, lest a root of bitterness spring up within us,and we miss the blessed after-math which follows the suffer-ings of the present time.Listen to some of the tremen-dous phrases scattered throughthe Bible. “Because you wouldforget your misery, And remem-ber it as waters that have passedaway, And your life would bebrighter than noonday. Thoughyou were dark, you would be likethe morning” (Job 11:16-17).“He will not always strive withus, Nor will He keep His angerforever” (Psalm 103:9). “…yoursorrow will be turned into joy”(John 16:20).To Israel GOD said, “For amere moment I have forsakenyou, But with great mercies I willgather you. With a little wrath Ihid My face from you for amoment; But with everlastingkindness I will have mercy onyou,” says the LORD, yourRedeemer. (Isaiah 54:7-8)If GOD’s promise of a morningof joy after a night of weepingbrings comfort to us now, whatwill it be like on that actualmorning when we awake at lastin the presence of the LORDwhere there is fullness of joy!GOD gives HIS beloved sleep(Psalm 127:2). When earth’snight is over, all gloom will begone. We shall awake to the joyof a morning which will neverend. The “Sun of Righteousness”will be beaming upon us. Lightwill then be on all our ways.The return of our blessedLORD JESUS will bring to anend every night of weeping. HEwill say to us, (those of us whohave by faith trusted in HIS sub-stitutionary death in our behalf)“My beloved spoke, and said tome: ‘Rise up, my love, my fairone, And come away. For lo, thewinter is past, The rain is overand gone. The flowers appear onthe earth; The time of singinghas come,…’” (Song of Solomon2:10-12).
Joy Comes in the Morning
 $"!&#"&"!""%"&""  ""!"""""#&"
Donald and Cara Pearson are pleased to announce the upcoming wed-ding of their daughter, Calli, to Nick Winkelman, son of Kenny and JulieWheeler and Joe Winkelman. Calli is the granddaughter of Janet andNelva Louder. The wedding will take place September 28, 2013 in RapidCity.
American Legion Auxiliary meeting 
The American Legion Auxiliaryheld a meeting on September 18,2013. Meeting opened with mem-bers present paying dues for year.Carol Cressy, Jody Lebeda, Velma Vollmer, Rita Henderson, MarthaKinsley, Alice Horsley, CeceliaNewsam, and lifetime memberBetty Beck attended meeting.Treasurer Carol Cressy gavethe report with balance on hand$1,433.68. No bills at this time.Old business: blood drive inJuly, Murdo area collected 25units. A thank you was receivedfrom the blood drive organization.New business: Motion by BettyBeck to send 50.00 to Veteransgift shop, second by Alice, carried.Elections: Rita made themotion to hold all officers over forthe next year 2013-14. CarriedOfficers are: Velma Vollmer, Pres-ident; Cecelia Newsam, VicePresident; Jody Lebeda, Secre-tary; Alice Horsley, Chaplain;Rita Henderson, Sergeant-At- Arm; Martha Kinsley, Historian.The next meeting will be onOctober 9 at 2:30 p.m., at the eastcommons room. Anyone who isinterested is cordially invited toattend.
White River to host Veteransstand down and benefits fair
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Black Hills HealthCare System will host a VeteransStand Down and Benefits Fair onWednesday, October 9. The eventwill be open to all Veterans andspouses from 10:00 a.m.–3:00p.m. (CST) at 421 N. Main,Catholic hall, located at WhiteRiver, S.D.The Stand Down and BenefitsFair, according to Linda Kinzlerat VA Black Hills Health CareSystem, is intended to servehomeless and needy Veterans andspouses from Mellette, Todd, andJones counties and the RosebudSioux Tribe. There is no chargefor any of the services. “It is ahand up, rather than a hand out,extended by a caring community,”said Kinzler.The information and benefitsfair in an outreach effort to bringinformation regarding servicesand benefits available to Veter-ans. Representatives from the Veterans Benefits Administration(VBA) Regional Office will be onsite to provide priority processingon all benefit claims submittedduring the stand down.The event is a collaborativeeffort between the VA Black HillsHealth Care System, South Dako-ta Department of Veterans Affairs, South Dakota CareerCenter, Black Hills NationalCemetery, Veterans Benefits Administration and South Dako-ta Veterans Home. A variety of personal careitems will be available to Veter-ans wishing a hand up and lunch(sponsored by the Rosebud SiouxTribe) will be served. Staff will beavailable to hear issues, answerquestions, and provide informa-tion on VA benefits, programsand health care enrollmentopportunities. Basic health serv-ices will be provided, includingblood sugar testing and bloodpressure screening. Veterans willalso be able to make future healthcare appointments at VA BlackHills. Veterans who have not pre-viously enrolled with the VA arerequested to bring a copy of theirmilitary discharge papers, DD214, to the benefits fair.For more information aboutthe stand down at White River,call Gary Sletto at 605-516-0057.Gracie Harris, 86, of WhiteRiver, passed away Wednesday,September 4, 2013, at the Faulk-ton Healthcare Center.Gracie Hay was born March 4,1927, in White River, S.D., toWilliam and Grace (Moss) Hay;the youngest of seven children.Gracie attended school and grad-uated from White River HighSchool. She attended teachers col-lege in Spearfish and taughtschool in the Wall area.In 1949, she was united inmarriage to Richard “Buzz” Har-ris in Hill City, S.D. They madetheir home in Wall, S.D., wherethey ranched until moving toBurley, Idaho. They also ranchedwhile living in Burley. They thenmoved to Portland, Ore., whereGracie worked as a chef in a localrestaurant.In 2004, she returned to SouthDakota to live in Murdo with hersister, Laura Hayden. Sheenjoyed her time sewing, makingcrafts and spending time at thebeach.Gracie is survived by herdaughter, Gail Wynn of La Pine,Ore.; one son, Randy (Lisa) Har-ris of Portland, Ore.; two sisters:Gert Hix of Belle Fourche, S.D.,and Wilda Hollinger of Burley,Idaho; four grandchildren; ninegreat grandchildren; six great-great grandchildren and numer-ous nieces and nephews.She was preceded in death byher parents, her husband Buzz in1981; two children: Larry andPeggy; son-in-law, Mike Wynnand her siblings: Blanche, Laura,Caroline and Melva.Luce Funeral Home of Faulk-ton has been entrusted with Gra-cie’s arrangements www.family-funeralhome.net
If you have a news story or idea for the Murdo Coyote,If you have a news story or idea for the Murdo Coyote, please call the office at 605-669-2271 or you can email  please call the office at 605-669-2271 or you can email mcoyote@gwtc.net or coyoteads@gwtc.net mcoyote@gwtc.net or coyoteads@gwtc.net 
Courthouse receives new steps
 Jerry Hildebrand and his crew work on the finishing details of the newcourthouse steps on Tuesday.
Photo by Lonna Jackson

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