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Stanford XC Invitational HS Entries

Stanford XC Invitational HS Entries

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Published by Brianne Dyer
Stanford XC Invitational HS Entries
Stanford XC Invitational HS Entries

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Published by: Brianne Dyer on Sep 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No. Last Name First Name Sex Yr Affiliation Section
1 Ericksen Jared B JR ACALANES NCS2 Gaskell Cameron B SO ACALANES NCS3 Harman Aaron B JR ACALANES NCS4 Kelly Alex B SO ACALANES NCS5 Leclerc Nima B JR ACALANES NCS6 Wang Michael B SR ACALANES NCS7 Weber Alec B SR ACALANES NCS8 Browne Samantha G FR ACALANES NCS9 Frumenti Sophia G JR ACALANES NCS10 Grether Briana G SR ACALANES NCS11 Lennox Brooke G SO ACALANES NCS12 Lewerenz Mary G JR ACALANES NCS13 Taketa Sammy G SO ACALANES NCS14 Wright Caith G JR ACALANES NCS15 Blonsky Nate B SR AGOURA SS16 Byrd Bryan B SR AGOURA SS17 Haim Daniel B SR AGOURA SS18 Husch Ross B JR AGOURA SS19 Montebello Matt B SR AGOURA SS20 Powell Michael B JR AGOURA SS21 Ross Chandler B JR AGOURA SS22 Baldree Rebecca G SR AGOURA SS23 Dennis Remy G JR AGOURA SS24 Garrison Gabrielle G SO AGOURA SS25 Garrison Kelsie G SR AGOURA SS26 Garrison Taylor G JR AGOURA SS27 Jursch Greta G FR AGOURA SS28 Shipstead Erin G SO AGOURA SS29 Bishop Denver B JR ALAMEDA NCS30 Feng Kevin B JR ALAMEDA NCS31 Hidalgo Miguel B SR ALAMEDA NCS32 Hosokawa Ryan B JR ALAMEDA NCS33 Thai Dong B JR ALAMEDA NCS34 Trinh Justin B JR ALAMEDA NCS35 Tu Cameron B SR ALAMEDA NCS36 Fong Polly G SR ALAMEDA NCS37 Minor Christine G JR ALAMEDA NCS38 Nguyen Andrea G SR ALAMEDA NCS39 Sepp Montana G JR ALAMEDA NCS40 Stenstedt Mariko G SR ALAMEDA NCS41 Sullivan Isabel G JR ALAMEDA NCS42 Yuen Elise G SR ALAMEDA NCS43 Timbrell Allie G JR ALHAMBRA NCS44 Beston Zach B JR AMADOR VALLEY NCS45 Buck Andy B JR AMADOR VALLEY NCS46 Dantzig Dylan B SO AMADOR VALLEY NCS47 Helmers Drew B FR AMADOR VALLEY NCS48 McKinnon Conner B SR AMADOR VALLEY NCS49 Schlachte Peter B JR AMADOR VALLEY NCS50 Walsh Brett B SO AMADOR VALLEY NCS51 Duret Stephanie G SR AMADOR VALLEY NCS
52 Green Annaka G SO AMADOR VALLEY NCS53 Laffer Karly G FR AMADOR VALLEY NCS54 Leroudier Melodie G SO AMADOR VALLEY NCS55 Nalluri Smita G JR AMADOR VALLEY NCS56 Sage Emma G SR AMADOR VALLEY NCS57 Sannajust Kim G SR AMADOR VALLEY NCS58 Dozier Nolan B SO ANN SOBRATO CCS59 Felt Kevin B JR ANN SOBRATO CCS60 Hulme Cody B SR ANN SOBRATO CCS61 Naranjo Matt B SR ANN SOBRATO CCS62 Loya Francisco B SO ANTIOCH NCS63 Padilla Miguel B SR ANTIOCH NCS64 Palacios Carlos B JR ANTIOCH NCS65 Pohl Michael B JR ANTIOCH NCS66 Raith Jacob B FR ANTIOCH NCS67 Sandoval Jorge B SR ANTIOCH NCS68 Thomas Randy B SR ANTIOCH NCS69 Holley Ariana G JR ANTIOCH NCS70 Bray John B SO APTOS CCS71 Miller Morgan B JR APTOS CCS72 Niles Jacob B SO APTOS CCS73 Olson Patrick B SO APTOS CCS74 Price Noah B SR APTOS CCS75 Rose Jack B JR APTOS CCS76 Tiran Chris B SR APTOS CCS77 Abundis Yulisa G JR APTOS CCS78 Forsberg Emily G SO APTOS CCS79 McBride Annika G FR APTOS CCS80 Passey Emily G JR APTOS CCS81 Peabody Clare G SR APTOS CCS82 Peoples Maddie G SO APTOS CCS83 Quinn Olivia G SO APTOS CCS85 Herrera Jack B SR ARAGON CCS86 Jacobs Cameron B JR ARAGON CCS87 Lanthier Matt B SR ARAGON CCS88 Ruttenberg Kevin B JR ARAGON CCS89 Solomon Aaron B JR ARAGON CCS90 Song Jeffery B SO ARAGON CCS84 Ryan McAulif B SO ARAGON CCS91 Ashbaugh Cristina G SR ARAGON CCS92 Bellon Margot G FR ARAGON CCS93 Canton Nina G SR ARAGON CCS94 Fronczak Emmaline G JR ARAGON CCS95 Reynolds Briana G SO ARAGON CCS96 Skyrus Oma G JR ARAGON CCS97 Villacorta Victoria G JR ARAGON CCS98 Barajas Joseph B SR ARCADIA SS99 De La Rosa Estevan B SR ARCADIA SS100 Evangelista Alex B SR ARCADIA SS101 Gonzalez Josue B SR ARCADIA SS102 Huang Alvin B SR ARCADIA SS103 Loh Jacky B SR ARCADIA SS
104 Makar Shady B SO ARCADIA SS105 Mettler Jeffrey B JR ARCADIA SS106 Ngo Bryan B SR ARCADIA SS107 Price Zachary B JR ARCADIA SS108 Rocha Phillip B SO ARCADIA SS109 Shen Eric B SR ARCADIA SS110 Tran Thomas B SR ARCADIA SS111 Wenslow Jarrick B SR ARCADIA SS112 Hopf Alyssa G SO ARCADIA SS113 Huang Rachel G JR ARCADIA SS114 Kamae Meghan G SR ARCADIA SS115 Lung Holly G FR ARCADIA SS116 Ross Madison G JR ARCADIA SS117 Sheng Michaella G SR ARCADIA SS118 Yamane Veronica G SR ARCADIA SS119 Esparza Joseph B SR ARCATA NCS120 Ghisetti Ryan B JR ARCATA NCS121 Kelsey Brandon B SO ARCATA NCS122 Lennox Zephir B JR ARCATA NCS123 Lopez Jose B SR ARCATA NCS124 O'Neill Kellen B FR ARCATA NCS125 Robinson Will B FR ARCATA NCS126 Beronilla Brianne G FR ARCATA NCS127 Davis Sara G JR ARCATA NCS128 Fernandez Lizzie G SO ARCATA NCS129 Ford Elise G JR ARCATA NCS130 Heidmann Vera G SR ARCATA NCS131 Mahony-Moyer Iona G FR ARCATA NCS132 Pigg Chloe G SO ARCATA NCS133 Coyle Eric B FR ARCHBISHOP MITTY CCS134 Kang Harmen B SO ARCHBISHOP MITTY CCS135 Powell Roy B SR ARCHBISHOP MITTY CCS136 Remaker Matthew B JR ARCHBISHOP MITTY CCS137 Sisley Tyler B SR ARCHBISHOP MITTY CCS138 Siu Justin B SO ARCHBISHOP MITTY CCS139 Wilkerson James B SR ARCHBISHOP MITTY CCS140 DeJesus Felipe B SO ATASCADERO SS141 Eigenhuis Tyler B JR ATASCADERO SS142 Fleishman Tegan B FR ATASCADERO SS143 Hallett Travis B SR ATASCADERO SS144 Reyes Daniel B JR ATASCADERO SS145 Daschian Miranda G JR ATASCADERO SS146 Frace Brittni G SO ATASCADERO SS147 Nisbet Ellie G FR ATASCADERO SS148 Orozco Maria G SO ATASCADERO SS149 Thompson Annie G JR ATASCADERO SS150 Ball Alexander B SR ATHENIAN NCS151 Brown William B SR ATHENIAN NCS152 Caulfield Matthew B JR ATHENIAN NCS153 Elliott Gabriel B SR ATHENIAN NCS154 Klinghoffer Tzofi B SR ATHENIAN NCS155 Kocins Andrew B SO ATHENIAN NCS

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