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Ingles 2T Nivel 3

Ingles 2T Nivel 3

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Published by ciclobasicohuergo

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Published by: ciclobasicohuergo on Jul 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Nombre:……………………… Curso: 2nd. year level 3Libro:Technical English 2A Docente: Adriana ListaFecha de entrega:10th August 2009
1Complete this text. Write a letter from A – L in each space.Safety equipment for aeroplane passengers
Every seat on the aeroplane has a seat belt. This belt is made of (1)_____,which have good (2)_____. The seat belt is designed (3)_____. The planehas six emergency exits, which will allow you (4)_____. The planecarries ten first aid kits. The purpose of these kits is (5)_____. There is(6)_____. This will provide you with breathing gas if the air pressure inthe cabin suddenly (7)_____. There is a lifejacket under (8)_____. If the plane lands on water in an emergency, you (9)_____. Then you fill it withair by (10)_____. When the lifejacket is filled with air, (11)_____. Thiswill prevent you (12)_____.
Aput the lifejacket onByour seatCfrom sinking in the wateDtensile strengthEdecreasesFpulling a cord or by blowing air into itGto hold you securely in your seatHit floats in wateIto allow cabin crew to treat injuries quickly and safelyJan oxygen mask above every seatKmaterials such as nylon or polyesteLto leave the plane quickly in an emergency
 Nombre:……………………… Curso: 2nd. year level 3Libro:Technical English 2A Docente: Adriana ListaFecha de entrega:10th August 2009
1Write the comparative form of the adjectives in brackets in the spaces. Writeeither one or two words in each space.
At 1.83 metres, the Toyota Land Cruiser is (1)__________ (high) than the Jeep Cherokee. Italso has a (2)__________ (powerful) engine and a (3)__________ (long) wheelbase than theJeep. The Toyota’s fuel tank is (4)__________ (big), and it has a (5)__________ (fast)maximum speed than the Jeep. But the Toyota is (6)__________ (expensive) than the Jeep, andconsumes more fuel.
2Insert a slash (/) where a word is missing. Write the missing word in the space.
7Let’s compare diesel, petrol and LPG. Which fuel is the cleanest the three? _________8“Which helmet do you want?” “I’d like the yellow with the plastic visor, please. _____
3Choose the correct answer. Write a letter
(a – d)
in each space.
9Mount Everest is _____ mountain in the world.a) very highb) the highestc) highest ofd) higher than10The bridge is just under one kilometre _____ .a) lengthb) longestc) longerd) long11The blue sports car has a larger fuel tank _____ the red car.a) enoughb) forc) thand) to12My diploma course is _____ than the certificate course.a) more difficult b) difficulterc) difficultd) most difficult13“Would you like the red phone or the blue phone?” “I’d like the _____ , please.”a) one that blueb) blue onec) one is blued) one blue14The old bridge is not strong enough _____ that heavy lorry.a) forb) thanc) asd) o15The boat is too wide _____ the narrow canal.

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