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BC Hydro and Powerex salaries

BC Hydro and Powerex salaries

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Published by The Province
Renumeration for employees of BC Hydro and its Powerex subsidiary who earned more than $75,000 in fiscal 2011-12.
Renumeration for employees of BC Hydro and its Powerex subsidiary who earned more than $75,000 in fiscal 2011-12.

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Published by: The Province on Sep 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Company Code Employee Name Title Remuneration Expenses
BC HydroABBASI, IASr. Engineer122,5454,851BC HydroABBOTT, CJSystem Operator 1104,0766,276BC HydroABBOTT, JDSecurity & Investigations Adv109,7668,367BC HydroABDALLA, AMgr, Reliability & Plng132,3612,690BC HydroABDULRAZAK, QTSr. Engineer82,5614,586BC HydroABEYEWARDENE, KGProject Equipment Splst88,215283BC HydroABLEY, MSFin Mgr 2, BusinesSIEvaluation120,650326BC HydroACEBEDO, DCEngineer 288,3263,275BC HydroACHARYA, OPSr. Engineer112,5241,735BC HydroACLAND, JDEngineering Team Lead138,6671,932BC HydroADAIR, ICFin Prof 3, Business Services119,6881,159BC HydroADAIR, RLFin Prof 3, Business Services111,5068,159BC HydroADAM, RMDesign Techt82,2694,105BC HydroADAMA, DBNatural Resource Splst 4110,3266,231BC HydroADAMS, BSElectrician115,6264,283BC HydroADAMS, DWMachine Operator108,0049,461BC HydroADAMS, EDesign Techn81,733960BC HydroADAMS, JFin Prof 3, Business Services111,040958BC HydroADAMS, JCPower Line Technician124,9566,559BC HydroADAMS, MOperator Aux Plant 2 Yr88,917262BC HydroADAMS, NEProgram Manager97,435245BC HydroADAMS, TDPower Line Technician133,734985BC HydroADD E, JProject Manager 1124,8414,831BC HydroADDO, KOSpecialist Engineer138,0187,277BC HydroADELEYE, AOSr Strat Technology Prof103,4131,469BC HydroAD KARAM, UEngineer 283,7495,789BC HydroAGUIAR, MSChemistry & Environment Leader78,3723,172BC HydroAGUST N, JGEngineer 281,645-BC HydroAHAD, QSr. Engineer112,0162,182BC HydroAHLFIELD, KOEngineering Team Lead130,4882,567BC HydroAHMAD, ZProject Manager 1115,250766BC HydroAITKEN, BWGT 1 Machinist84,3648,998BC HydroAKBULATOVA, APower Acquisition Professional83,157150BC HydroAKEROYD, CCDriver/Helper98,41643,334BC HydroAKKERMAN, JPEngrg Techt 281,3601,046BC HydroAKSENCHUK, DComm Protec Cntrl Technologist85,4721,210BC HydroALANI, ASolicitor and Counsel 3102,0392,248BC HydroALBINSSON, BOEngrg Techt Proj Specialist98,2203,303BC HydroALDEGUER, RASr VP, Corp Res & Gen Cnsl376,1218,950BC HydroALESHCHENKO, VEngrg Techt 2113,20119,535BC HydroALEXANDER, MOProject Manager 2124,9398,018BC HydroALEXIS, GTSr. Media Relations Advisor91,07097BC HydroALHO, GMgr, Design (Flr Rtd)109,9021,850BC HydroALLARDYCE, DKProject Manager 195,4001,167BC HydroALLEN, GMMgr, Design (Flr Rtd)104,4243,821BC HydroALLEN, JElectrician93,0331,200BC HydroALLEN, JAElectrician125,43315,455BC HydroALLEN, SCNatural Resource Splst 4101,1055,468BC HydroALLEN, TPower Line Technician133,6904,593BC HydroALL NSON, NMSr. Engineer138,019510BC HydroALMONIDOVAR, JSr. Design Manager129,7457,976BC HydroALSODANI, AAAsset Risk & Bus Imp Advisor81,5841,991BC HydroALSOP, BPVehQuality&CommissioningFacil91,4225,408BC HydroALSOP, DTElectrician SFMN/WMN123,0638,850BC HydroALTMANNSHOFER, NPwr Elect Equip Techt 2111,38932,058BC HydroALVARADO, HFComm Protec Cntrl Technologist105,7777,338
BC HydroALVAREZ, MAHR Advisor98,439556BC HydroAMBROSI, BDWholesale Trans ServiceSIMgr142,86416,342BC HydroAMER, BPropertieSIManager 2151,1871,898BC HydroAMES, MRPower Line Technician135,4218,236BC HydroAMJADI, FEngineering Team Lead144,601971BC HydroANAND, DProject Manager 3163,49530,213BC HydroANDERLINI, CNSr. Engineer103,458577BC HydroANDERLINI, GREngineer 2122,85113,773BC HydroANDERSEN, ACPower Line Techn SFMN/WMN141,1496,774BC HydroANDERSEN, MWVehicle Technical Advisor86,8412,087BC HydroANDERSEN, TASr. Engineer91,607-BC HydroANDERSON, ARRisk Management Consultant127,81145BC HydroANDERSON, BCEngineering Team Lead196,1744,815BC HydroANDERSON, BEEnviron Techl Splst 380,7017,232BC HydroANDERSON, CRMaintenance and OpSIMgr 1119,1439,120BC HydroANDERSON, CRElectrician132,8167,117BC HydroANDERSON, DEngineering Team Lead148,45130,104BC HydroANDERSON, GJPower Line Technician104,8331,737BC HydroANDERSON, IRElectrician SFMN/WMN154,0553,749BC HydroANDERSON, JFin Prof 4, Business Services111,1651,893BC HydroANDERSON, JJResources Strat & Mgmt Perf Spec117,921400BC HydroANDERSON, KKDir, SMI Negotiations235,6359,537BC HydroANDERSON, LGVehicle Tradesman/woman88,3881,467BC HydroANDJELKOVIC, BSpecialist Engineer142,568953BC HydroANDREWS, BDTruck & Trans Veh Tradesperson95,9287,463BC HydroANDREWS, SWCoord Veg Mtce93,4856,743BC HydroANGELO, LJProgram Manager78,1152,665BC HydroANGMAN, RGField Mgr, Dis Svcs (Flr Rtd)134,1082,624BC HydroANGRIGNON, MMechanic FMN/WMN110,6554,342BC HydroANGRIGNON, SCElectrician80,24919,674BC HydroANGUS, RPower Line Technician135,0551,609BC HydroANTONIADES, VBSr Mgr, Legal Services196,0992,413BC HydroANTONIO, VAProject Manager 2131,414197BC HydroANTONIOS, GInspector 287,91025,334BC HydroAOKI, TEngrg Techt 290,02621,413BC HydroAPOLZER, GField Storekeepr Foreman/Woman81,789100BC HydroAPOLZER, JFField Manager, CPC (Flr Rtd)149,6634,981BC HydroAPPS, DBPrincipal Engineer174,2485,503BC HydroARCE ACEVEDO, VSGen Tradesmn/wmn SFMN/WMN 1116,3652,510BC HydroAR NDUQUE, FComm Protec Cntrl Technologist125,2513,664BC HydroARISHENKOFF, NLLockkeeper SFMN/WMN119,010306BC HydroARMAN NI, GBMgr, Opns Services181,1332,088BC HydroARMATAGE, TMHR Lead170,121382BC HydroARMELL NI, ECElectrician SFMN/WMN98,1901,011BC HydroARMSTRONG, LWFinancial Analyst 279,492973BC HydroARMSTRONG, MSr. Engineer101,652947BC HydroARMSTRONG, RCIT Manager126,1684,614BC HydroARNASON, CJElectrician108,9464,689BC HydroARNDT, SNat Resource Specialist 389,8541,767BC HydroARNDT, TLine Truck Operator125,05616,050BC HydroARNOLD, DJPower Line Techn SFMN/WMN117,052941BC HydroARNOLD, EDGT 1 Millwright91,86610,967BC HydroARNOLD, GLSr. Environmental Coordinator112,576-BC HydroARNOLD, KWTruck & Trans Veh Tradesperson140,01911,425BC HydroARNOLD, TLPower Line Technician177,09514,033BC HydroARNOTT, DAMgr, Design (Flr Rtd)126,4258,642BC HydroARRIAGADA, DNDesign Techn103,7942,412
BC HydroARSENAULT, DAElectrician113,6932,141BC HydroARSENAULT, RDEngrg Techt 281,89217,225BC HydroARSHAD, MEngineering Division Manager151,7943,995BC HydroARTHUR, JPropertieSIManager 2104,2911,466BC HydroARTHUR, MSGeneral Tradesman/woman 190,9364,013BC HydroASHFAQ, HLoad Operator 292,774-BC HydroASHMAN, TJMeteorologist88,2281,743BC HydroASHTON, CJDesign Technical Ldr77,775-BC HydroASHTON, EJOperations Analyst 278,31111BC HydroASHWELL, DResource Strat & Mgmt Advisor100,784861BC HydroASLESON, MField Mgr, Con Elec (Flr Rtd)115,23713,491BC HydroASLIN, CAFin Mgr 2, Business Services142,1941,330BC HydroASPER N, RCTransmission Mtce Techt 195,40310,191BC HydroASSAD POUR, ASr. Load Forecast Advisor94,385958BC HydroASSAF, KSCPC Technologist SFMN/WMN114,508743BC HydroASSIMES, ALDirector, Finance204,35363,479BC HydroASTLES, JNTruck & Trans Veh Tradesperson80,05220BC HydroATAMANCHUK, WKey Account Manager110,7221,621BC HydroATANACKOVIC, DEngineering Team Lead150,2603,596BC HydroATHARI-ANARAKI, MEngineer 296,6347,885BC HydroATHERTON, TRTrades Training Instructor91,9408,567BC HydroATLEO, TQElectrician78,828258BC HydroATTRIDGE, JRIT Security Specialist118,980500BC HydroATWATER, JDProject Manager 2119,5125,092BC HydroAUJLA, JSApprentice Electrician B75,54419,049BC HydroAUNG TH N, GMSr. Engineer135,05114,303BC HydroAUST N, LVGeneral Tradesman/woman 188,1101,567BC HydroAUSTROM, RKField Manager, Trans (Flr Rtd)176,8532,605BC HydroAUYOUNG, CKEngrg Techt Proj Specialist98,0371,619BC HydroAVDIC, NEngineering Team Lead105,8179,304BC HydroAVIS, RWReal Est Assessment Anyst138,6712,966BC HydroAVREN, JDAssoc Gen Counsel225,4505,839BC HydroAYERS, RLSr. Aboriginal Relations Coord108,717-BC HydroBABIY, KJComm Protec Cntrl Technologist105,01532,191BC HydroBACCHUS, RConst Officer 496,32029BC HydroBACHMAN, MJProject Manager 191,5161,384BC HydroBACK, RWPower Line Technician182,36414,352BC HydroBACKUS, TMApp Power Line Tech A88,90218,868BC HydroBADYAL, SSRestoration Cntre Dispatcher 281,846442BC HydroBAE, SHRelationship Manager109,018-BC HydroBAGA, MUElectrician87,6632,481BC HydroBAGNALL, RWElectrician100,2621,159BC HydroBAHRE, BMRestoration Cntre Dispatcher 279,501203BC HydroBAILEY, DRPower Line Technician140,4331,155BC HydroBAILEY, REField Mgr, Stns (Flr Rtd)126,24813,744BC HydroBAINS, DField MIT, CPC (Flr Rtd)89,4101,569BC HydroBAINS, HSIT Project Manager 1117,1421,227BC HydroBAINS, PKCPC Technologist SFMN/WMN121,66317,855BC HydroBAIRSTOW, DProject Manager 1125,90114,592BC HydroBAIRSTOW, EGEngrg Techt 282,459414BC HydroBAKER, BMechanic99,3273,312BC HydroBAKER, BEMgr, Business Support Services155,835361BC HydroBAKER, BGLoad Operator 377,090137BC HydroBAKER, DGProject Manager 3175,57224,069BC HydroBAKER, KLProgram Manager108,119127BC HydroBAKER, RPower Line Technician112,1141,578BC HydroBAKER, RJSteam Control Operator Cl2 Eng129,86219,560

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