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Published by: LCLibrary on Jul 05, 2009
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FAQs1)How do I know if I am homosexual?
This is perhaps the first question an individual questioning or perturbed by onesinclinations might ask. The question or frustration may begin perhaps from a noticeablelack of interest in the opposite gender along with perhaps a subtle or overt interest inmember(s) of the same gender.Being homosexual simply has to do with persistent/recurring sexual, affectional and/or romantic attraction on a long term basis for member(s) of the same gender. Physical,sexual acts may or may not accompany that attraction. Establishing physical/sexual acts between members of the same gender does not make the involved individualshomosexual let alone imparting any identity of gay or lesbian onto them, for after allmale to male sexual acts in prison does not make such persons gay and neither the rape of old women during genocides/wars confer upon the perpetrators of such crimes thedisposition/orientation of having interest in elderly women. No authority is in a position to tell one whether one is homosexual, gay or lesbian. Onlythe person who is experiencing such an attraction is in a position to make this decision tolabel oneself. Finally, contrary to the common understanding of Muslim experts thathomosexuality is synonymous with the act of anal intercourse, it is to be appreciated thathaving anal intercourse does not make one homosexual, and likewise not having analintercourse does not make a gay person straight.
For more information please click [Insert link to Fakhra’s FAQs]2)Can I tell if someone is homosexual?
Males with feminine traits are not necessarily homosexual or gay, and likewise femaleswith masculine traits are not necessarily homosexual or lesbian. For instance, if thefollowing two pictures are observed it would be wrong to conclude that the person on theRHS was gay and the person on the right straight, for Sir Ian Mckellan is gay actor andMarilyn Manson is a straight musician.1
3)Is homosexuality a deliberate evil choice or a contagious disease?
While most contemporary Muslim experts tend to view homosexuality as resultant of a bad or lewd environment, several others remain open to the possibility of biologicalfactors. Dr. Hossam E. Fadel, chairman of the Islamic Medical Association of NorthAmericas ethics committee, for instance, states that while homosexuality is not a“normal behavior,” its causes have yet to be determined with certainty. Likewise, Dr.Issam Bannoura, director of the Bethlehem Mental Hospital in the West Bank classifieshomosexuality as an untreatable “abnormal” behavior but not as a disorder. However, Dr Qazi Rahman, a lecturer in cognitive biology at Queen Mary, University of London,clearly states that homosexuality is determined early during the foetal development.In the middle ages, Qusta Ibn Luqa believed that homosexuality was often inherited, asdid Ar-Razi and many other Muslim scientific writers. Qusta in fact appears to haveclassified men based on their disposition toward men, women or both. A medievalmedical monograph attributed to Ar-Razi ascribes a genetic origin to passive malehomosexual conduct by indicating that the male or female properties of a child aredetermined by the degree of "forcefulness" of the male sperm in "transforming" thefemale "sperm" at conception.Thus, far from being a deliberate evil choice or a contagious disease homosexualityindeed appears to be a natural variation in human sexuality as also confirmed by thefollowing prestigious organizations.The American Psychological Association released a
Statement on Homosexuality
in1994-JUL. Their first two paragraphs are:
The research on homosexuality is very clear. Homosexuality is neither mental illness nor moral depravity. It is simply the way a minority of our population expresses human loveand sexuality. Study after study documents the mental health of gay men and lesbians.Studies of judgment, stability, reliability, and social and vocational adaptiveness, all  show that gay men and lesbians function every bit as well as heterosexuals.
The Academy of Pediatrics and the Council on Child and Adolescent Health have alsostated that homosexuality is not a choice and cannot be changed.The American Medical Association (AMA) released a report in 1994-DEC which callsfor "
nonjudgmental recognition of sexual orientation by physicians.
" They suggest that psychotherapy be directed help homosexuals "
become comfortable with their sexual orientation.
For more information please click [Insert link to Fakhra’s FAQs]
4)Is homosexuality a natural variation of sexuality?
Homosexual behavior is natural in the sense that it is extensively found in nature. It has been observed in: antelopes, boars, bulls, chimpanzees, cows, ducks, cats, dogs, fruitflies, geese, gorillas, gulls, horses, humans, langurs, rams, sheep, macaques, monkeys,turkeys and vervets.Bruce Bagemihl, a biologist from Seattle, WA, found that in zoos, at least 5% of Humboldt penguin pairs are gay. He has prepared an encyclopedic survey of homosexualor transgender behavior among more than 190 species, including butterflies and other insects.Another source states that "
 Homosexuality exists in proven ratios in all mammal  species....It is as natural as blue eyes, left-handedness, or the genetic predisposition towalk on two legs
."It is interesting to note that the Greek philosopher Aristotle noted apparent homosexual behaviour among hyenas about 2300 years ago.
For more information please click  
5)Regardless of the ‘natural arguments’, is reparative therapy a viable solutionto get rid of homosexual feelings and emotions?
In 1999, the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Counseling Association,American Association of School Administrators, American Federation of Teachers,American Psychological Association, American School Health Association, InterfaithAlliance Foundation, National Association of School Psychologists, National Associationof Social Workers and National Education Association jointly issued a document titled:"
 Just the facts about sexual orientation
." The document condemnedreparative therapyas potentially harmful and of little or no effectiveness.There might be some “experts” in Pakistan, who would claim that adherence to Islamicinjunctions, reading the Quran, prayers, fasting, working out or playing a sport, keeping agood company, a possible marriage might all sort out homosexual feelings. However, allof this assumes that the person experiencing homosexual feelings has or is necessarilyalready acting upon them. While prescriptions of marriage spell out a disaster for thenewly created family unit, praying and keeping good company only serve to maintainingthe individual’s celibacy. The unadulterated feelings that emerge from within or thedisposition/orientation never actually gets converted. Its akin to asking a straight personto spend a lifetime in celibacy and prayer or marriage to someone that individual is noteven remotely interested in.
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[Insert link to Fakhra’s FAQs]

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