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The Worst of the Worst

The Worst of the Worst

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Published by diz93
Why EA recieved the golden poo award twice.
Why EA recieved the golden poo award twice.

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Published by: diz93 on Sep 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Umlauf 1.Wren Umlauf Composition 2-004Mrs. Jeffries5 May 2013
The Worst of the Worst 
Every day people interact with different business and companies. Even if an
actual purchase isn’t made that day, people use electricity, cell phones, watch T.V.,
and interact with many different companies. Over time people tend to pick andchoose their favorite business and favor them when it comes to making a choice
over what brand to buy, but sometimes people don’t really think about what 
companies they actually despise. Unfortunately for those hated companies, a pollhas been taken by
Consumer Readers
to find out what company America truly hates
the most. The winner of this “Golden Poo” award goes to Electronic Arts, or more
commonly known as EA, but the real achievement is that EA has won this award twoyears in a row. Most people would assume that a company would learn theirmistakes after receiving it the first time, but surprisingly EA was given the award fornearly all the same issues.Strivin
g for success is every business’
s goal. They start small and hope tosomeday be on top. Fortunately for EA, they have achieved the goal of great successand have become one of the biggest video game publishers in the world, competingagainst companies like Ubisoft, 2K Games, Rockstar Games, Capcom, and possiblytheir biggest rival, Activision, the owners of the famous Call of Duty series. EA hasprimarily found their success in purchasing the rights of video game franchises
Umlauf 2.
owned by popular and respected developers. EA’s most famous franchises are
currently, Battlefield, Dead Space, Crysis, Need for Speed, and The Sims, as well asmany other loved games. By owning some of the most poplar games in the video
game industry, it’s easy to see how EA could succeed with their company, but what 
is it that went wrong? Why are they considered the most hated company inAmerica?
This wasn’t an immediate change that has happened in the last tw
o years. Forseveral years there have been complaints against EA, but lately they have becomemuch more evident. EA has started to become known for being a rather moneyhungry company that followed around whatever seemed to be the biggest cash cow.For a lot of products that would make sense; why invest money in something that has a potential risk? The only problem is that EA became known for abandoningsomething as soon as they thought they found something better.A good ex
ample of this is back in 1989 and early 90’s
during the life of theSega Genesis. EA had given a lot of support to Sega and continued to push out gameson the well-made console, for example their yearly release of Madden and othersports games. Later in the year 2000 Sony announced their new video game consolecalled Playstation or commonly abbreviated as PS1. EA found potential in this newconsole and saw the success they were having, but because consumers were startingto lose interest in Sega, EA abandoned them when they released their new console,called Dreamcast,
that competed against Sony’s Playstation.
Many people believe
that this was part of the reason Sega’s consoles lost so much publicity and later
Umlauf 3.forced Sega to stop creating hardware and become solely dependent on softwaredevelopment and publishing.
To the common businessman, EA’s decision may have been a good one, but 
consumers of video games, also known as gamers, can easily be upset with thesekinds of decisions. To gamers, video games become more than a simple form of entertainment. They become a world and franchise they begin to love. They see theeffort put into the stories and find ways to relate with characters, much like the wayreaders love a series of books
. It’s very difficult to wa
tch the stories that werefollowed for so many years suddenly become destroyed by the mighty dollar.
Imagine losing a childhood memory just because someone said it wasn’t worth
enough money. It may be a little extreme to
say that EA killed Sega’s hardware, but it’s pretty easy to see how they played a rather big part 
.Lately, history seems to be repeating itself. Last November, Nintendoreleased their new console named, Wii U. Although Nintendo is very enthusiasticabout 
it’s new console and the user ratings are very high, sales and publicity have
been rather low. When the console was first announced at the Electronic
Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, EA was very excited about Nintendo’s new
console and planned to release several high-anticipated games, but something hasclearly changed. In an interview with EA CEO, John Riccitiello, he is actuallydegrading the Wii U,
claiming it is low powered by saying “
Next-gen is yet to come.It's that that we're excited about, and that's what we're investing in" (Byford). This
is obviously bad publicity on EA’s part. Nintendo fans were outraged at EA’s sudden
change of heart. To prove that EA had no longer wanted anything to do with the Wii

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