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Communities of Contrast California 2013

Communities of Contrast California 2013

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Published by: scprweb on Sep 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Aa Aca C Advacg Jc
A Communitof ContrAsts
Aa Aca, nav Hawaa adPacfc ilad  Cala
sACrAmeNtoBAy AreAresNosoutHerNCAlIorNIA
Wc 1Incin 2exci sa 3
CALiorniA 6
daphic 7ecnic Cnibin 12Ciic enan 13Iiain 14lana 16ecain 18Inc 20epn 22Hin 23Hah 24
sACrAmento metro AreA 26
daphic 27ecnic Cnibin 29Ciic enan 29Iiain 30lana 31ecain 32Inc 33Hin 34Hah 35
BAy AreA 36
daphic 37ecnic Cnibin 39Ciic enan 40Iiain 41lana 42ecain 43Inc 44Hin 45Hah 46
resno metro AreA 48
daphic 49ecnic Cnibin 51Ciic enan 51Iiain 52lana 53ecain 54Inc 55Hin 56Hah 57
soutHern CALiorniA 58
daphic 59ecnic Cnibin 61
Ciic enan 62Iiain 63lana 64ecain 65Inc 66Hin 67Hah 68Pic rcnain 69ga 73Appnix A: Ppain, Ppain gwh 74Appnix B: sc Ppain Chaaciic 79Appnix C: AA, NHPI b Cn 84Appnix d: AA, NHPI b tp 50 Cii 85tchnica N 86
A cunity  cntrasts 1
Piy akrs in cairnia ust undrstand Asian Arian and Nativ Haaiian and Pai Isandr(NHPI) unitis. cairnia is h t th natin’s argst Asian Arian and snd-argstNHPI ppuatins; arding t th 2010 cnsus, vr n in svn cairnians is ithr AsianArian r NHPI. As ur stat ntinus t undrg dgraphi hangs, Asian Arian and NHPIunitis rain th astst gring.Undrstanding Asian Arians and NHPI in cairnia ans undrstanding th nsidrab siaand ni divrsity that xists ang th thni grups that ak up ur unitis. whis hav ahivd ni suss, thrs sti strugg t ak nds t. Yt th nds  thst disadvantagd Asian Arians and NHPI ar tn vrkd hn piy akrs bas ritiadisins n data that ny aptur th haratristis  ur unitis as a nithi h.
 A Community o Contrasts: Asian Americans and Native Hawaiians and Pacifc Islanders in Caliornia,2013
attpts t addrss th invisibiity  ths st in nd in ur unitis by prviding thatst data n Asian Arians and NHPI r th U.S. cnsus Burau and thr ky dra andstat gvrnnt agnis. Inuding iprtant disaggrgatd data n disrt thni grups, thisrprt rks t disp “d inrity” yths by shing that any in ur unitis rquirass t sia srvi prgras suh as uturay and inguistiay snsitiv K–12 duatin,unpynt bnts, jb training, and hath ar. At th sa ti, th rprt prts a bttrundrstanding  h ur unitis ntribut t th stat, dnstrating assts that shud busd t strngthn cairnia’s utur.w ud ik t thank th spnsrs h ad this rprt pssib, inuding th waa H. cutrFundatin, th cyrus chung Ying Tang Fundatin, and Bank  Aria.w ud as ik t thank ths h ntributd t this rprt, inuding Asian Arian cntr rAdvaning Justi sta in ls Angs (-authr and prinipa rsarhr) (Janna l, christina l,Paa Stphns, Vitria wisn, Dan Ihins, Btty Hung, An l, Danna Kitaura, Drna wng,Ni ohi, Rahan Srisavasdi, and Start Kh) and San Franis (-authr) (christphrPunngbayan, caryn Hsu, oar caibas, and maria Hssini), as  as sta r th AsianPai Fund (Audry Yaat and Nih wng) and Asian la Aian (Jaki maruhashi). Aphts in th rprt r takn by m. Jai watsn.

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