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Rejection and Destruction of Divine Truths.

Rejection and Destruction of Divine Truths.

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Published by glennpease

Matt. xxi. 35.

And the husbandmen took his servants, and hea^
one, and killed another, and stoned another.

Matt. xxi. 35.

And the husbandmen took his servants, and hea^
one, and killed another, and stoned another.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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REJECTIO AD DESTRUCTIO OF DIVIE TRUTHS.BY REV. JOH CLOWES, A. M.Matt. xxi. 35.And the husbandmen took his servants, and hea^one, and killed another, and stoned another.THE preceding verse, with which this is immediate-ly connected, runs thus : — " And when the time of thefruit drew near, he sent his servants to the husband-men, that they might receive the fruits of it."It h.is already been shewn, in discoursing on theselatter words, what is here meant by the servants,whom the householder sent to the husbbndmen to receive148 THE HOUSEHOLDER.tlie fruits of the vineyard; and that according to thespiritual interpretation of the parable, these servantssignify the teachers of heavenly truth ; and not onlythe teachers of heavenly truth, but also the heavenlytruths themselves which are taught, inasmuch as alltruth is in a supreme sense the servant of the great Je-hovah, sent forth to minister to, and accomplish hisdivine purposes with respect to man.From this sense of the word sermnts, it will nowplainly appear how we are to understand the wordsof my text, where it is written, " The husbandmentook his servants, and beat one, and killed another,and stoned another."
According to the spiritual interpretation of the pa-rable before us, in its relation to spiritual husbandmen,and the Lord's spiritual vineyard, which is his church,these words can mean nothing more or less than this,that the men of the church, or the spiritual husband-men, took the heavenly truths, which were sent tothem from heaven by the great Householder, to re-ceive the fruits of their vineyard ; and when they hadtaken them, instead of applying them to the blessedpurposes for which they were sent, they did violenceto them, killed them, and destroyed them.Let me entreat, beloved, at this time, your most par-ticular attention to this impious and dreadful conductof the spiritual husbandmen, which perhaps is morecommon, than we are many of us aware of, and in theguilt of which we ourselves may possibly be involved^when we are least thinking of any such enoru)ity.THE SERVATS BEAl-E, &C. 149It is not possible, however, to know wherein the guiltand enormity of this conduct consists, unless it be pre-viously known in some degree wJmt is the nature of the life of truth, and how the life of truth iiiay he takenaway. Let this then be the previous subject of ourconsideration.And, first, in regard to the life of truth.This is a subject, it is to be feared, at this day butlittle considered by the generality of those who callthemselves Christians, and it is to the want of suchconsideration we may impute, in a great measure, theerrors of judgment and the evils of practice^ which SQmuch abound at present in the Christian w^orld.Few perhaps are well aware that truth has any par-
ticular life in it — fewer still perhaps are aware in whatthe life of truth consists — and perhaps fewest of all arerightly informed that truth, deprived of its life, ceasesto be truth, and is a mere dead and unprofitable thing.Howbeit, the general ignorance and inattention of mankind cannot change the nature of things. Thoughman, through a careless and criminal thoughtlessnesSjmay not know it, yet it is eternally and unalterablytrue, that truth has a life in it; and also, that its lifemay be taken away from it ; and further, that when itslife is taken away from it, it ceases to he what it was be-fore, and becomes a mere lifeless and <2ff'enslve carcase..You are perhaps, beloved, some of you, amongstthe number of those who have not heretofore givenIhis subject the attention it deserves. You are surpri-02150 THE HOUSEHOLUER.aed to hear of the life of truths and of taking away itsUfe, and wonder what is meant by these expressions.It is high time, then, that you should now learn whatthese expressions mean, because of their close connec-tion with that which ought to be dearer to you than anything in the world besides, viz. your religion, youreternal life ; or, in other words, the true knowledgeand worship of God, in your own hearts and lives.Would you know then what is meant by the life of truth ? I will endeavour to explain it to you.The life of truth, and the only life of truth, is lovtand charity^ love to God, or the Lord Jesus Christ,and charity one towards another.All the truths of the Word of God, from the begin-

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