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Persevering Obstinacy of the Unfaithful Husbandmen.

Persevering Obstinacy of the Unfaithful Husbandmen.

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Published by glennpease


Matt. XX i. 26.

And again he sent other servants more than the
Jirst, and they did unto them likewise.


Matt. XX i. 26.

And again he sent other servants more than the
Jirst, and they did unto them likewise.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PERSEVERIG OBSTIACY OF THE UFAITHFULHUSBADME.BY REV. JOH CLOWES, A. M.Matt. XX i. 26.And again he sent other servants more than theJirst, and they did unto them likewise.In the foregoing discourse was pointed out the perse-vering kindness of the good Householder, in sendingother servants more than thejirst, to receive the fruit of his vineyard.I shall now proceed to consider, as was further pro-posed, the persevering obstinacy of the unfaithful hus-bandmen, to whom these other servants were sent, asexpressed in these latter words of the text. They didunto them likewise.The lesson of spiritual instruction intended for our>jse by these words of the parable, appears to be this ;¦•hat whosoever, in consequence of evil of life, rejects17# THE HOUSEHOLDER.tind destroys in himself owe truth of God and heaven,rejects and destroys in himself aZZ the truths oi Godand heaven.I say, in consequence of evil of life, by which is to beunderstood the govenunent of an evil love ; for everyman's life is such as his governing love is. If the go-verning love be good^ that is, towards God and thethings of his kingdom, then the life will of necessity be
good; but if the governing love be evil, that is, to-ivar-ls the world and the flesh, then the life must of ne-cessity be evil also.Let me call your particular attention to this consi-deration > how evil of life, that is, an evil governinglove, rejects and destroys in man, not one only, but allthe truths of God and heaven.It is generally supposed, that a man who is in evilof life, can receive and believe the truths of God, andthereby have faith, as fully and as perfectly as anotherman who is in the good of life.But this supposition, if it be carefully examined,will be found to be altogether groundless, and withoutfoundation.It is indeed true, that an evil man, or one who is inevil of life, can see the truths of God as well as a goodman, or one who is in the good of life ; but then it iswell to be considered, that there is a great differencebetween merely seeing the truth, and what is called inthe sacred Scriptures receiving and believing the truth.An evil man may see the truth, but then he d«th notWxeive and believe it. The reason is, the truth entersOTHER SERVATS BEATE. 171mto and manifests itself in his understanding of thought,but then it doth not enter into and affect his rvill andintentions ; and whatsoever doth not enter into and af-fect man's will and intentions, cannot be said to enterinto, or make any part of the man ; inasmuch as the^xill and intention is the ti^/io/e of man ; and the under-standings separate from the will and intention, makesproperly no part of the man.
A man, who is in evil of life, may say, that he be-lieves in God, and in the revelation of God : he mayprofess with his lips, that there is a heaven and a hell,and that good me-n go after death to the former, andwicked men to the latter : he may assent also to mostother spiritual truths discoverable from the Word of God ; and on this account he fancies that he believesthem, and would be much offended with any one whoshould endeavour to convince him to the contrary.But if it be true, as the Scripture testifieth, that manbelieveth 'Zi.'lth the heart, and that he can only believewith the hcc^'t, then it is equally true, that this man,who is in evil of life, notwithstanding all his profes-sions, cannot believe. The reason is, because his heartis not in his belief; and if his heart be not in it, hehimself is not in it ; for the heart or the love, as wasbefore observed, is what properly constitutes the man.If, therefore, the mind of a man, who is in evil of life, could be inwardly examined and seen into, as itis examined and seen by the all-piercing eye of God,it would most assuredly be found, that he doth not be-lieve in a si?igle truth of the Word of God ; but that172 THE HOUSEHOLDER.he violently rejects and destroys them all in himself,as they enter into his understanding, notwithstandingthe appearance to himself that he receives and admitsthem all.And would you know, beloved, the deep reason andeternal ground of this, and why an evil man cannotpossibly believe the truths of God ; it is because eviland truth are two opposites, and are therefore continu-ally acting in contrariety the one to the other : for

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