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2-- TW 108 the Commandments of Jesus

2-- TW 108 the Commandments of Jesus

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Published by Bible_lover_Bill

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Bible_lover_Bill on Jul 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Preparation for Heavenly Living Correspondence School 
TW 103 from PFHL Course 132-- The Commandments of Jesus
(Source Unknown) Directions:First try to determine why each verse is in the section it is in and how it can beapplied to living in today’s world. By these Biblical statements, take inventory of  your allegiance to and obedience to Christ. If you really believe most of thequotes in this paper, please tell me which ones and indicate any questions or doubts you might have about the ones you don’t. Or/and write an essay as if youhad the opportunity to try to persuade a new Christian to want to be moreChrist-like everyday. This assignment is worth 3 units, so write at least 4 quality pages (single spaced lines and no redundancies).
1.Luke 12:152.Matthew 6:193.Matthew 6:204.Matthew 23:235.Matthew 5:426.Luke 11:417.Luke 14:12-13
1.Luke 12:12.Luke 20:46-473.Matthew 23:2-34.John 2:165.Matthew 6:1-46.Matthew 6:5-67.Matthew 6:16-18
Meekness (Humbleness)
1.Matthew 11:292.Matthew 20:253.Mark 10:43-444.Matthew 23:85.Luke 14:8-116.Luke 10:207.Luke 17:10
1.Luke 21:362.Luke 22:40-463.Luke 10:24.Luke 6:285.Matthew 6:6 & John 16:24-266.Matthew 6:9-137.Matthew 6:7-8
Searching the Scriptures
1.John 5:392.John 15:203.Luke 9:444.Luke 8:185.Mark 4:246.Matthew 16:6-127.Matthew 7:15-17
Supreme Love to God
1.Mark 12:302.Matthew 4:103.John 4:23-244.Matthew 23:95.Matthew 4:76.Luke 12:57.John 5:22-23
1.Mark 11:222.John 20:273.Luke 12:294.Matthew 6:25-345.John 14:1-276.Matthew 14:277.Mark 5:36 & Luke 12:4-7
Believe (Trust for Your Life)
1.Mark 1:52.John 14:13.John 6:28-294.John 14:111
5.John 10:37-386.John 12:367.Mark 11:24
The New Birth (“Born Again From Above”)
1.John 3:72.Matthew 23:263.Matthew 12:334.John 15:45.Mark 9:506.John 6:277.Luke 10:20
Repentance (Change)
1.Matthew 4:17 & Revelation 2:52.Matthew 11:283.Matthew 6:334.Matthew 11:255.Matthew 16:246.Matthew 7:77.Luke 13:24
Following Jesus
1.John 12:262.Matthew 3:13-15 & 28:193.Luke 22:17-194.John 13:14-155.Luke 9:236.Matthew 11:297.John 15:9
Perfect Love
1.Matthew 5:482.Matthew 19:21 & Luke 12:333.Matthew 5:44 & 26:524.Luke 6:27-285.Luke 6:356.Matthew 5:39-417.Luke 21:19Receiving the Holy Spirit1.John 20:222.Mark 7:273.John 7:37-384.John 14:15-175.John 16:24 & Luke 11:5-136.Luke 24:497.John 15:26
Letting Your “Light” Shine
1.Matthew 5:162.Luke 11:353.John 15:16 & 84.Luke 6:365.Mark 5:196.John 4:357.John 12:35
Our Duty to God and Others
1.Mark 12:172.Matthew 5:34-37 & Mark 4:223.Matthew 19:5-64.Matthew 5:255.Mark 9:38-406.Luke 10:87.John 6:128.Matthew 19:17
Our Love for Other Christians
1.John 15:122.Matthew 18:10-143.Mark 9:50 & Matthew 5:244.Matthew 18:155.Luke 17:3-46.John 7:24 & Matthew 7:1-57.Luke 6:37
Our Duty to Our “Neighbor”
1.Matthew 19:17-192.Matthew 19:183.Matthew 19:184.Matthew 19:185.Matthew 19:186.Matthew 19:197.Luke 6:31
Faithful Unto Death
1.Revelation 2:102.Revelation 3:113.Luke 6:234.Matthew 10:235.Matthew 10:196.John 6:417.Luke 21:28
Preaching the Gospel
1.Mark 16:15 & Matthew 10:72.Luke 24:46-473.Matthew 28:194.Matthew 28:205.Matthew 10:27 & Mark 4:222

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