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Breakable Bella (Part 4)

Breakable Bella (Part 4)



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Published by Rachel
Edward loses control after a spat with Jacob. (Make sure to read part 3 first.)
Edward loses control after a spat with Jacob. (Make sure to read part 3 first.)

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Published by: Rachel on Jul 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Edward’s POV:I ran through revenge options in my head. I could break my promise and punch him.But he would heal too quickly for it to be worth pissing off Bella that much whenhe tattled. And if I did permanent damage she would never forgive me.I could set his Rabbit on fire. He loved that piece of junk. Bella said he builtit himself and it took him forever.Is that too cold? No. He called my sweet, virginal Bella a whore for no reason. Hehad this coming. But fire is a little conspicuous. So I’ll have to settle forstealing and impounding. I’d hire a punk so they could not trace it to me.Besides, it’s not like I’m allowed to cross the border to his house.I pulled up to Bella’s house to drive her to my place. Esme got the crazy ideathat baking was a good idea and needed a human to try her creations. What she wasgoing to do with the extras, I had no idea.I heard a phone ring inside before I got out. I wasn’t intentionally trying toeavesdrop. It just kind of happened.“Hey Ang,” Bella said happily.“Oh my friend Jacob is good with cars?” she said after a pause.“Yeah, he built his own car,” she said softly as if she regretted mentioning him.I could imagine her biting her lip.“I spent hours sitting in that thing while he worked on it. It was better than thefloor.” She sounded wistful. “Did I tell you about the time that Mike almost threwup in the back of it? Jake almost had a heart attack.” She laughed despiteherself. “Well I’ll give you his number; he probably won’t charge much to fix it.”Crap. What am I going to do now?My selfish side wanted to impound it even more than before. To destroy anyconnection he and Bella had left. But doing so would destroy sentimental memoriesfor Bella as well. And how would that be helpful when I was doing this revenge forher sake? This was for her sake, right?I drove around the block so it would seem like my arrival was better timed.The next day, I finally thought of a harmless payback for Jacob.I still had a few friends from my wandering days, though we had not talked inyears. I decided to call up a rather mischievous one who would have no problemparticipating in a prank without asking for details. I asked him to mail me a fewitems with his scent on it. I would disperse the items in random places within thereservation (so my family was not likely to catch a whiff). I would have to throwthem over the boundary or something without mixing my own scent with them. ThenJacob and his pack would freak out at the prospect of a new, non-vegetarianvampire, run around with no sleep, and be totally spooked for however long it tookthem to figure out that there was no danger.My friend was on another continent and would never actually come in contact withthe wolves, so there was no chance of it backfiring on him. It was the perfectplan.____________________Bella’s POV:
Graduation came and went. I decided that I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to myfriends and family, so Edward was happy to put off my immortality for a bit. Ithought 19 was a good enough age, and the Volturi probably would not bother mebefore then. They measured things in vampire years, after all. Plus, I was prettysure that if I had some time, I could convince him to change me himself withoutthe marriage condition. Edward suggested traveling for a while since I already hadan alibi for the fall, and I was open to anything so long as we did it together.I had not talked to Jacob since that terrible night, and was trying my best toforget about him. Sometimes I faltered, like when I unthinkingly mentioned him toAngela three weeks ago when she needed a mechanic. My heart ached a littleafterwards.______________________Edward’s POV:I was enjoying watching Bella sleep, like usual, when I realized that I leftsomething at my house for her. It was an antique necklace that matched theengagement ring she refused to look at or acknowledge. They both belonged to mymother. I did not really understand Bella’s problem with worldly commitments, butI figured I should start small.I scanned the area for conscious thoughts before I could jump out of her windowand get it. It was silly; the chances of someone seeing me in the dark, unblurred,for a fraction of a second was extremely unlikely. It was very late at night. ButI did not like to take chances when I could help it.There was no one awake in her neighborhood. I let myself wander farther out ofcuriosity. Someone was driving through town. They were thinking about pinacoladas. And getting caught in the rain. What the hell? This is what I get forsearching out of boredom.I was about to close myself off to all thoughts when I got the most horrifyingimage from a different mind. It was even worse than the one Alice saw of me with adrained Bella. In this, Bella was mangled beyond repair and death was not comingsoon enough for her. She was being tortured.I ripped myself away from the picture. I had to stop myself from crying out inpain so I would not wake Bella. Who would think such horrible things? Whoever theywere, they were close, so I had no choice but to submerge myself back into thedespicable thoughts.Mixed with Bella, there were images of James. The feelings behind them were clear.Love. Devotion. Revenge.NO!Victoria.I was such a fool to think that she had given up. That the return of the Cullenshad scared her away. I had no choice but to call the person who owed me nothing.Less than nothing. I used Bella’s phone.“Please have opposable thumbs right now…” I mumbled to myself as it rang.My hand was trembling with rage and fear when he picked up. I tried to keep myvoice low.
“Is this Bella or her psycho, overprotective beau who often calls me in the middleof the night?”“Jacob, help. I detected a vampire. It’s--”“We know. We’ve been smelling an unidentified vampire for weeks. There have beenno deaths--”“This isn’t the same one.” I was becoming impatient.“How do you know?”“Because I planted items around so you would think that there was a vampire, andyou would worry and not get any sleep because of rounds.” I did not have time forthis.“Oh, Edward. Haven’t you heard about the boy who cried vampire?”Had he? If he remembered the tale correctly, all the sheep were massacred at theend.“It’s Victoria. Here,” I spit out.“Shit. Why didn’t you say so? We’ll take care of it. Where is she?”“Maybe 3/4 of a mile from Bella’s. She just passed the post office and is notgoing in a straight line.”“Alright. Take care of Bella.”I hung up and quickly scanned for her viewpoint. She was still weaving and movingslower than necessary. It made me anxious that I did not know why. But I was gladthat it was stalling her. I tightened my hold on Bella’s waist. It’s not like wecould fight in the house with Charlie here. I would have to leave her inside.Panic started to build but was cut off when I saw a black wolf tackle Victoria. Ijust had to hope that she would not bite them. Jacob arrived, wanting a piece ofher as well. Literally. She was bewildered and I saw flashes of a different wolfin her mind, still and bleeding.After many more wolf attacks, I could no longer read her mind.Was she destroyed or did she get away? I scanned for her thoughts furiously. Ifthe wolves did not do the job, I would have to call my family and put them indanger. Or could I handle her myself like I always wanted? No, the wolves mostlikely succeeded. They destroyed Laurent, after all. That’s why I called them.That and the fact that they were probably closer. I was interrupted by Bella’sphone. Jacob. At this rate, we should really put each other on speed dial.“Yes?”“Can you call Carlisle and tell him to come right away? We’re in the woods behindthe diner. Embry’s hurt. Victoria is dead though. Well, more dead than before.”I was so relieved that it was finally over.“Yes. Thank you. Should I come too?” I really wanted to see Victoria burn.“Probably. Bring Bella if you want.”I was glad that we let the wolves defend all of Forks now from outsiders. Carlislehad insisted on it upon our return because he was worried about Bella.I called Carlisle and he left immediately. I looked at Bella sleeping and couldnot bear to leave her here alone. What if there was more danger remaining tonight?She would surely pull it toward herself. But a vampire bonfire is not the mostpleasant shindig. I decided to wake her up anyway.__________________________Bella’s POV:I was still mostly asleep as Edward helped pull on my jeans. I asked where wegoing, and he said the diner. I was too tired to ask why. Maybe we were going to

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