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Microsoft Word - How to Make Your Own Vector Portraits

Microsoft Word - How to Make Your Own Vector Portraits



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Published by marinvan
Crear imagenes de vectores con photoshop
Crear imagenes de vectores con photoshop

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Published by: marinvan on Jul 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Every artist have their own style of creating a vector portrait ranging from ultra-realistic to very cartoony.What you’ll learn in this website is my style of making one and hopefully you can come up with our styleafter learning the basics of vector art. Let’s begin.
What you need:
 Basic Photoshop 7 skills (or later)A steady handAn eye for detailsSome time and patience
Reference Photo:
 This photo is what we’re going to work on for this tutorial.
 And this is what we will end up with:Try to use hi-res copies of the pictures that you’d want to convert into vector portraits because it’ll be easierto see the details and produce a much better looking vector.
Photoshop Basics:
 For this tutorial, we will use Photoshop to create our vector portraits. Most artist prefer Illustrator for vectorgraphics but for this tutorial Photoshop will do. We will use the Pen Tool (PS Shortcut: P) primarily increating the vector portrait. This tool is used to produce vector shapes and the vector shapes that you willcreate will ultimately form the portrait that you are working on. If you haven’t used the pen tool beforehere’s a primer:To create a basic vector shape, just click wherever you want to start on the canvass and continue clicking tocreate a square shape. Click again where your shape started to close the shape. A new shape layer will
appear in your layerpallette.There are two ways to deal with curved shapes using the pen tool. The first one is to use a curve node whichcreates a smoother curve and the other is to use lots of nodes to trace the curve.
Method 1:
 After finishing the curve, you can still edit the curve by holding the CTRL key while still using the pen tool.Your cursor will change to a plain white arrow to edit any node on your current curve. Just click on anynode and drag it to edit the curve.
Method 2:
This is easier than the first method but may result to not as smooth as the curve from the first method. Allyou do is zoom into the curve that you wanted to trace then click along the curve to create a lot of nodeswhich when zoomed out looks like a smooth curve.Before we start:

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