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Ch2 Qft-DONE

Ch2 Qft-DONE

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Published by suhughes

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Published by: suhughes on Jul 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Suzann HughesChapter 2 :: Question For Thought
Chapter 2 – Motion – Question for Thought
1.An insect inside a bus flies from the back toward the front at 5.0 mi/h. The bus ismoving in a straight line at 50.0 mi/h. What is the speed of the insect
?the speed of the insect is relative to the ground is the 50.0 mi/hr of the bus plus the 5mi/hr of the insect relative to the bus for a total of 55 mi/hr.
2.Disregarding air friction, describe all the forces acting on a bullet shot from a rifleinto the air.
Gravity acts on the bullet at all times, no matter where it is. Acceleration due to gravity isindependent of any motion that the bullet may have.
3.Can gravity act in a vacuum? Explain.
Yes, it acts however the rate in which items fall is different in a vacuum than in normalair. In a vacuum the items fall at the same speed b/c air resistance in gone. Items are in afree fall in a vacuum. Therefore gravity does act in a vacuum, causing all times to fall atthe same speed, regardless of weight.
4.Is it possible for a small car to have the same momentum as a large truck 
? Explain.Yes. If the small car has a higher velocity than the large truck, it can make up thedifference in the masses of the two cars, therefore making the momentum the same or greater.
5.What net force is needed to maintain the constant velocity of a car moving in astraight
line? Explain
.An unbalanced or net force of zero is required to maintain a constant velocity. If therewere more than a net force of zero, there would be acceleration.
6.How can there ever be an unbalanced force on an object if every action has an equaland opposite reaction
?an unbalanced force occurs on a single object as the result of one or more interactionswith other objects.
7.Why should you bend your knees as you hit the ground after jumping from a
?By bending your knees, you are lower your center of mass.
8.Is it possible for your weight to change as your mass remains constant?
.Weight can change and your mass remain constant. Mass is a measurement of the amountof matter in an object and that does not change. You weigh a lot less on the moon thanearth b/c of the gravitational pull.
9.What maintains the speed of the earth as it moves in its orbit around the sun
? Nothing. There is no force parallel to the motion to increase or decrease the earth’s speed,so the speed remains constant.
10.Suppose you are standing on the ice of a frozen lake and there is no frictionwhatsoever. How can you get off the ice? (Hint: Friction is necessary to crawl orwalk, so that will not get you off the ice

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