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Published by DATAMAN FAROOQ622
What to ask Allah in Dua and some info on Dua
What to ask Allah in Dua and some info on Dua

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Published by: DATAMAN FAROOQ622 on Jul 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Your Lord has said:” Make Dua to me, I will Respond to you” surah Ghafir 60.Allaah says: I am indeed near to them, I respond to the supplication of thesupplicant.He also says: Never will I allow to be lost the work any of you be he male orfemale. surah Al-ImraanThe Prophet Muhammad (may Allaah send his best and choicest Blessings, Mercies andGrace upon him equal to the number of the weight of the ARSH forever) stated thefollowing: There is nothing that is more Noble in the sight of Allaah than DUA.Narrated by Ahmad, Al-Tirmithee, Al-Hakeem.Nothing REPELS PREDESTINATION (TAQDEER) except DUA. Al-Tirmithee.Allaah becomes SHY when his Servant raises his hands to Him in Dua to Return themEmpty Handed, and Disappointed. Narrated by Ahmad, Aboo Dawood, Al–TirmitheeWhatever my Servant assumes of me, that is how I Treat him, and I am with him whenhe Remembers me. By MuslimIt is also stated: Make Dua to your Creator in a state that you are CERTAIN thatyour Prayer will be RESPONDED to, and Know that Allaah WILL NOT ANSWER Dua thatcomes from a CARELESS and INATTENTIVE HEART. Pray onto Him as though you SEE HIMand if you don't see him, then verily HE SEES YOU.According to a Hadeeth: An Angel is appointed by Allaah, so when it hears someonesaying: “YA AR HAMARAH HEHMEEN” 3 times the Angel responds:“No doubt, The Most Merciful has FOCUSED all his ATTENTION towards you, ASK FORWHATEVER YOU PLEASE.”When the Prophet Muhammad (SALLALLA HO ALAIYHE WASALLAM) heard someone saying: “YAAR HAMARAH HEHMEEN”, he said “ASK FOR WHATEVER YOU PLEASE FOR ALLAAH’S BOUNTIFULGASE IS FOCUSED TOWARDS YOU”.REMEMBER YOUR SALAAT, ZIKR AND DUA (DAILY PRAYERS, REMEMBERANCE ANDREQUESTS(PRAYER)) ARE A TRANS-DIMENSIONAL UP-LINKDESTINATION: ALLAH THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE AND OUTSIDE THISUNIVERSEO Allaah send Praise upon Yourself the way you praise Yourself, equal to theamount of the number of the weight of the Arsh times the number of everything youhave created, and send that upon yourself continuously and eternally.O Allaah send the Best and Choiciest Blessings, Mercies and Grace upon Our ProphetMuhammad(SALLALLA HO ALAIYHE WASALLAM), his Family and Descendants, and hisCompanions and their Families, Equal to the amount of the number of the weight ofthe Arsh times Infinitely number of everything you have Created and will Create inthe future, give the reward for this from the Day Of Judgement onwards to me, myfamily and our past, present and future generations and to all the believers inyou, all the way back to Hazrat Adam(peace be upon him).O Allah, you love to forgive, I beg of you to forgive me, my family, my friendsand the Muslim Ummah for our Major and Minor sins, hidden, open, intentional, andunintentional sins, weather they were past, present and future sins. You are theMOST MERCIFUL OF ALL THOSE WHO SHOW MERCY continue to shower us with your SpecialBlessings, Mercies, Grace and Forgiveness until we meet you.O Allaah, I seek thy Protection from Anxiety and Sorrow, Inaction and Laziness,from Cowardness, Negligence and from heavy Debt and from the oppression of men. OAllaah allow us and Guide us and make easy for us to follow and love ProphetMuhammad’s (SALLALLA HO ALAIYHE WASALLAM) and his Guidance, until we meet thee.O Allaah, give me, my family and friends: Knowledge of this World, the Next world,Spiritual Knowledge and Divine Knowledge, and such Knowledge that will help us tohave Khushoo in worship and such Knowledge that will help us to become one of your
Chosen Ones and to be amongst the People who are Rightly Guided and also GuideOthers on the Right Path. O Allaah, give us Divine Assistance Continuously.O Allaah, Give me, my family and friends Divine help and permission to do All ourSalaat, Zikar and Dua’s in such way that it cause’s Extreme Level’s of Love andpleasure in you towards us every day, and until we meet You. And let it be a meansfor us to be the Rightly Guided and your Chosen One’s. Give us Divine assistancein our worship so it is a means for us to Secure a place under the Shade of ARSHon the Day Of Judgement and to be able to go to JANNATUL-FIRDOUS without beingReckoned on the Day of Reckoning.O Lord, do not cause our hearts to waver after they have received Guidance andgive Mercy to us from thyself, verily you are the Giver. O Allaah, forgive mehave Mercy on me, grant me Peace, Guide me aright, grant me Sustenance, supply myDeficiency and Elevate me, I am needy towards thee for whatever good you mayChoose to grant me.O Allaah, Grant me, my family and friends Fear of thee forever as if we have ThyVision with the naked eye, Bless us with piety, let not our Souls be Ruined by theCorruption of Sin. Enlist us among thy Chosen Ones by your Forgoing Decree, addyour Blessings to this Gift. All this to the Extent that we would not like tohasten what thou has delayed and to delay what thou choose to hasten and make uscontented from all else.O Allaah, convey Durood (salaam) to our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings beupon him) and his members of family and such a Durood as will relieve us of thefear of all things through it and get us freedom from all calamities and will getall our wishes fulfilled through it and will get piety from all evils by itsmeans. Exalt us to high ranks by its means. And reach us to the satisfaction ofour last hopes through it and all goodness while alive and after death, verilythou art the accepter of all the Dua’s and the Exalter of our stages and ranks.And O You the Sufficer in our hardship and O the Evader of all calamities listento my complaint, here my cry, listen to my complaint O Allah, thou are the mostPowerful over all.O Allaah destroy your enemies, my enemies and the enemies of lslaam, stop Muslimsfrom doing terrorist acts in the name of Islaam, expose them and their helpers andsupporters, either give them guidance or destroy them. Give Muslims Extreme levelsof peace and security and unity and protection that we will not be effected by anyexternal forces –all Evil Secret Societies known and unknown to us, that are usingmethods known and unknown to us which are stopping people from treading they pathusing poisons in the air, water, food (e.g. HAARP, FLORIDE, ASPARTAME etc, etc )O Allaah send the ILLUMINATI, FREEMASONS, ZIONIST, ROCKERFELLARS AND THEROTHCHILDS and all OTHER EVIL ORGANISATIONS back A 1000 YEARS in their EvilPlanning, YOU ARE THE BEST OF PLANNERS SAVE US AND PROTECT US FROM THEM AND THIEREVIL CURRUPTION AND EVIL PLANNING, Expose them TO THE WORLD and HUMILIATE THEM andDESTROY their PRESENT and their FUTURE PLANS.O Allaah give more people in the West Guidance, especially people in the Sports,Music, Film Industries and Government personnel from around the world let thembecome rightly Guided and that they guide others with the greatest of ease and letthem do actions word and deeds of your Chosen Ones. O Allaah increase the level ofguidance you give to the west by more than a 1000%. Let there be a time within thenext 5 years that there is more than a HALF of the populations in each westerncountry that are rightly guided Muslims and New Muslims.O Allaah save us and protect us from the Evils of the Jinn, Shaiytaan, Dajjal,Black Magic and Evil Eye and help us to learn the appropriate Dua’s to besafeguarded from them every day ,and that we are safeguarded all the way up to thetime we meet you.HERE MENTION ANYTHING ELSE YOU WISH, DESIRE AND NEED NOW AND IN THE

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