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Benjamin Pickering Portland Police Brutality

Benjamin Pickering Portland Police Brutality

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Sep 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Blind Eye of Benjamin Pickering brutalized by Portland PoliceIncident Report2 July 2013on May 17, benjamin pickering was slammed to the ground by Portland Police.His right seeing eye, barely escaped destruction as he was slammed into furnitureat a bar in which Benjamin drank ice water as he watched wrestling on Television.His Blind Left Eye was bruised, swollen, and oozing blood and left untreated.Massive Headaches have resulted from this attack and serious complications tohis pre-existing Head Trauma and Corrective Placement Surgery for his disfiguredeye.on May 17, Officer X jammed his knee into Benjamin’s head repeatedly, forcefully,and painfully causing his Blind Eye to become bruised and bleeding. Benjamin wasdenied medical care. His surgery within the last year, corrected the eyeballdislocation, which resulted from the severe head trauma, splitting his skull andgauging his eye when he was 10, leaving him in a coma with a fractured skull andhis left face swollen like a basketball.at least four officers were present for the beating, and multiple witnesses.what Portland Police must recognize is that the "Invisible" Disability of BenjaminPickering's Blind Left eye, and the severe multifarious consequences of his headtrauma injury are so nefarious, that even one single strike to the head could KillBenjamin Pickering, put him in a coma, or otherwise damage him in other waysbeyond the extreme psychological consequences of the repeated acts of harassment and brutalization that have occurred with the Portland Police Assaultand battery upon his person.The fictitious charges levied at Ben---do not consider the reading and hearing andprocessing difficulties which result from the head injury.Prior to his blinding at age ten, Ben was in Special Education for learning diversityissues.In custody, Benjamin Pickering was forced to sign documents which he cannot anddid not read due to his sight and reading limitations. He was denied legal aid or Disability Accommodations for his reading and writing difficulties. Benjamin wasalso denied access to the names and Badge numbers of his Assailant-officers,despite his best attempts to obtain the information.The severe traumatizing effects of the Portland Police brutality include headache,insomnia, hyper vigilance, and repeated flashbacks.
Our attempts to record by video his testimony, have helped to flesh out the facts of this wrongful police harassment and assault.The very clear violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, pose a clear andpresent danger to all deaf, blind, or brain-damaged persons presently enjoyingPortland, Oregon for travel, business, or residence.Portland Police brutality is a blight upon our land and a discouragement of muchneeded infrastructural and safety investments, and sends a clear message toinvestors and disabled people that Blind Eyes will be thrashed into the pavement,and their seeing eyes will be forced into sharp objects, with a collusional DAinsisting on erroneous charges of "resisting arrest" "criminal mischief" and the like.If being blind in Portland is "criminal mischief" or if being brain-damaged in portlandOregon is "criminal mischief" so too might be at bare minimum, police beating blindboys---be called "criminal mischief."City Council of Portland has been briefly informed by hand-written note that i MaryEng am requesting a public hearing into the Beating of Blind, Disabled, Brain-Damaged or otherwise developmentally challenged persons.The personal interest in Justice for Benjamin Pickering is superseded by the needfor justice for all disabled persons presently at risk of police brutality globally.The maiming effects of the psychological suffering inflicted by such bullying cannotbe minimized.Partial records of Police Profiling of Benjamin Pickering are released to us, withmore forthcoming.I am very concerned that he is still denied access to an attorney, due to the publicdefender being too busy to become acquainted with the basic medical facts of Benjamin's 20 years living with a blind eye, severe headaches, memory loss,spatial relations difficulties, and associated risks.Benjamin has severe disabling headaches when inflicted with stress, verbal abuse,in addition to beating or further head trauma.It is paramount that the portland Portland Police cease their targeting and medicalmalpractice by brutalizing benjamin in his fragile status.We will pursue immediate though tardy medical evaluation and neurologicalassessment.
The denial of medical care for the head trauma inflicted by portland police, has leftbenjamin disoriented, bleeding from his left eyeball, and now with a reversal of thecosmetic re-centering of his left blind eyeball, as tissue slippage is eclipsing thecenter whiteness, with a profoundly irritated red membrane, completely abnormal inaspect.to the untrained Portland Police eye, Benjamin is a very highly intelligent, giftedartist and musician and homeless advocate, with verbal and memory fluency far inexcess of average---a typical hyper-ability of high IQ and compensational over-extensions to compensate for the disabling dyslexia, or processing difficultiespartially also tied to the headaches and blindness.Ben's religious ministerial dedication to the homeless had as foundation parentsdeeply devoted to community service and feeding the poor in his home town.That Ben receives such treatment here is a testimony to criminality of the PortlandPolice, in their failure to provide medical aid, due to their criminal conspiracy toconceal their brutalizing of Ben, and the concealment of his pre-existing FederallyProtected Disabilities and Blindness.The Portland Police as they rammed a knee into Ben's head, smashing andgrinding his blind eye onto the ground, said "don't be a pussy, you can take it."Such sexually humiliating, derogatory, and misogynistic language is a hate crimeand a grievous sexual harassment compounding the physical assault.as he was beaten, the attacking Officer X aggressively said they couldn't believehis head wouldn't crack.Upon review of database another officer said, "you better hope this isn't thatdisabled kid Benjamin Pickering."well guess what portland and world!benjamin Pickering is that Benjamin Pickering.Partially Blind Benjamin Pickering.copies of current information have been delivered to Portland Copwatch.please contact Benjamin Pickeringfor interview, hearing, testimony, or public speaking about his brutalizationplease call503 577 0963or write maryeng1@gmail.com

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