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Incident Report Benjamen Pickering Police Brutality Report 7-30-13

Incident Report Benjamen Pickering Police Brutality Report 7-30-13

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Sep 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Incident ReportBenjamen Pickering Police Brutality report7-30-13Benjamen Pickering came to Oregon sometime in the year 2013, likely April.Due to his traumatic brain injury he forgets things like the name of his birthplace city, or the age of his parents.After his 1994 Penetrating Traumatic Injury to the Head, he was vomiting blood. He said: Do I have to go to schooltomorrow?He was life-flighted to emergency care.A woman named Lemons or something like that saved his life, performing emergency medical revival, until he was life-flighted.He was in a coma for several weeks and had to re-learn how to walk, and build new memories starting at age 10.Benjamen was 10 years old at the time of the accident. The accident happened in the Ocean. Benjamen does not know ifsomeone pushed him under the log that crushed open his head and took his sight in his left eye.He was called "Miracle Kid."There is video of the accident.It happened in the Pacific Ocean.Benjamen had to relearn to walk. He has partial deafness in his right ear associated with the head injury.When the Portland Police approached Benjamen Pickering to throw him to the ground 5/17/13, they approached him fromhis hearing impaired ear.They threw him into furniture which almost blinded his right seeing eye. As Officers threw him down, he dodged thepotential blinding of his Right seeing eye.About one and a half years ago Ben Pickering endured an operation to correct the position of his blind eye.Ben's corrective eye surgery was 30-40, 000 dollars and Ben travelled from Washington to Portland, Oregon for thissurgery. He was bedridden for three weeks after the surgery. It was extremely painful. The surgery re-centered his left blindeye which was de-centered by the 1994 accident. Before the corrective Eye Surgery, Ben Pickering was taunted andbullied and beaten-up and called "Wall Eye" for this asymmetrical eye.During the beating by Portland Police, Ben cried out "I have a traumatic Brain Injury." His Washington Doctor has told bento put his feet up most of the day, and to avoid putting tension on his brain.Bizarrely, Officer Klundt admits in his report putting his knee on Benjamen Pickering's head.After Ben Pickering's beating by the police, the police did not take a Mug-shot of the bruising and kept him in Jail longer toallow the swelling and bruising of his blind eye to go down. He was denied medical care for the bruised and blinded eyeand denied x-rays for his shoulder, elbow, skull, sternum and ribs, toe, and ankle which suffered injuries.The Officers returned to the Ace Tavern to have the e-evidence of the beating destroyed. Benjamen found this out byinterviewing the Bar staff after the attack.An officer made a report that Ben Pickering's beating by police was unethical and severe, and motioned to prevent BenPickering being held on false charges by the assailant-officers.Ben Pickering has relayed that absent this officer-whistleblower intervening, he would have been held in custody with nomedical evaluation for several months awaiting trial.Instead, he was released, and charged 20 dollars for a public defender service.We are seeking the testimony and report of this officer who may have been present during the beating, or his written reportof officer misconduct.Former Public Defender Tom Borton attempted to coerce Ben Pickering into a Plea Bargain, whilst failing to assess Ben's

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