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Janice and You and the Shoot Out

Janice and You and the Shoot Out

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Published by Terry Collett
boy and girl in 1950s london
boy and girl in 1950s london

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Published by: Terry Collett on Sep 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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JANICE AND YOU AND THE SHOOT OUT.She was happyto be Maid Marianto your Robin Hoodor Queen Guinevereto your Lancelot but this Saturday afternoonJanice was Mrs Earpto your Wyatt Earpas you shot it outwith the bad guysat the O.K.Corall(for the umpteenth time)and tendered your woundsin arm and legas you rested on the grass by Banks Houseyou both sipping(in turn)from the Tizer bottle bought from the shopacross the roadand nibblingfrom the bag of sweetsshe'd broughtfrom home(her gran's giftfor being a good girl)she bandagedyour left armwith an old handkerchief (clean and fresh laundered)and tied her neck scarf about your right legher thin fingersmoving carefullywho shot you first?she asked
not sureyou repliedthought it may have beenone of the Clanton brothers but I got him after right between the eyesyou saidshe sat down beside youand took upyour silver looking shooter and rubbed her handalong the barrelthe other older gun(one your mother'd boughtfor your birthday)lay on the grasscooling downyou were quick thoughshe saidand I liked thatcross over movementof your handswhen you took each gunfrom opposite holstersyou smiledglad you noticedsaw that in a cowboy filmmy old man took me to seeat the cinemayou saidcan I go next time?she askedI don't get to go oftenunless it's a filmmy gran wants to seeand that isn't oftenBambi was the last time
I think she saidsureyou saidI'll ask the old manwhen we go next timeshe sipped from the bottleand gave it to youyou wiped the lidwith the palmof your hand usuallywhen sharing a bottle but with her you didn'tyou liked to think of her lips touching yoursif somewhatsecond hand or suchwhen did Wyatt Earp die?she askeddid he get shot to death?you looked at her sitting there on the grassher red beretneat on her fair haired headher pink blouseand brown pleated skirtthink he died in Los Angelesabout 1929you repliedmaybe your granddadknew himshe said innocentlyno my granddad'snot been to the USAyou saidsmiling at her open faceand blue eyesguess not

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