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102 02 000014 Engineer's Report

102 02 000014 Engineer's Report

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Published by westym

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Published by: westym on Jul 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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B R I S B A N E | S Y D N E Y | M E L B O U R N E
 Censeo Pty Ltd - ABN 59 122 368 398 P O Box 4317 Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113QLD Licence Number 1110874 Telephone 1300 799 125 - Facsimile 1300 799 126 
2 July 2009Freemans Australia Pty Ltd7
Floor, 564 St Kilda RdMelbourne, VIC, 3004Attention: Warren Kernaghan
July 2009
Mark Sharry
1209 Waterworks Road, THE GAP, QLD, 4061
Inspection of Damage to Internal Roof Beam
Freemans Australia Pty Ltd
Brett Mills,B. Eng (Hons), MIE AustR.P.E.Q, CP Eng, EngineerRegistered Open Builder QBSA 20702
We have been requested by Warren Kernaghan of Freemans Australia to inspect and report onthe damage to an internal roof beam inside the living room of the Insured’s residence. We werealso requested to undertake an analysis of ‘Pattersons Insurerbuild’ Job Quotation 75211 dated03/02/2009.Our inspection was completed by Engineers Mac Hamilton and Carl Conran on the afternoon ofthe 23
June 2009.
The Scope of Works report by ‘Pattersons Insurerbuild’ dated 03/02/2009 on repair workfollowing damage from storms occurring in November, noted that ‘extensive dry rot’ wasdiscovered to an internal roof beam while carrying out separate repairs to the residence. It wasreported that the dry rot was not related to the storm. The Scope of Works recommendedleaving the existing roof beam in place and reinforcing the beam with a new timber beam andsteel flitch plate.The residence is cavity brick and clad frame with engaged brick piers and raised timber floors. Ithas a tiled roof and raked ceiling. The insured informed us it was constructed in the 1970s.We also refer to the Censeo report and Scope of Works dated 16
December 2009 prepared byEngineer Robert Henry.
The living room consists of a raked ceiling, supported by the end walls and two beams inbetween. The beam in question spans from the side brick wall to an internal brick columnextending to the ceiling. A secondary beam also has a smaller span between two walls lowerdown the ceiling.The two beams are of equal size and it appears that they are glued laminated timber.Some bricks had been removed at the interior wall adjacent to the damaged beam in question,exposing the cavity between the two walls and the connection of the beam to wall support. Thebeam appears to be supported by both the inner and outer skins of brick, and was making directcontact with the brickwork.Upon closely inspecting the beam adjacent to the north-eastern wall, slight separation of thetimber laminates was discovered, as well as some splits along the timber. Part of the beaminside the cavity had previously been chipped to expose the timber. The beam did not appear tobe damp or waterlogged. No significant deflection was noticed along the span of the beam.Inspecting the wall from the outside of the building, it was noted that the beam is exposed at anopening in the external brick wall and has been painted over. There was no form of flashing orsealant evident. The secondary beam lower down the ceiling was not exposed to the outside ofthe house, nor were there any exposed beams evident on the other side of the house.An inspection underneath the floor of the building confirmed that the area is well ventilated withlittle moisture evident.
 Based on our inspection and calculations of the beam size for the appropriate load and span,we confirm the beam is structurally adequate.The cause of the cracking appears to be from gradual moisture absorption due to the exposureof the end of the beam, at the external wall, over a long period of time. With the moisture beingabsorbed by the timber laminates, and the timber laminates not being of the appropriatedurability class, separation of the laminates along the glue line has occurred.Due the beam being in relatively good condition, despite the cracks in the laminates, it does notseem to have been affected by “extensive dry rot”, as originally suggested in the report by‘Pattersons Insurerbuild’.In our opinion, there is no need to reinforce the existing roof beam with another timber beam orsteel flitch plate. Because the existing beam can be retained, there is also no need to cut backthe ceiling, and prepare and paint extensive areas of the beam and ceiling.
As the beam is structurally sound, the least disruptive and most economical method of repair ofthe beam is to inject the laminate cracks with epoxy glue, and insert and glue steel dowelsthrough the beam, to assist with the strengthening. Appropriate flashing will also have to beinstalled to the exposed end, sides and bottom of the beam at the external wall, to preventfurther exposure to moisture.We have completed a brief Scope of Works, covering repairs to the Insured’s laminated timberbeam, together with the repairs to the adjacent external render and internal finishes. A copy ofthe Scope of Works has been attached to this document for your reference.
This inspection and report has been carried out by Engineers Mr Mac Hamilton and Mr CarlConran and has been authorised by Mr Brett Mills.Mr Brett Mills is a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil, Hons 2A) from the University of Queensland, aMember of the Institution of Engineers Australia, and has been a Registered ProfessionalEngineer in Queensland since 1985. He is also a Registered Builder (Open) QueenslandBuilding Services Authority.Yours faithfully,
Brett Mills
(Signed electronically)
CENSEO PTY LTDBrett MillsEngineer
0412 156 788
Enclosures: PhotographsScope of Works

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