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Agricultural Meteorology - Model Question Papers

Agricultural Meteorology - Model Question Papers

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Published by: Maruthavanan Ganapathy on Jul 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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B.Sc., Degree Examination, 1988
3 hoursI. Answer any eight of the following:
Sun has a mass equal to ------- times of the earth.2.
The carbon dioxide content of atmosphere surrounding the earth is-------- Percent3.
------- Light is the most favorable for crop growth.4.
------- wave radiation are emitted from sun whereas ----- wave radiation isre- radiated back to surface.5. The response of plants to the relative length of day and night is known as ----6. The range of maximum growth for most agricultural plants is between ------and
c.7. The temperature of a place is largely determined by its distance fromthe -------------------- and ---------------------8. --------------- is used in minimum thermometer.9. North east monsoon period is from -------- to--------10. ----------- crop is cultivated in largest area under irrigation in Tamilnadu
State whether the following statements are true of false
1. When the atmosphere contains maximum possible of water vapour it is said to beunsaturated at the particular temperature.2. Sugar beat, Wheat and barley are examples for short-day flowering plants whilesoybean, maize and millets are long day plants.3. Light effects the plants in four ways viz, intensity, quality, duration and direction.4. Troposphere is the uppermost layer of the atmosphere.5. The normal atmospheric pressure is 1013.2 cm.6. Radiation is measured by anemometer.
7. Cooling or warming of air due to addition or substration of heat is called adiabaticprocess.8. Isohyet is a line connecting places having equal rainfall.9. The temperature falls steadily with increasing elevation at the rate of 6.5
perkilometer.10. Thermograph continuously records temperature.
Write short notes on any five of the following:
Direction of light2.
Rain shadow3.
Rain forming clouds4.
Synoptic chart5.
Stevenson screen6.
Heat injury
Define any five of the following:
Temperature Inversion6.
Coriolis Effect
Answer any five of the following
Explain the various agro climatic regions of India and mention the important cropsgrown in the regions.2.
Discuss the factors affecting the distribution of crops3.
Define Agronomy and focus its importance in crop production4.
Describe the instrument used to measure evaporation with diagram5.
How crop weather calendar is used in giving forecasting to the farmers?6.
What is the importance of dew in crop production?
Narrate the effect of weather elements on germination establishment and growth of crop.
B.Sc., Degree Examination, 1988AGRICULTURAL METEOROLOGY
Maximum: 45 marks Time
3 hoursI.
Fill up the blanks (any TEN only)
Collection of microscopic liquid or solid particles dispersed largely in the lowtroposphere of the atmosphere and they are called as --------2.
A thermal process in which the heat energy neither enters nor leaves the systemand then this process is called--------3.
The latitudinal position of Chidambaram is -----4.
Ten mm of rainfall over a hectare is equal to ------- lakh liters of water.5.
Terrestrial radiation is recorded by instrument -----6.
Air temperature is being recorded from thermometers placed in the Stevenson
screen at -------m from the ground level.7.
Kharif season in India indicates a consecutive months from June to -------8.
Moisture is the constraints during kharif season in India, while Kharif seasonRabi --------- weather parameter is the constraint.9.
The cyclone that occurred in Bay of Bengal during first week February 1999had happened in the same period of ------- year in the past10.
Evaporation from open pan evaporimeter on an average is ------mm duringsummer months11.
-------- is the recent Geostationary satellite of India launched during ------ monthof 1999.12.
Tamilnadu is mostly benefited from ------ rainfall
II. Choose the correct answer for any ten only
The lower part of the atmosphere, upper part of the soil layers and top portion of seas where all living organisms exist is called as --------a) Biosphere b) Hydrosphere c) Lithosphere

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