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15 Ways to Succeed Where Others Have Failed

15 Ways to Succeed Where Others Have Failed

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Published by rajeevkri

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Published by: rajeevkri on Jul 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   B  u     i  n  e       W   h   i   t  e   P  a  p  e  r
BPM Done Right:
15 Ways To Succd Whr Othrs Hav FaildMik Ls
Sior Dirctor, BPM Product Marktig, Sotwar AG
March, 2008
Itroductio 31. Pla or Chag 42. Fostr a Cultur o ‘Thikig Dirtly’ 43. Do’t Mak BPM a excus or a Hadcout Rductio 44. Focus o Your Customr 55. Focus o Your Procss Workrs 56. Alig Rols, Rsposibilitis ad Rmuratio 57. Rcogiz ad Addrss BPM’s Politics 68. Scur excutiv Sposorship 69. Choos th Right Projct 610. Maag expctatios 711. Slct a Procss Mthodology 712. Implmt a Balacd Approach to Tchology 713. Tak a Broad Viw o Traiig 814. Do’t Fl th nd To Do It All Yoursl 815. Proft rom expric 8
Rates o adoption o Business ProcessManagement (BPM) technology areincreasing dramatically, and with them,the stories o missed expectations, wastedinvestment and outright ailure are alsoon the rise.Have you ever been so excited by a newpiece o technology - a computer, phoneor iPod - that you ripped open thepackaging and started playing withoutreading the instructions? You probably hadun playing, but it took longer than itshould have to nd the right ways o mak-ing things work.In act, you probably still aren’t usingsome technologies the way you shouldand you may have given up altogetherand written o the investment.BPM includes some cool eatures withtempting promises o ease-o-use, happier,more productive workers and ast returns.As a result, it is tempting to just plowahead and get the technology installedwithout thinking about the less interestingelements such as methodology, new rolesand responsibilities, training and the like.BPM’s promises are real, but the path tosuccess is littered with pitalls andshortcuts to ailure. Best practices can helpyou avoid them. The good news is thatBPM has now reached a stage o maturitywhich ensures that customers who are just embarking on using its methods andtools have a wealth o experience to learnrom and build on. To succeed with BPM,you will need to develop your own bestpractices and constantly evolve them tostay ahead o the competition. Theollowing “lessons-learned” provide agood place to start.Oten your processes are working welland the benet rom BPM comes romincreased levels o automation and agility.But don’t embark on BPM assuming thiswill always be the case. I a process isbroken, then automating it will onlygenerate errors aster. Ensure that youhave relevant data on the eectiveness oprocesses beore you automate theirexecution. Measure rst!Most people won’t admit it, but the vastmajority o business decisions are basedon gut eel, intuition and experience. “Wethink the process works like this, so weshould do X?” Or “Customer orders weredelayed in the past primarily because o Y,so go x that!” This may have worked inthe past, but in a ast-changing andunpredictable business environment, guteel and experience won’t cut it. Theemphasis has to be on real-time, end-to-end monitoring against the things thatmatter to your business – Key Peror-mance Indicators (KPIs). You’ll besurprised how productive project meetingsbecome when you start to have conversa-tions based on relevant, actionable data!However, measuring during the project isonly part o the story. I you are exploringwhere to start with BPM, Business ActivityMonitoring (BAM) can provide the answer.Would you go to a doctor and receive adiagnosis i he hadn’t done a thorough‘root cause analysis’ based on your currentsymptoms? I there is only one thing youshould remember here, it is this: Start yourBPM project by measuring your currentperormance. Without an accurate currentdiagnosis your project will be unocused;your ROI will be lower, and your eortsmay end up being targeted at the wrongproblem. I a vendor tells you to modelyour critical processes beore you cananalyze and improve them – be wary! Itprobably means they simply have a reallynice modeling tool.Measuring rst always uncovers thingsyou didn’t know about your business,purely because until you are able to lookinside the key metrics o a process mosto your decisions will be made on theprocess outputs - and that is only hal thestory. I you are ullling 100 percent oyour orders on time, but to do that youhave to expedite those orders bythrowing more and more people at theprocess, then you’re probably notachieving your core business goals. Yourmargins will be lower, but you won’tknow why.Finally, or all the talk o continuousimprovement, BPM still involves projects,and projects have xed durations. YourBPM project must have an end point. Sure,the project itsel may be very short andthe improvement incremental, but unlessyou can complete a cycle and measureand celebrate your success (or evaluateyour ailure) at the end, then you’ll be in aconstant state o change with no realsense o progress.
Do‘t Automak or th Sak o It!“A ma who cotiually shootshimsl i th oot should ot buya automatic wapo!” 
- Chinese proverb
Masur First, Masur Ot adMasur Last“Th ral troubls i your li arapt to b thigs that vr crossdyour worrid mid; th kid thatblidsid you at 4 PM o som idlTusday.” 
- Baz Luhrman

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