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SSC Matric Level Prelim Examination-GK

SSC Matric Level Prelim Examination-GK

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Published by sat

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Published by: sat on Jul 06, 2009
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General Awareness
101 Which of the following cities hosted the three-day International Spine and Spinal InjuriesConference (ISSICON-2008) in February 2008?(a) New Delhi(b) Bhubaneshwar (c) Kolkata(d) Chennai102 The Union Cabinet, on February 21, 2008, approved a proposal of judges in the SupremeCourt from 26 to _____ including the Chief Justice.(a) 28(b) 29 (c) 30(d) 31103 Britain, on February 20, 2008, tightened immigration rules by announcing plans to make itmandatory for immigrants to pass more tests to “prove their worth” to the country. Thenew rules came in to effect from _____.(a) February 23, 2008(b) February 25, 2008 (c) February 27 2008(d) February 29, 2008
104 During last 25 years, the developme
nt of tubewell irrigation has been most spectacular in(a) Bundelkhand(b) Ganga Yamuna Doab (c) Ganga-Ghaghra Doab(d) Saryupar plain105 Greatest ship canal of world is(a) Panama Canal(b) Keil Canal (c) Soo Canal(d) Sues Canal106 Karnataka war as fought between(a) English & French (b) English & Dutch  (c) Haider Ali & Maratha(d) English & Marathas107 What was a special feature of Chola administration?(a) Cheap and proper tax collection(b) Division of empire into mandalams (c) Autonomy of village Administration(d) Full powers to ministers of State
108 What was the principle source of state income in Mughal India?(a) Booty(b) Tax (c) Both (a) and (b)(d) Land revenue109 Which sites of Indus valley civilization is located in India?(a) Harappa(b) Mohenjodaro (c) Lothal(d) None of these110 Which one of the following is oldest veda?(a) Rig Veda(b) Sam Veda (c) Athara Veda(d) Yajur Veda111 The Chairman of drafting committee of Indian Constituent Assembly was(a) B.R.Ambedkar(b) Jawahar Lal Nehru (c) P.D.Tondon(d) Dr. Rajendra Prasad112 How many times at least has the Parliament meet in a year(a) once(b)twice(c) thrice(d) four times113 Constituent Assembly of India was established on(a) 6 Dec., 1946(b) 26 Dec., 1949 (c) 26 Nov., 1949(d) 10 June, 1946114 The Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs of the United Nations Angela Kanewho, in February 2008, paid a visit to Sri Lanka, on a request from Secretary-GeneralBan Ki-moon, is ______.(a) Angela Kane(b) Palitha Kohona (c) Susanne Bland(d) Maria Spencer115 The Union Cabinet, on February 21, 2008 approved the issue of special marketablesecurities, amounting to Rs. _______ Crore to enable the Central Government tosubscribe to the rights offer to State Bank of India.(a) 9990(b) 9993(c) 9995(d) 9999 116 Which among the following has initiated highest antidumping cases against India?(a) United States(b) European Union (c) Japan(d) China
117 Who is the 11
President of India?(a) Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam(b) K.R.Naraynan (c) B.K.Sindhe(d) None of these118 Reliance Communications Ltd. (RCL), in February 2008, acquired _____ based AnupamGlobal Soft (U) Ltd., a company holding public infrastructure provider licence (PIPL) andpublic service provider licence (PSPL).(a) Uganda(b) Nigeria (c) Ivory Coast(d) Morocco119 Which Hindu Rajya has been mentioned by Babar in his “Babarnama”?(a) Gujarat(b) Mewar (c) Orissa(d) Kashmir120 Mira Bai was contemporary of(a) Chaitnya Mahaprabhu(b) Tulsidas (c) Ram Krishna Paramhans(d) Guru Nanak121 Amir-Khushrav was court poet of(a) Shershah Suri(b) Muhmmad bin Tughlaq (c) Humayun(d) Allaudin Khilji122 Word “Iron” was associated with which games?(a) Judo(b) Golf (c) Polo(d) Table Tennis123 Red light is used for danger signals because it(a) is absorbed least by air(b) is soothing to eye (c) is scattered least(d) has least chemical effect124 Fundamental Duties were added in the Constitution of India by the(a) 42
amendment(b) 43
amendment (c) 40
amendment(d) 44
amendment125 Who gave the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”?(a) Chandra Shekhar Azad(b) S.C.Base (c) Mohmmad Iqbal(d) Bhagat Singh126 “CAPART” is associated with(a) Helping and evaluating rural welfare scheme(b) consultancy to increase export (c) computer knowledge(d) controlling pollution in large industries127 The growth centre approach was adopted under the(a) First-Five-Year-Plan(b) Second-Five-Year-Plan (c) Third-Five-Year-Plan (d) Fourth-Five-Year-Plan128 The largest country of the world is(a) Brazil(b) Australia (c) China(d) USA129 Which one of the following is not of the same category(a) SAIL(b) BHEL (c) ONGC(d) Essar Oil

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