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Parker Press 2012 Fall Newsletter

Parker Press 2012 Fall Newsletter

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Published by Suzanne Hansen
This newsletter has the latest research on Joshua Parker family and descendants, Joshua was born 1778 Cortland Manor, New York and there is still so much to discover and uncover.
This newsletter has the latest research on Joshua Parker family and descendants, Joshua was born 1778 Cortland Manor, New York and there is still so much to discover and uncover.

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Published by: Suzanne Hansen on Sep 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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arker family members gathered this pastSeptember from eight different states inUtah, often referred to as the
crossroads of the west 
. Literally that’s what Salt Lake City
was for nearly 100 Parker cousins, proba-bly the largestgathering of Parker cous-ins ever held.There was alot of excite-ment to finallymeet familyfrom all over the Parker Tree, manywho had beenworking to-gether doingfamily re-search, buthad never met inperson.This Reunion differed from all other Parker Reunions held in the past, because itbrought together such an accomplishedgroup of Parker researchers with a singular goal:
Identify the proper Parker family treebranch that leads to the right forebears.
There has been a controversy within theParker family that the Parker roots growback through Ireland instead of throughMassachusetts, according to early recordsand long-held family beliefs. Althoughfamily links back to Ireland have not yetbeen identified, DNA testing has pointedindisputably to Ireland,
to Massachu-setts. This Reunion was the first time thatcousins Jerry Parker, Bob Smith, andGreg Parker had met each other.
These avid “Ireland
Theory” researchers
represent three different branches of theParker family tree: Joshua Parker (Jerry),Caleb Parker (Bob), and a distant cousin,Greg Parker whose great grandfather is
Thomas Bryant Parker born in 1797. It’s
not yet known where Greg fits into theParker Family Tree, although all three aredefinitely related through their DNA.
Continued on page 2 
 Parker Family Reunion 2012
All One Family
“While we are living in
the present, we mustcelebrate life everyday, knowing that weare becoming historywith every work, every
action, every deed.”
Mattie Stepanek 
Parker FamilyRecords
Family of Faith
Edith MayWilbanks
Parker FamilyArtists
Photos of Joshua?
Joshua’s grave
Martin Parker
Clues in Gene-alogy research
Reunion StartsEarly
Memory book
Connecting with other branches of the Parker Tree
Jerry Parker, Bob Smith, and Greg Parker at the Parker Family Reunion
“Parker Family Records” Now A Part of LDS Church’s Vast Collection
 All One Family
a visit to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City,where Bob presented the two volumes of books. Athrilled staff member in Publications Donations Depart-ment received them (below). June and Suzannewatched and took the photos. For me, Suzanne, thiswas anamazing mo-ment andtears filledmy eyes. Thedream of these qualitybooks nowavailable forall the ParkerFamily wasrealized.We were in-formed thatthe churchintended toscan and in-dex the books so that they could be made available on-line for a greater reading audience. Then the hard copybooks would be stored in a special archival storage vaultfor safe keeping. Thus, continuing the hope of preserv-ing Parker Family records and research for future gen-erations being fulfilled.
All Parker family members at the reunion were hoping toconnect with the Parker Family and their roots, but forRobert Smith and Suzanne Hansen the day had a specialmeaning. That vision reached a pinnacle this Septemberwhen Robert and June arrived in the Salt Lake Valley af-ter their long drive across the U.S from New Jersey.After years of work, planning, dreaming and lengthy con-versations about preserving all the information that Bobhad on his computer with other Parker researchers, finallybecame a reality. The two volume book, Parker FamilyRecords, that was printed and published by Bob in his
genealogy room
at his home was donated to the LDS li-brary, the most prestigious genealogy library in the worldso other Parker Family researchers across the world cantake advantage of them.The day after arriving on September 7, Bob and I madeAlso at the Parker Family Reunion was
Diann Wells
, aprofessional genealogist and author, who shared this:
“When I began studying the ward records of the families
and followed up with obituaries, death records, marriagerecords, and census records, I came to the conclusion theMassachusetts origin was not correct. All the records pointed to the New York, Joshua Parker. Beyond that 
there was no documentation to prove otherwise. “
“Then five or six years later, Greg Parker from Oklahoma
sent me a packet of information concerning DNA testingand the possible connection of the
Virginia Parker 
fam-ily to the
New York Parker family.
Having attended many of the DNA classes at LDS and National Genealogi-cal Conferences, this was not foreign to me. Thurston,my husband, was part of a grand DNA project at BYU that 
included many Wells’ lines. It was very helpful in deter-
mining who connected where, solving many mysteries.Thank you for the gathering of the Joshua and Drusilla
Parker descendants this month (September 2012). “
“I was in the parking lot 
the first day and awoman asked me if I was
Diann Wells. ‘Yes, I am,’ 
I replied to Sharon Chris-tensen. We had never 
 personally met. “
“During the dinner I got 
up to get some napkinsoff the head table and aman asked if I was Diann
Wells. ‘Yes, I am,’ I said 
to Robert Smith. Again
we had never met.” 
The next day I spokewith Greg Parker. It wasgood to put faces with
those good researchers.” 
Page 2
Robert Smith and the Family History LibraryDonation Representative Receiving the Books
The L.D.S. Church Family History Library EntranceDiann Wells, a descendant of Charles Henry.
Page 3
riday, the first day of theParker Family Reunion fol-lowing dinner, fourteen-yearold
Jaycee Jensen
, a de-scendant of Daniel Parker
opened up the reunion andspoke on,
“Discovering the
Past and Inspiring the fu-
She shared how hear-ing the stories of her pio-neer ancestors and volun-teering at
This is the PlaceHeritage Park 
helped her tobecome interested in familyhistory.
“One of the things that really 
helped me connect with the past was when my Grandma Suzie
(Suzanne Hansen)
showed me photosbelonging to one of my ancestors. They helped me re-late so much more to the fact that they were people
who had lived and had feelings that I share,” 
Jayceesaid. She then went on to give all in attendance a chal-lenge to discover and share with their children andgrandchildren, inspiring the generations to come to ap-preciate their roots.
Jerry Parker
was the first to present a class on Satur-day, September 8th. Hegave us insights into thelives of Joshua and Dru-silla Parker that he haddiscovered while writingtheir chronology.His chronology or compila-tion of events and dateswere taken from sourcedocuments and the dis-coveries and facts thatmany family membershave shared over theyears. Jerry put them allin one place.
“There are many things
that impressed me as I 
compiled the book” 
, Jerrysaid.
“But these four items had a high impact on me:” 
The importance and value of friends
. “David 
Rogers, another carpenter (chair-maker) who lived close to Joshua on Varick St. in New York City in 1837,invited Joshua to a meeting to hear the LDS missionar-ies after David and his family were baptized before
 Parker Family Reunion
Class Overviews
Jerry Parker Jaycee Jensen
Christmas in 1837. Joshua was impressed with the wordsof Parley P. Pratt and Elijah Fordham as they preached theGospel to a small group that had assembled. Joshua wasbaptized on January 9, 1838 by Elijah Fordham. He thenmet Wandle Mace who became New York City branch president and Orson Pratt, as well as Orson Hyde. He met David La Baron in Macedonia, IL. These men, their livesand testimony, would impress and be with Joshua for the
balance of his life.” 
2. The importance of following the prophet andChurch leaders
. “Joshua heeded the call by Joseph Smith
to go to Nauvoo to help build the Nauvoo Temple. Beforethe Saints left the city, David Rogers called him to join the34th quorum of Seventy. Joshua stayed behind in Nauvooto help complete the temple after the exodus of the saintsin early 1846. He stayed behind with Wandle Mace and Orson Hyde until May when the work was finally complete.
In 1852 Joshua and his family heeded Brigham Young’s
call for all the Saints in Iowa to come to the Salt Lake Val-ley. It was a difficult decision for Joshua and Drusilla for their daughter Mary Melissa was only 6 weeks old when
they left.” 
3. The importance of Temple work.
“Joshua and Dru-
silla received their endowments and were sealed together soon after the completion of the Endowment House onTemple Square in 1855. They later performed proxy bap-tisms for their family members who had died. In additiontheir children, Orson, Mary Melissa, and Daniel also per-formed proxy baptisms after the Logan Temple was com- pleted in 1884. They set a good example for us to follow,knowing the importance of priesthood ordinances in the
Lord’s Plan.” 
4. Overcoming adversity and challenges. “
 Joshua anDrusilla had to overcome adversity in their lives. His father died when he was only 9 years old. His mother passed away when he was 19. (Drusilla was left an orphan at age12). He lost his left eye. They encountered the mob perse-cutions in Nauvoo. He and Drusilla lost two boys beforethe age of one. They pulled a hand cart 1000 miles acrossthe plains with a young family. They established a homefor their family in the desert of Utah. As I think of their lives and compare it to mine, I am grateful for their exam- ple and courage to press on and know how blessed we are
The publication compiled by Jerry Parker,
Family of Faithand Courage: Joshua and Drusilla Hartley Parker A Chro-nology 
is available on the
Dropbox, in the
“Parker files–
 Joshua folder 
or by requesting an electroniccopy from Jerry. E-email him at
.A printed copy is also available for $15 including postage.
“This is a living document,” 
Jerry stated,
“there will be ad-ditional editions made as more information is discovered.” 
Class Overviews Continued on Page 4

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