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Missing Link in Astrology

Missing Link in Astrology

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Published by rakeshmohan8
This document tries to dymystify the astrology we know so far!
This document tries to dymystify the astrology we know so far!

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: rakeshmohan8 on Jul 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Astrology Secrets Revealed;
Astrology over the years evolved into various flavors and different schools who followed enforced their application with different rules. Astrology is a divine science and it has to be simple to reveal the behavior of complex phenomenon of nature. For any newbie who likes to be aware of this science often finds astrology as acomplex study like one reading a mystery novel written by a mystery author.In this document I try to demystify the astrology and illustrate simple rules that should be obvious tobelieve. My intention is to bring more wider acceptance of astrology, not just as a tool to predict people's futurebut understand life as it is. If one is wondering how simple it will be in my explanation, let me reason out with asimple illustration; in our body we have different senses touch, taste, smell, hear, sight which reflect in differentorgans in a body but these senses are defined in the genes which are defined at birth. Here one may think geneis a complex thing to understand, yes it is this simple truth that manifests itself in a complex phenomenon.By the way, I don't claim expert in all the astrological studies nor done profound research or havepractical experience; but I am excited to reveal my thoughts as a child who discovers simple phenomenonwithout somebody's help. Also in doing so I have changed the concepts and new references that reason outperfectly with the fundamentals I have outlined.
Defining Horoscope Houses
In a horoscope there are twelve houses, it was told that first house represent body, second house wealthand so on; why do these houses represent body, wealth, courage etc. How can such complex phenomenon beclassified into 12 houses? The 12 houses in the horoscope show how the spiritualistic and materialistic interactin 12 different areas of life. These 12 houses can be broadly classified into three areas of life in our environment,personal houses where Jiva identifies with other Jiva, social houses, where where Jiva mutually shares withother Jiva and universal houses where Jiva is identified by other Jiva without his knowledge. The power or control given to Jiva by God in spiritual and materialistic nature differ in the 12 houses in horoscope. As per theAdvaita philosophy spiritual and matter exist in three levels – Bramhan (Soul level), Jiva (material life thatconnects to our soul) and Maya (the reality which is illusion that the material life connects to).The table below shows how the spiritual and matter exist in the 12 houses of the horoscope with simpleexamples that illustrate it's kartatwas in human life at three levels - Bramhan level, Jiva Level and Maya Leveland also the power of control given to Jiva (what's not it should be understood as the power is given to other tocontrol).
HouseClassificationPower of Jiva ControlBramhan(spiritual)
1PersonalSpiritual only(Bramhan)SoulBirth (life)Our sensesAppearanceBeautyBirth place2PersonalSpiritual only(Bramhan)FaithAccumulationMoralsFamilyValuesProperty3PersonalSpiritual only(Bramhan &Jiva)CourageReasonLearningSiblingsCommunicationRelatives4PersonalSpiritual only(Bramhan &Jiva)BiologicalKarmaSoulExpressionOur BodyMotherMindHome5SocialSpiritual(Bramhan)andMaterialistic(Jiva)LuckSelExpressionIntellectChildrenActivitySchools,Business6SocialSpiritual(Bramhan)andMaterialistic(Jiva)Control of SoulqualitiesServiceStrugglesCompetitorResponsibilityMoney,Weapon
7SocialSpiritual(Jiva) andMaterialistic(Bramhan)Union of SoulandPersonalitySharingPleasureSpouseAcquisitionMarriage,Bank8SocialSpiritual andMaterialistic(Bramhan &Jiva)DesiresJusticeDeathFood, sexInsuranceInheritance9UniversalOnlyMaterialistic(Bramhan)Karma for Future Births.ReligionPurity oMindTeacherPhilosophyTemple10UniversalOnlyMaterialistic(Bramhan)DestinySacrificeHonorAuthorityFigures, Father StatusGovernment,working place.11UniversalOnlyMaterialistic(Bramhan &Jiva)WishesGainsKnowledgeFriends IncomeGroups, Club12UniversalOnlyMaterialistic(Bramhan &Jiva)LiberationIgnoranceHumanityBondageQuestInstitutions,Prisons
Life Struggles – Rahu & Ketu
Rahu is the point in the horoscope where Jiva breaks the bond with Bramhan for Maya and Ketu is thepoint in the horoscope that Jiva breaks the bond with Maya for Bramhan. That's the reason Rahu is understoodas Maya karaka and Ketu as Moksha Karaka. In the process Rahu and Ketu create the imbalances betweenmatters related to the Bramhan and Maya in their houses respectively. So Rahu exaggerates the house mattersit is in and Ketu depresses the house matters it is in as the Jiva is in pursuit for material happiness and viseversa for spiritual pursuits. Often the mind (moon) urges to balance the Bramhan and Maya to what divine hasdestined for the soul (sun) that's why some often regard Rahu and Ketu as malefic planets.If one asks why this imbalances and any benefit of it? Divine has given power to Jiva to control what Hecontrols but with a little twist. Rahu in the horoscope shows where Jiva has been given the power to grab thecontrol of materialistic matters of the house from other Jiva; but has to give this materialistic power back to thehouse matters where Ketu resides. Say if one has Rahu in 10
house, Jiva has power to grab the Maya mattersof 10
house like status in career but has to give this power back to other Jiva who control the 4
house or where Ketu resides i.e. surrender to home family members or mother.Coming to Ketu, there is little difference how it manifests. Ketu in the horoscope shows where Jiva is incontrol of the Bramhan matters of the house of other Jiva but has to surrender to other Jiva's Bramhan housematters where Rahu resides. Say one has Ketu in 11
house he is in control of other people's gains but has tosurrender to the Bramhan matters of where Rahu resides i.e. give the intellect wealth to other people.
Retrograde Planets
In horoscope when the planets are retrograde the houses reference should be reversed i.e. 12
housebecomes 2
house and 2
house becomes 12
house. Rahu and Ketu which are retrograde by nature. So Rahuand Ketu gets support from the left house for Maya and Bramhan matters respectively where they reside andsuffer form the matters of right house Maya and Bramhan matters respectively to where they reside.
Zodiac – Planets
The earth revolves round the sun and it passes through twelve zodiac, stations or signs. During earth'srevolution when it passed each zodiac, the celestial phenomena reflects or governs human activity on theprinciple of "as above, so below", so that the twelve signs are held to represent twelve basic personality types or characteristic modes of expression. Planets themselves don't have any unique energy that should differ between them. But how come they are identified with different significations in the horoscopes? Planets
activate unique characteristics in human and our environment with their different gravitational forces. Fromancient times it has been defined that the zodiac signs are classified with what planets they rule because theyshowed benefic and also most influential in the matters it is defined. If in planets occupy other zodiac signs theylose their significance or act negative. Also each zodiac sign is associated with one of the elements of nature -fire, earth, air, or water.The table below shows how the Elemental nature, Zodiac signs, zodiac lords are inter-related in the horoscope.
ElementZodiac SignZodiac Lord
It will be interesting to note the planets placement in the horoscope show the areas where the Jivaexpresses the Navarasas or expressions of life as indicated in the table below. 
SunViram (Heroic mood)MoonHasyam (Laughter)MercurySringaram (Love)VenusShanta (Tranquility)MarsRaudram (Fury)JupiterKaruna (Compassion)SaturnBibhastam (Disgust)UranusBhayanak (Horror)NeptuneAdbhutam (Wonder)
The 27 Nakshatras (Nakshatra is a unit of measure in space so they represent group of star constellations in the sky) and 9 planetary bodies can be distinguished by three gunas Tamas(darkness), Rajas(dynamism) and Sattva (liberation). The Divine relationship with gunas is - Maha Vishnu rules the Sattva guna;Bramha rules the Rajas guna and Lord Shiva is rules the Tamas guna. The nakshatra is represented at threelevels and planet is represented at two levels (2
& 3rd). The missing first level in planetary body is reflected bythe zodiac lord of the planet it is occupied. The first level of gunas in Nakshatra defines what type of zodiac signrange they are in i.e. the first 4 zodiac signs are Rajas in nature (Aries to Cancer) and second 4 zodiac signs areTamas in nature (Leo to Scorpio) and last four signs are Sattva in nature (Sagittarius to Pisces). The 9 planetarybodies also show the same gunas as represented in the ruling planet of the Nakshatra.In one's life there are four basic aims or Pursharthas - 1. Dharma 2. Artha 3. Kama 4. Moksha. Thesimple meanings of these four aims are Dharma - to sustain, Artha - to seek, Kama - to want and Moksha - to

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