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Interrobang issue for Monday, September 30th, 2013

Interrobang issue for Monday, September 30th, 2013

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Published by interrobangfsu
The September 30th, 2013 issue of the Interrobang features these articles and more: Check your drinking, your body will thank you; Host of Eat St. donates to Sharing Shop; Make a lunch date with Ken Yates; London’s Lost Soul Stroll sure to be a boo-tiful time; Pokémon’s perfect evolution; Knights beef up their blue line; Whitecaps win championship, keep dream alive
The September 30th, 2013 issue of the Interrobang features these articles and more: Check your drinking, your body will thank you; Host of Eat St. donates to Sharing Shop; Make a lunch date with Ken Yates; London’s Lost Soul Stroll sure to be a boo-tiful time; Pokémon’s perfect evolution; Knights beef up their blue line; Whitecaps win championship, keep dream alive

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Published by: interrobangfsu on Sep 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Volume 46 Issue No. 6 September 30, 2013 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
every Tuesday!
10% of
Show your Fanshawe College student ID prior to purchase. Limit of one (1)transaction per student per day. Cannot be combined with any other offer.Offer valid only at the Food Basics store located at 1299 Oxford Street East,London, Ontario. Metro Ontario Inc. reserves the right to amend or terminatethis promotion without notice.
1299 Oxford St. E.London
 O x f o r dS t.E.
H    i     g   h    b    u   r    y   A    v   e   N    W    i    s   t    o   w   S    t    
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Your local Food Basics store:1299 Oxford Street East, London519-453-8510
519-453-85101299 Oxford StrYour local FoodLondonet East,
Basics store:
this promotion withouLondon, Ontario. MetrOffer valid only at thetransaction per studenShow your Fanshawe
t notice.roOntario Inc. reserves the right to amend or terminateFood Basics store located at 1299 Oxford Street East,t per day. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
College student ID prior to purchase. Limit of one (1)
 Volume 46 Issue No. 6 September 30, 2013 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
Jenelle Stanley is a second-yearstudent in FanshawesProtection, Security andInvestigation program. Shedescribes herself as short andbubbly. “I love making newfriends and socializing wheneverpossible. I’m a coffee enthusiast,and I have a passion for marinewildlife (yay, Shark Week!).1. Why are you here?
To graduate with my PSI diploma.
2. What was your life-changingmoment?
The moment I decided to move toLondon!
3. What music are you currentlylistening to?
The band City and Colour.
4. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
Always give more than you take.
5. Who is your role model?
Cristina Zenatothe.
6. Where in the world have youtravelled?
Mexico and Calgary.
7. What was your first job?
8. What would your last mealbe?
Steak and coffee.
9. What makes you uneasy?
Rude and greedy people.
10. What is your passion?
Scuba diving.
 Do you want Fanshawe to know 10Things About You? Just head onover to fsu.ca/interrobang and click on the 10 Things I Know About You link at the top.
10 Things I Know About You...
Stanley is short and bubbly
Jenelle Stanley likes her steak and coffee.
Fanshawe student Tim Lewis attends Project Play on September 22 at Fanshawe while cosplaying as a charac-ter from the anime
Attack on Titan 
Drop by theWelcome Kiosk with your answer.Five winners will be selectedfrom correct entries and
o]dd fgla^q oaff]jk Zq ]eYad&
TheWelcome Kiosk (between theBookstore and the Library) is open allyear between 8am and 4pm,Monday to Friday
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@fanshawesu Community, it’s aboutcollege! #FSUTV
@fanshawesu Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
@fanshawesu #FSUTV I’m most look-ingforward to the return of Criminal Minds!
@fanshawesu I’m excited for the newseasonofarrow. Such a good showtowatch even if you don’t knowanything about green arrow #FSUTV
@fanshawesu stats show that 83%ofpeoplewant to see HIMYM. Thismay or may not be a rough estimate.
@fanshawesu @43_Kadri Ill tell yahI’m pumped up for the NHL seasonto start #fsutv #nazemthedream#GoLeafsGo
@fanshawesu The Walking Dead#fsutv
@fanshawesu Denitely greysanatomy n the nale of breakingbad!!!#fsutv
@fanshawesu Even though thenewseasonisn’t until next year, Ican’t wait for the Doctor Who 50thanniversary and Christmas special!#fsutv
@fanshawesu I CAN’T WAIT UNTILPARKS AND REC #fsutv #lilsebastian
@fanshawesu degrasssiiiiiiiii forevermy favourite #fsutv
@fanshawesu Degrassi!! #fsutv#truecanadian
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Fri.Oct. 4
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OBS | @ 9:30 PM
Sat.Oct. 5
Field Trip toNuit Blanche, Toronto$18Students/$20Guests TicketsattheBizBooth Trivia NightOBS, 8PMFirstRunFilm–DonJon$4Students/$6GuestsVolunteerDay
LONDON VS. Windsor
$18Students/$20GuestsNEWMUSICNIGHT TheNicesta-fos&LionizePRIMEOBS | 9:30 PMPool TournamentGamesroom, 5 PMComedy NoonerPat ThorntonResidence GamesSoccer Field, 5 PMClubs DayF Hallway, 10 am - 2 PMGerry Watson Trick Pool DemonstrationGamesroom @ noonLiveMusicnoonerKenYates
 Volume 46 Issue No. 6 September 30, 2013 www.fsu.ca/interrobang/ 
Check your drinking,your body will thank you
You probably have a pretty good idea of how much alcohol youdrink in a typical week. But do youknow how much money that’s costyou or how many calories you’veconsumed in alcohol over the past12 months?Fanshawe’s Check Your Drinking campaign, which runsfrom September 30 to October 11,is meant to inform students aboutdifferent consequences of their drinking habits.Jennifer Gillespie, Fanshawe’scampus life facilitator, is organiz-ing the campaign. “We want toeducate as many people as possibleso that they can make informed choices,” she said.To do so, Fanshawe has signed up for its own Check Your Drinking survey. “It’s an anony-mous survey that students can takearound their drinking habits,”Gillespie said. “The survey asksthem some questions around their drinking habits and then at the end it will give them a report on their drinking habits and how they com- pare to people in their age bracket.”The survey results list how manycalories the respondent has con-sumed in alcohol and gives a food equivalent to those calories –for example, the total calories in theamount of drinks consumed in the past year equals 21 slices of pizza –and how much weight may have been gained from those calories. Italso lists an approximate amountof money a student has spent onalcohol and gives an example of what could have been purchasewith that money instead –such asan awesome spring break vacation.“The survey also talks aboutwhere you fit in terms of the rangeof if you’re a moderate drinker or if you’re at risk for dependence,”Gillespie said. “It gives studentsthat information so that they knowmore about their drinking habitsand how their drinking impactsthem.”The survey can be completed for yourself or for someone else, and the data will be collected to giveinsight into Fanshawe students’drinking habits as a whole. “We’ll be able to know specific informa-tion around our Fanshawe stu-dents. We’ll be able to tell the stu-dents, as the survey gathers infor-mation, how they compare to theaverage Fanshawe student.”Gillespie is spreading the word  by setting up an information tablefrom 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., in theFalcon House residence (R1 build-ing) foyer on October 1 and 9 and in F Hallway on October 2 and 8.She’ll have computers set up so passersby can complete the Check Your Drinking survey at her table –those who do will receive avoucher for a free coffee on cam- pus.Complete the survey online atfsu.ca/cyd.
Kevin Lamure's piece
All ways = the same Destination 
will be on displayat the B.O.B. in Grand Rapids, Michigan until October 6 as part of aninternational competition called ArtPrize.
Each of these glasses contains one standard drink. CheckYourDrinking.netstates that to reduce the risk of developing long-term health issues associ-ated with alcohol, women should consume no more than 10 drinks perweek, and men should not consume more than 15 drinks per week.
     $  '"""(     ,*+-"
    !      )"     +#1**#/..#.+.-   %0&
Fanshawe alumnus and currentmanager of the First NationsCentre Kevin Lamure recentlytook a short trip to Grand Rapids,Michigan. Since then, he’s got thelocals talking.Lamure, a Fine Art graduate,submitted a piece he’d finished in2005 to ArtPrize, an internationalart competition held in Grand Rapids.Artists don’t get to choose their venues, so when Lamure got a callfrom the Big Old Building(B.O.B.), a bar/restaurant, he washesitant to accept. Eventually hesaid yes to the B.O.B., but con-ducted research on the building.“In April and May 2013, twoseparate events, two 21-year-old guys died in the stairs,” he said.“They fell down the stairs drunk.”According to Lamure, it was thethird incident that’s happened since 2009. He quickly suspected the bar was using him for publici-ty. You see, his piece is an X-shaped casket.Last Tuesday, Lamure received a phone call from a reporter inGrand Rapids saying the localswere upset about his work. “Thereporter warned me, the people aregoing to make opinion comments,”he said.Because of the numerous com-ments about his piece, Lamurethought it would be best to explainand express himself in a blog post.“It’s not any disrespect to the fam-ilies, I can’t choose where my artgoes,” he said. “If I would haveknown, I likely would have beenreluctant to show my piece there.”But that’s the thing about art.“Good art is provocative it makes people think,” he said.He did explain what his piece isabout, however.“It looks like an X but what it is,is a circle. No matter who we are,what colour we are, what nationwe come from, we’re all the same.We all start in the centre of some-where. We all travel the cardinaldirections North, South, East and West, and essentially aninevitably at some point we allmeet back in the middle.”The casket he made himself, butthe handles, well... “The handlesare actually [from real caskets],”Lamure said.While you can purchase handlesfor $150 a pair, Lamure startethinking outside the box –punintended.“I found out there’s four crema-toriums in London, and I phoned around, saying, ‘I’m an artist[who’s] wondering what [you do]with the handles,’” he said.Eventually, the fourth call hemade was a success. “The fourthguy was like, ‘How many do youneed?’”Lamure was given permission totake as many he needed.“I don’t know where the handlescame from, and [from] who. It’s all just random, and that’s life ran-domness,” he said.Lamure is still in good spiritsabout the art competition, despitethe negativity surrounding his piece. “It’s a good opportunity,and I’m just happy to have my artin the U.S. for an internationalshowing.”But he hopes to be able to createmore pieces in the future. “I’m justglad to get some exposure, becausewhen you don’t get to create your art and that’s what you’re meant todo, it’s not a good feeling. You’restagnant.”
 All ways = the same Destination
will be on display until October 6at the B.O.B. in Grand Rapids. Tofind out more on Lamure and his piece, visit tinyurl.com/klamure13,and visit artprize.org for moreinformation on ArtPrize.
Caskets andcontroversy
l  e    a   r    n    m   o  r   e   @  
 F   S   U   .c    a    /   c   y   d   

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