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Assignment on Management Information Systemm

Assignment on Management Information Systemm



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Published by 2009saeed
Assignment on Management Information System...............
Assignment on Management Information System...............

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Published by: 2009saeed on Jul 06, 2009
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ASSIGNMENTCourse Title- Management Information SystemSCOPE OF WORK :Hydel-Power project comprising of four main works viz. Main Dam, Weir, Electric PowerStation and Tunnel.MATERIALS MANAGEMENT ORGANISATIONMaterials Management is defined by Fearon (1973) as ‘’The single manpowerorganisation concept embracing and planning, organizing, motivating and controlling of all those activities and personnel principally concerned with the flow of materials intoand within an organisation.’’Dean S Ammer (1969) defined Materials management as ‘’ the line of responsibilitywhich begins with the selection of supplier’s and ends when the material is delivered toits point of use.’’Above definitions differ in their emphasis on functional aspect of materialsmanagement, but they clearly denoted to activities associated with material fromacquisition to use. Functions of the materials management are not confined topurchasing and stores only. Its scope has enlarged and now includes all activates anddecision making areas concerned with acquisition and delivery of the material to thepoint of use.Materials management covers a wide scope. It includes procuring materials, theirtransportation, inventory control, storage, issuing material to various sites for use inconstruction, maintaining records and data for effective control and to provide usefulguide for future. Though it is distinct from other activities, it is closely related toplanning, design and estimating construction accounting etc.Aims of good materials management:a.Probable needs of the materials requirement can forecast within reasonablelimits of accuracy.b.Adequate quantity of the materials of the specified quality (specification) isreceived on the worksite at the appropriate time. In fact the motto of goodmaterials management is to make available right quality of material in the rightquantity at the right price at the right time.c.With the help of construction work schedule ( like bar charts, networks etc )procurement schedules are prepared for materials taking into consideration thetime required for placing orders, inspection, testing, deliveries etc.This helps inmaintaining stocks of materials to the minimum level but at the same time itavoids any hold up of construction work for want of materials.d.By maintaining proper record and analyzing them it is possible to generate usefuldata, which will serve as a guide in future.e.By studying market conditions and with the constant touch with development inthe field of materials, it is possible to (a) forecast fluctuations – availability orPage 1
otherwise, price change etc and take appropriate timely action (b) identify newsubstitute materials (c) improve upon the procurement procedures.INVENTORY CONTROL MEASURESEOQ: The quantity of order corresponding to the frequency is known as Economic OrderQuantity (EOQ). The economic order quantity on the basis of balancing the cost of opposing nature canbe worked out graphically or analytically. In the graph the total cost is rather flat in theregion of the lowest cost. This indicates that the EOQ in this region will not vary muchand as such one need not be very fastidious of the (a) working out the ordering costsand inventory carrying cost or (b) pinpointing the exact EOQ.A little variation orrounding up of either the costs or the EOQ will not have adverse effect on the totalcost. An approximation of 10-15 % may not affect the cost by more than 1 %.SITE STORAGE AND REPORTINGProper storage of material is important for the construction, and as such, an importantfunction of materials management. Storages the principal aspect of materialsmanagement and should be organized to provide maximum efficiency.On any construction work basically storage facility will be of two types:i.Open space storage where materials like sand, aggregates, stone etc. are stored. These materials are more or less stable and do not deteriorate appreciably dueto storage and / or exposure to atmosphere. They are comparatively less costly.ii.Closed storage where costly materials like cement, equipment parts etc. arestored. These have to be kept under lock and key.iii.Sometimes an intermediate type of an arrangement is also done where materialis stored in the open but the storage is enclosed by a protective fencing. This issuitable for materials like steel bars, timber scantlings, asphalt drums etc.Appropriate storage arrangements are also necessary for materials / partsfabricated on site like reinforcement bars cut and bent as per drawings, doorsand windows frames or shutters fabricated on the site, cement concrete blocksor jallies cast on site.INTEGRATED REPORTING SYSTEMSteven Alter in his book ‘’Information Systems’’ defined Integration as ‘’mutualresponsiveness and collaboration between distinct activities or process. The extentof integration between two processes or activities is related to the speed with whichone responds to events in the other. This speed depends on both the immediacy of communication and the degree to which the processes respond to the informationcommunicated. Information systems can play roles in both aspects of integration,first by supporting the communication and second by making it easier for eachbusiness process to use the information to respond effectively.’Flow chart:Flow charts are diagrams expressing the sequence and logic of procedures usingstandardized symbols to represent different types of input / output, processing and dataPage 2

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