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Installation and Configuratiuon of POSTFIX

Installation and Configuratiuon of POSTFIX

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Published by malikashfaqawan

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Published by: malikashfaqawan on Jul 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Quick Configuration of Postfix Mail server
No Reader Ratings Available? Rate It/View Comments/View All Articles submitted by hedaya alasooly Submitted Sunday, July 09, 2006
hedaya alasooly
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Postfix Configuration
This report gives idea about my work and my conclusion on my work withPostfix.
The documentation about Postfix can be found in www.postfix.org. Inthis site you can find the most helpful information to configure postfix. Butin this report I will give idea about the basic configuration without goingdeep for the moment.
Attached an explanation about how the mail is processed inside thePostfix.
The postfix that come with Redhat 9 is version 1, while a Postfixversion 2 supports a lot more functions, so my work actually is based onPostfix version 1 with its limitation.
First, it is better to build BIND server, I created the master zonelocaldomain.msft owned by my machine linux1.localdomain.msft andafter that I restarted the BIND service (service named restart).
I restarted the Postfix service, by (service postfix restart)
Then, I modified the /etc/postfix/main.cf file to have the initialconfiguration
The myhostname parameter describes the fully-qualified domain nameof themachine running the Postfix system.myhostname = linux1.localdomain.msftThe mydomain parameter specifies the parent domain of $myhostname.mydomain = localdomain.msft
The mynetworks parameter lists all networks that this machinesomehow trusts.Default (Trust SMTP clients in the IP subnetworks that Postfix isconnected to):mynetworks_style = subnetAlternatively, you can specify the mynetworks list by hand, in which casePostfix ignores the mynetworks_style setting.mynetworks =,
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Page 1of 8Quick Configuration of Postfix Mail server by hedaya alasooly hedaya24/04/2009http://searchwarp.com/swa77008.htm
The inet_interfaces parameter specifies all network interfaceaddresses that the Postfix system should listen on. The default is to listenon all active interfaces.inet_interfaces = all
The myorigin parameter specifies the domain that appears in mail thatis posted on this machine. The default is to use the local machine name,$myhostname, which defaults to the name of the machine.myorigin = $myhostname (default)
The mydestination parameter specifies what domains this machine willdeliver locally, instead of forwarding to another machine. The default is toreceive mail for the machine itself. If your machine is a mail server for itsentire domain, you must list $mydomain as well.mydestination = $myhostname localhost.$mydomain
Clients to relay mail for: By default, Postfix will relay mail for clients inauthorized networks and in authorized domains.Authorized client networks are defined by the mynetworks parameter.The default is to authorize all clients in the IP subnetworks that the localmachine is attached to.Authorized client domains are by defined by the relay_domainsconfiguration parameter. The default setting trusts clients with hostnamesbelow the domain(s) listed in mydestination.
Trouble to report to the postmaster: The Postfix system itself alsoreports problems to the postmaster alias. You may not be interested in alltypes of trouble reports, so this reporting mechanism is configurable. Thedefault is to report only serious problems (resource, software) topostmaster notify_classes = resource, software
After I make the changes, I must reload postfix (service postfix reload)
7. Example:
From: Sana@linux1.localdomain.msft, To:Sana@linux1.localdomain.msftThe email will be delivered to sana@linux1.localdomain.msftBut when I giveFrom: Sana@linux1.localdomain.msft, To: Sana@localdomain.msftThe email will not be deliveredWhen I giveFrom: Sana@linux1.localdomain.msft, To: hasooly@gov.psThe email will not be delivered.
8. Address Rewriting:
Before the cleanup daemon runs an addressthrough any lookup table, it first rewrites the address to the standarduser@fully.qualified.domain form, by sending the address to the trivial-rewrite daemon. The purpose of rewriting to standard form is to reducethe number of entries needed in lookup tables.Example
Page 2of 8Quick Configuration of Postfix Mail server by hedaya alasooly hedaya24/04/2009http://searchwarp.com/swa77008.htm
From: Sana@linux1.localdomain.msft, To: SanaThe email will be delivered to Sana@linux1.localdomain.msft
9. Canonical Address Mapping:
Before the cleanup daemon stores inbound mail into the incoming queue,it usesthe canonical table to rewrite all addresses in message envelopes and inmessageheaders, local or remote. Example,/etc/postfix/ main.cf canonical_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/canonical/etc/postfix/canonicaluserx sana@linux1.localdomain.msftusery sameera@linux1.localdomain.msftThen I have to make postmap /etc/postfix/canonical/, service postfixreload.Then I tested it,From: Sana@linux1.localdomain.msft, To: userxI see the email is delivered to sana@linux1.localdomain.msft
10. Address Masquarding:
Address masquerading is a method to hide all hosts inside a domainbehind their mail gateway, and to make it appear as if the mail comesfrom the gateway itself, instead of from individual machines. Examplemain.cf masquerade_domains = $mydomainThen I have to reload postfix. I tested itFrom: Sana@linux1.localdomain.msft, To:Sana@linux1.localdomain.msftI see the email is written to sana@localdomain.msftSubtle point: by default, address masquerading is applied only tomessage headers and to envelope sender addresses, but not toenvelope recipients. This allows you to use address masquerading on amail gateway machine, while still being able to forward mail from outsideto users on individual machines.
11. Virtual Address Mapping:
After applying the canonical and masquerade mappings, the cleanupdaemon uses the virtual table to redirect mail for all recipients, local or remote. The mapping affects only envelope recipients it has no effect onmessage headers or envelope senders. Virtual lookups are useful toredirect mail for virtual domains to real user mailboxes, and to redirectmail for domains that no longer exist. Example/etc/postfix/main.cf 
Page 3of 8Quick Configuration of Postfix Mail server by hedaya alasooly hedaya24/04/2009http://searchwarp.com/swa77008.htm

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