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15 Google Search Tips and Tricks

15 Google Search Tips and Tricks

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Published by vimpat

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Published by: vimpat on Jul 07, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Identify Local Time for Any City in the World using Google
If you want to know current local time in a particular city, use the followingmethod. To see the current local time in Los Angeles do the following. Go-ahead and try this yourself for your local city and see how it works.Syntax: time in PLACEtime Los Angeles 
Find out current time of any worldwide city
2. Exclude Keywords in the Search
If you want Google to exclude a word while searching the web page, use –(minus) before the search as shown below. This example searches for thepages which has the word ebooks, and without the word free.ebooks -free
3. Search for Keywords with Similar Meaning. Include SynonymKeywords in Search
Instead of searching for only the given word, using ~ before the keywordyou can instruct Google to search for webpages with the exact given wordor the words which has same meaning. In the following example, giving
also searches for keywords:
guide, manual, reference etc
4. Match Any Single Word in the Search Using *
While searching, if you are not sure about which keyword to be placed inthe phrase, you can match any single word using *. For example, if you want to search for examples of vim substitution, andyou are not sure whether to search for “vim editor
and replaceexamples”, or “vim editor
and replace examples”, then use * ,which will match either
find, search or any other word
: You can also match multiple words by using multiple number of *’srespectively.
5. Use OR in Google Search
Using OR operator in between the words makes the following kind of search possible in Google. Following example will search for bashexamples or bash programs.bash examples OR programs 
The keyword OR should be in uppercase
6. Identify Definition a Word
 To view the definition of a word use the following method.
Syntax: define: <word>define: tech savvy
7. Search for a Range Using ..
If you are looking for a product in a specific price range use the following.It will search for the pages with text PDA, and $400 to $450 ranged text.Syntax: text $100..$125PDA $400..$450
8. Mathematical Calculations using Google
Normally for doing the metric conversions we will be using some onlineconversion websites or conversion softwares. However just by usingGoogle search box you can do calculations, unit conversions and moneyconversions as explained below. You can use the Google search box as your scientific calculator assqrt(10)
9. Unit Conversion using Google
 The following will show the equivalent pounds for one kg.kg in poundSo when you want to know what is the equivalent pounds of kg you canview it as:
Online Unit Conversion using GoogleFollowing are few other possible conversions. Click on these link to see theresults.

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