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Appearing With Christ.

Appearing With Christ.

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CoLosaiANS 111. 4. — When Christ, who Is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Hiiu in glory.

CoLosaiANS 111. 4. — When Christ, who Is our life, shall appear, then shall ye also appear with Hiiu in glory.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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APPEARIG WITH CHRIST.BY REV. JAMES S. STOE,CoLosaiAS 111. 4. — When Christ, who Is our life, shall appear, thenshall ye also appear with Hiiu in glory.THE lessons contained in our text are many andof deep importance. They are addressed tous for our comfort and edification. They shewus privileges and give us hopes that may cheer usin our sorrows and encourage us in our difficulties.The verse is, as it were, one of those brilliant gems inthe book of light that shine out more prominentlythan the rest, and sparkle with a beauty and lustrethat the dulness of earth cannot tarnish. Couldanything be grander than this golden text : " WhenChrist, who is our life, shall appear, then shall yealso appear with Him in glory." Let us look atsome of the truths it suoforests.And one of these is the blessed fact, stated to usagain and again, of the inseparable connectionBETWEE Christ and His people.When He shall appear we shall appear with Him.He cannot enter into His kingdom but we, Hischosen ones, will enter in with Him. We are one withHim, The Scriptures continually set this truth be-fore us. Our relationship to Christ is compared tothat of a body of which He is the head and we the66 SIMPLE SERMOS O SIMPLE SUBJECTS.members. Belonging to the same individual organ-ization, we must have the same ultimate destiny.
If the head, which is Christ, enters into glory, thenwe, who are the members, will also enter into thesame glory. In another place Christ comparesHimself to a vine, of which we are the branches — solinked with Him that the one spirit pervades andruns through the whole. Hence the apostle says," He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit." Againwe are spoken of as a family — the family of God — in which Christ is our elder brother, only He is theone that sticketh closer than a brother. Thesestrong figures are confirmed by many positive state-ments. Our blessed Lord declared to His sorrowingdisciples : " If I go and prepare a place for you, IwiU come again and receive you unto myself, thatwhere I am, there ye may be also." So He prays toHis Father concerning His people that " they allmay be one ; as Thou, Father, art in Me, and I inThee, that they also may be one in Us ;" and againHe prays : " Father, I will that they also, whom Thouhast given Me, be with Me where I am." Theapostles never lose sight of this important doctrine.' There is now no condemnation to them which arein Christ Jesus," because He is free from all con-demnation, and we are in Him. We are buriedwith Christ in baptism. We are raised with Christ jn His resurrection. We shall sit down with ChristAPPEARIG WITH CHRIST. 67at the glorious marriage supper spoken of in the Re-velation.But all these figures and declarations are summedup in the brief sentence of our text. There theapostle states that Christ is our life. As in thebody and the vine, the one life flows through it all,sustaining and invigorating it, so the one life — eter-nal life — which is in Christ, is the life of our souls
 — the first principle of all our actions. He is thebread of life — our heavenly food. Spiritually andby faith we feed upon His flesh and blood. Thuswe are incorporated with Him. Thus we live andmove in Him and have our being. There can be noseparation of us from Him without injury to thewhole.The comfort this blessed truth can give is ines-timable. Many a poor trembling, tempest-tossedsoul is sustained in its weakness and distress by thethought that it is Christ's. There are no terrorsthat Satan may threaten us with, no sorrows thatan envious world may cause us, that can possiblyoverwhelm us in utter despair so long as we havesuch a foundation truth as this to rest upon. Wemay be secure on this rock. We may bid defianceto the wildest storm. We may stand undaimted atthe roar and fury of the mighty breaking billows.Temptations may assault us ; tribulation may almostrend our heart ; sin may cast us level with the dust,but they cannot prevail. We are Christ's. Whether"68 SIMPLE SERMOS O SIMPLE SUBJECTS.we live or whether we die we are the Lord's. Inthe day of prosperity or in the day of adversity stillthere is no change — the God of Israel changeth not,and those who are His shall never perish. What aglorious hope for the Christian ! Well might goodold Rowland Hill sing on his dying bed :" And when I'm to die, ' Receive me ' I'll cry,For Jesus hath loved rae, I cannot tell why ;But this I do find — we two are so joined.He'll not be in heaven and leave me behind."o ! " Even when we were dead in sins, God

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