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The Life of Christ.

The Life of Christ.

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Published by glennpease

Galatiass II. 20. -" I live ; yet not I, but Christ livetli in me."

Galatiass II. 20. -" I live ; yet not I, but Christ livetli in me."

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Galatiass II. 20. -" I live ; yet not I, but Christ livetli in me."^jHE perpetual presence of Christ with His peo-^ pie is assured them by the Master's last wordsto the Apostles, " Lo I am with you alway."Wherever they might be, or in whatever circum-stances placed, their Lord was with them. Whetherit were in prayer or worship — " where two or threeare gathered together in my name there am I inthe midst of them ; " or in distress and tribulation — " when thou passest through the waters I will bewith thee ;" or in doubt and anxiety — " I will guidethee with Mine eye: " — in all the changes and wantsof life the promise ever was, " I will never leavethee nor forsake thee." So that God's people inview of this assured presence might say with David" I will fear no evil : for Thou art with me," and bebold in the fact that "the Lord is nigh unto all themthat call upon Him, to all that call upon Him intruth."But the Apostle in my text leads us oh to ahigher and more glorious truth than even this. Hedeclares that Christ is our very life. " I live : yetnot I, but Christ liveth in me." There is somethingiijore than mere presence. There is indwelling life.THE LIFE OF CHRIST. 133So that Christ is not only with His people, guarding,guiding and hearing them, but He is in them — Heis the living principle, the actual source of spirituallife. Let us, dear reader, look a little at the na-ture of this Indwelling Presence and Life of Christ.And the first thing we may observe of it is, thatit is a Personal Life.
Life could not be otherwise than personal. Yetmany people speak of spiritual life as general. Theypartake of it in general with the whole Church.They would rather say " we live " than " I live " — rather look upon the whole as living than a part.The consequence of this is, Christ is no more to usindividually than a king is to the great mass of hissubjects. They indeed feel the benefit of his justlaws and efficient administration, but they knownothing of him personally. Christ must be farmore to us than this. He must not be merely ageneral influence but a personal life, so that eachone of us may say, " Christ liveth in me." This isthe doctrine which is taught us in the Sacramentof the Lord's Supper ; there is an individual parti-cipation of the elements which symbolize ourspiritual sustenance — an individual commemorationof the sacrifice of Christ's death.The personal life of Christ in His people must betaken in a literal sense. We may not rob our textof its plain and natural force. All mankind derives134 SIMPLE SERMOS O SIMPLE SUBJECTS.its animal life from Adam. The vital germ plantedin him by the Creator is ditfused throughout thewhole human family. The life which is now in uswas once in Adam, so that we may say in a sensethat Adam lives in us. ow if Adam's life in us beactual and real, Christ's far more so : for Adam isdead but Christ is living — Adam's life is transmittedto lis through many generations, but Christ's byimmediate, personal contact with the soul. Toanimate a mass of matter so that it shall live asman, the life of Adam must be imparted to it : toanimate the soul so that it may live unto God thelife of Christ must be imparted to it ; so that in thebody we have an animal life and in the soul aspiritual life. This is the meaning of our Lord'swords to ISicodemus, "Ye must be born again." Thefii'st birth, that of the body, from Adam, must besupplemented by the second birth, that of the soul,from above. The natural man may then say : "Ilive in the life transmitted to me from Adam," and
the spiritual man may say with St. Paul, "I live ;yet not I, but Christ liveth in me."The question may be asked how is this spirituallife imparted to the soul ? An answer is very simple.It is by the mind. The soul is reached by the mind.An intelligent appreciation of the truth as it is inJesus — a mental grasping of the fact of His work and our condition — is the channel by which life isgiven to the soul. The reason must be exercised.THE LIFE OF CHRIST. 135Hence the scripture says " We are born again bythe word of God " because that word is addressedto our mind, and through it, by the help of the HolySpirit, reaches our soul. In this sense it is called" quick i.e. living and powerful." And this beingthe mode of imparting life it is evident that it mustbe personally apprehended. The individual him-self must " lay hold on eternal life." "The effectualfervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much "for the benefit of his brother, but his faith availethnothing for the justification of another. So that inprayer we may say " Our Father " but in faith it is" I believe." A personal faith leading each one of us individually to the Saviour is the secret of thispersonal life. There must be a personal death untosin, so that there may be a personal resurrectionunto righteousness. With this personal life theChristian may speak of himself and the Redeemerto the exclusion of everyone else. St. Paul couldsay " I am the chief of sinners," " but I obtainedmercy." There is no one between us and theMaster. It is a close relationship. We are onewith Him, because His life is our life. Our deadsouls live because He has given them life. It iswell for us to see that we have this indwelling per-sonal life. Am I " a new creature in Christ Jesus ?"Can I say with St. Paul, " Christ liveth in me." If we cannot speak of this life as ours, then we know13G SIMPLE SERMOS O SIMPLE SUBJECTS.

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