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The Blessings of Faith.

The Blessings of Faith.

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Published by glennpease

Romans XV. 13:— "Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in
belie\nng, that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost. "

Romans XV. 13:— "Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in
belie\nng, that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost. "

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Romans XV. 13:— "ow the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace inbelie\nng, that ye may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Ghost. "OME would tell us that there is nothing inChristian faith—that it is only a superstition — a legacy of the ignorance of unenlightenedtimes. They would destroy that faith, and show ushow unreasonable it is, and how degrading to manto hold it. But the fact meets such here that menare sinners, and he who has a keen consciousness of sin, and is convinced that sin has its own reward,will naturally seek some way of escape. The samelaw that will induce the sick man to go to thephysician will compel the sinner to seek some remedyfor the disease that is destroying his very soul. Andwhat remedy shall he take ? Expenence tells us thatthe world has no remedy. Experience tells us thatscience and advanced thought cannot heal a sin-sick soul. And experience further tells us that we can-not cure ourselves. o ; but Christianity says," Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt besaved." This is the remedy that the Word of Godproposes. It has been tried, and never known to fail.It is the only thing in heaven or in earth that canmeet the want of the awakened sinner, or that can178 SIMPLE SERMOS O SIMPLE SUBJECTS.satisfy the longings of the contrite heart. I shallendeavour to show how true this is. I shall showthat there is something in Christian faith — that itis not an idle superstition — or anything less than agift from above to poor fallen man.As a proof of this, our text states that there is joy,and peace, and hope, in believing. At the same time,we are reminded that these blessings come fromGod, and that they abound in us through the power
of the Holy Ghost. We must, therefore, never for-get to give God the glory. He gives us faith, andwith the faith He gives us joy, and peace, and hope.Let us, then, in the first place, look at the JoyTHERE IS I Believing.The religion of the Lord Jesus is peculiarly areligion of joy. We are commanded to "rejoice ever-more." "Kejoice in the Lord alway," says St. Paul," and again I say, Rejoice." " Let thy saints," ex-claims David, " shout for joy." There is no roomfor sadness in faith. We may be, as the apostle said," sorrowful," and yet should we always rejoice.There are, it is true, times 1 when the spirit isbowed down with anguish, yet even then there is abright side to the dark cloud. We have One towhom we can unburden'our sorrows. We have Onein whom we can confide, on whom we can rest. Wehave one who will sympathize with us, and 'go withus into the darkness of tribulation, into the valley of the shadow of death. The very consciousness that weTHE BLESSIGS OF FAITH. 179have such a Friend as this is enough to make ourhearts rejoice ! There are times, too, when tempta-tion is almost irresistible. Sin stands before us inmost alluring form, appealing to our strongest pas-sion. We are, as the poor bird under the fascinatingpower of the serpent, unable to escape. We knowthedano-er — we know that death lurks beneath thosepoisonous fangs. Oh, that we might ever hear inthat awful moment the words of the Apostle," Believe — believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shaltbe saved!" He has power to save us from tempta-tion. He can pluck us out of the mouth of the ser-pent of sin. He can impart almighty strength tous in the moment of weakness. The faith that canlay hold of this glorious truth must fill us with joyand gladness. In temptation and in sorrow He cansave. " When thou passest through the waters Iwill be with thee ; and through the rivers they shallnot overflow thee : when thou walkest throughthe fire, thou shalt not be burned ; neither shall theflame kindle upon thee." There is unspeakable joy
in believing that blessed promise.And who can deny the joy that thrills the soul of the repentant sinner when by faith he beholds Christas his Saviour ? He sees the sin. It drags him tothe dust. It paralyzes his very spirit with anguishand woe. There is death before him. The billowsof the sea of wrath are roaring for their prey. Aneternity of misery dawns upon him. The sure180 SIMPLE SERMOS O SIMPLE SUBJECTS.vengeance of an offended God prepares to break upon him. Then comes the cry — louder than thestorm's wild thunder — " Wliat must I do to besaved ? " It pierces the clouds of condemnation — it reaches heaven's high throne — it brings its ownreply : " I am with thee to save thee, and. to deliverthee, saith the Lord." And what says the poor sin-ner ? " Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief."Is there not joy in that faith ? A brand pluckedfrom the burning — a sinner saved from the jaws of eternal death — a whole life of iniquity blotted outby an act of grace — no joy, no gladness in believingthis ? Ask those who have this faith. Ask thosewho have been alone with Jesus at the foot of theCross. Ask those who on the verge of death's coldflood, are yet full of joy, ready to burst into songsof praise at the glorious prospect before them.Whence their joj^ ? Whence the joy that makes gladthe Christian, wherever he may be, in life or in death ?Most certainly in nothing else than in the faith hehas in his Lord and Master. What is sin to him — what cares he whether there be a hell — what isdeath ? He believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, andwhosoever believes in Him shall be saved. That isenough. The sinner may well be glad.There is in Europe an order of Monks, the rulesof which denounce mirth and joy. The members of of that community are immured for life in dark,gloomy cloisters. They observe perpetual silence.

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