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The Guidance of God.

The Guidance of God.

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Psalm xxxvii. 23.—" The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,"

Psalm xxxvii. 23.—" The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,"

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Psalm xxxvii. 23.—" The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,"LL people have not t?ie same faith. In oneperson faith is strong, in another it is weak.ay, in the same individual it changes :to-day it is firm and unwavering, to-morrow it isdoubtful and questioning. Perhaps in nothingmore do we perceive these degrees of faith than inourselves or in others when the Providence of Godis concerned. One man sees the hand of God ineverything he does, no matter how small it may be.Another only sees God in the great affairs of life.The Psalmist was one who firmly believed that Godoverruled everything that concerned His people.Even "the steps" — the daily life — the little things — " of a good man are ordered by the Lord." Hehas laid out the way in which we are to go — Heleads us in that way — He guides us unto the end.If our faith were only strong enough to take in thisblessed truth, it would remove much of the burdenof care and anxiety that oftentimes rests upon us.Surely we have all need to pray, " Lord, increaseour faith." Let us then see how true is the state-ment of our text — how easily it may be shown thatGod does indeed direct the way of His people.THE GUIDACE OF GOD. 191" The steps of a good man are ordered by theLord." This is proved, in the Jirst place, by the factthat God rules all things, both great andSMALL.He is the sovereign Ruler of the universe. He isthe Lord of all. othing is exempt from Hisauthority. The bright worlds that wend their wayamid the depths of the unfathomable space moveonly at His bidding, and in accordance with His
laws. The sun casts its glory across the silent soli-tude, and touches planet, moon, and star with goldenlight at His command. The blazing comet beatswith fiery speed along a path laid out by the GreatCreator through the trackless heavens. We knowthat some power must rule those bodies, vast andmighty though they be. We know, too, that somepower rules this earth on which we live. Day andnight, summer and winter, seed time and harvest,come with too great regularity to admit of chance.The waters of the boundless ocean, we are told, arein the hollow of his hand. He sends forth thestorm that crowns the wild billows with snow-whitefoam. At His command the winds cease, the ragingsea is stilled. He is Lord of that mighty wilder-ness. So is He Governor among the nations. Heraises up a people to great glory and honour : againHe scatters the inhabitants of the earth. He makesa land to flow with milk and honey : again He laysit bare, and brands it with desolation. In all the192 SIMPLE SERMOS O SIMPLE SUBJECTS.great things of the world and of the universe wesee the finger of God. They come into existence,they move and fulfil their ofiice at His bidding.Surely it is hard to doubt that which is plain toeveryone who cares to see it.And if God thus controls the great things, havewe not a reason for maintaining that He also con-trols the little things ? There is a little rill tricklingdown the mountain side. It is but a thin silverthread amid the green mossy rocks. But, as it dashesalong, other little rills join their little streams withit, and it grows bigger and bigger till it reaches thevalley and becomes a brook. And brooks flowinginto each other make rivers. And the river broad-ens and grows deeper as it pours along towards thesea, and joins its waters with the waters of manyother rivers that fill the great ocean bed. God'slaw reaches those little mountain rills so that theyall struggle to reach the sea. And behold anotherevidence of His power, though they are foreveradding to the sea, yet the sea never overflows its
appointed bounds. And why ? Because yon brightsun is drawing up those ocean waters in smallminute drops, and these drops are gathered intoclouds, and the winds waft them back over the land,and they are discharged in refreshing showers andfertilizing rains. Mountain rills are small things,and drops of vapour are smaller still, and yet theyare under laws as truly made by God as are theTHE GUIDACE OF GOD. 193laws that control the boundless space. or couldGod rule the greater things of His kingdom with-out ruling the lesser things. The great ones aremade up of little ones. The ocean is but a vastmass of little globules. Even the earth itself is buta conglomeration of atoms, and great as it seems tobe to us, it is, when compared with the mighty uni-verse, both small and insignificant. If the littlethings were not controlled so as to be combined intogreat things there could be no great things, andconsequently, where we now see perfect order andmarvellous grandeur, all would be anarchy andconfusion.The same guiding power is evident in the animalworld. Its teeming wonders abundantly proclaimthe one great truth. All are in God's mind. Thegiant elephant roaming amid Indian forests is notmore the object of His care than the fragile hum-ming bird that darts about our gardens, or theshort-lived gnat that plays in the evening shadebeneath the river willows, or the minute animalculewhose tiny world lies hid within a little drop of water. These are all accomplishing the work laidout for them by God. They move as regularlywithin their sphere as the hosts of heaven move inthe mysterious orbits made for them by theAlmighty Creator. And when we think of thissurely we cannot doubt that God rules all things,both great and small.194 SIMPLE SERMOS O SIMPLE SUBJECTS.

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