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Glorious Body.

Glorious Body.

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BY Clement Reginald Tollemache

Philippians iii. 21.
BY Clement Reginald Tollemache

Philippians iii. 21.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GLORIOUS BODY.BY Clement Reginald TollemachePhilippians iii. 21.The words refer to our Lord's Body.j ow, theIncarnation — ^by which " great mystery of godliness "the Body of onr Lord came to be the eternal habitationof His Ghodhead — ^is the source of every blessing tous. Through "the Man Qirist Jesus" came theblessings of healing to the bodies and of grace to thesouls of His brethren.That God should take to Himself a Body in thewondrous mystery of the Annunciation and of Christ-mas, that He should weep, and be weary, and suffer,and die, in that body, is our Lenten mystery; butthat He should make that Human Body a " GloriousBody,'' this is our Easter "mystery of the Gospel;"that as we share His sufferings, so we should shareHis Besurrection Glory, this is our Easter promise :a further &ct, another triumph in the History of theBody of Jesus. Easter, then, is the Forty Days of 89" His Glorious Body," as Lent was the Porty Days of His Suffering Body.""GHorious Body." Some change doubtless took place in the Body of the Bedeemer while It lay in thegrave, not a visible change it may be, though we are
told the disciples did not always know Kim after theBesurrection, and the Magdalene thought He was thegardener. It rose the same and yet a different Body ;there were the same wounds in the Hands and Feet,and the same rent in the Side pierced by the spear.But that Body that could leave the Tomb with unbrokenseals, and come in the midst of the disciples while thedoors were locked, was no longer subject to pain, ordisease, or hunger, or death, or any like laws whichgovern our bodies on earth, for It was a " GloriousBody."ow, there is something told us about our Lord'sRisen Life on earth in " His Glorious Body " which Iwant to speak of After the Besurrection He onlyrevealed Himself to His disciples, and " not to all thepeople." Only to His chosen ones did He speak of the things pertaining to the kingdom of Heaven, eventhe Church Catholic — ^Qod's kingdom of Grace. Whyso ? It was because His mission to the world wasover. He was now going to leave a number of mento carry on the new work He had begun. He wouldleave to certain among them — ^His Apostolic Priest-hood — rules for the government of His Church.What is that Church called in Holy Scripture ? Sheis called the " Body of Christ." " We being many90are one Body in Christ." " We are all baptized intoone Body.*^ " We are members of His Body, of HisFlesh and His Bones." See how our dear Lordidentifies all the baptized with Himselfl He callsthem His Body ; " Ye are the Body of Christ," saysSt. PauL So He speaks of " the Church which is His
Body, the fulness of TTim who filleth all in all." Seethen how necessary the Incarnation is to us ! First,GK)d must take on "FTim our Body in order to save us.Again, after taking that Body, and bringing us intoHis Church, He calls that Church « His Body" too.ot only so. He did not merely take human fleshand make it His Body. He did not merely transplantus by Baptism into His Church, and make that HisBody too, but He has made Himself necessary to usin a further blessing and mystery, " He took Breadand blessed and brake it, and said. Take, eat, this isMy Body." The Blessed Sacrament then is HisBody continually renewed to us in " The Holy Churchthroughout the World."How then does the Eesiu'rection of our Lord bearon this ? It is thus : the Body which He took of theBlessed Virgin, the Body mystical which He madewhen He ordained His Church, the Body which Hemade in the Holy Eucharist, is made a " Q-loriousBody " by the Eesurrection. Out of the old curse," Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return," theHuman Body asserts in the risen Saviour its claim tothe glorious Eesurrection ordained for it of old. It isthat, out of the old curse, " In the sweat of thy fece91thou shall eat bread/' the Body of the baptized israised to " labour not for the meat which perisheth,but for that meat which endureth unto everlastinglife." It is that each member of that Body is amember of Christ; aye, that each member of suchmember — ^the hand, and the foot, and the tongue, andthe eye — are Christ's, to be raised out of Satan's serviceto work for Christ. It is that the com, which once

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