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Bộ đề thi học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh lớp 9

Bộ đề thi học sinh giỏi tiếng Anh lớp 9

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Published by nguyenanhmai

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Published by: nguyenanhmai on Sep 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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®Ò thi chän ®éi tuyÓn anh 9n¨m häc 2007 - 2008.( Thêi gian : 150 phót - kh«ng kÓ giao ®Ò)-------------------------------------
A. phonetics - grammar - Vocabulary:Question I: Choose the word that has the underlined parts pronounceddifferently from the others (5p):
1. A. photoB. belowC. wonderD. lotus2. A. forestB. resortC. reasonD. visit3. A. healthB. speakC. eachD. seat4. A. thirstyB. guitarC. dirtyD. listen5. A. sundeckB. gardenC. weekendD. event
Question II. Choose the words that has different stress pattern from theothers (5p):
1. A.accomplishB. examineC. imagineD. chemistry2. A. desireB. mountainC. plateauD. constant3. A. industryB. interestC. suburbD. equality4. A. medicineB. decideC. distanceD. patient5.AarrangementB. relationshipC. scientistD. improve
Question III. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence(10p):
1. ........... he comes in half an hour, we shall go aloneA. BecauseB. IfC. UnlessD. When2. I don’t believe a word she says , I think she ............... .A. liedB. I layingC. is telling lieD. is lying3. .................., a bat sends out a series of signals, which bounce off any object in itspath.A. When in flyingB. While it isflyingC.When they areflyingD. Once flying4. Mr John does not know ................. the lawn mover after they had finished using it .A. where did theyputB. where they didputC. where they putD. where toput5. The .............. noise startled the woman .A. frightened B. frightenC. frighteningD. fright6. Jack’s shoes are very dirty . They need ..............A. cleaning B. cleanerC. to cleanD. clean7. His pronunciation causes me a lot of .................. .A. difficultiesB. difficultC. difficultyD. difficultly8. We lived in that ................ on the corner.A. old house brick small .C. small old brick houseB. brick small oldhouse.D. house brick smallold
9. ............. around us gives us vital information about our environmentA. The sounds are heard.C. Hearing the sounds .B. That the hearing of sound.D. What ever the sounds are heard .10. He took his seat quietly ,............ .A. in order that not to disturb theirconversation.C. in order not disturb theirconversation .B. so as to disturb theirconversationD. so as not to disturb theirconversation .
QuestionIV: Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence thatneeds correcting(10p).
1. I suggested that you taking his advice to treat your cough.A B C D2.Even though studying hard, he failed his exam last year.A B C D3.The pollution of the sea can be the result of careless or dumping of waste.A B C D4. If today is Sunday, we would have a lot of fun at the camping.A B C D5. She apologized for being many rude to me.A B C D6.The children were playing lastnight outdoor when it began to rain hard.A B C D7.The bridge was hitting by a large ship during a sudden storm last week.A B C D8.Eventhough she looks very young, she is twice older than my twenty - year - oldsister.A B C D9.One of the most urgent problem, facing us now is the need to control populationgrowth.A B C D10.Tom has not completed the assignment yet, and Maria hasn’t, neither.A B C D
Question V. Provide the correct form of the words given (10p):
The environment - our responsibility 
These days it is (0).
..... to open a newspaperwithout reading about the damage we are doing to theenvironment. The earth is being (1) ............. and the futurelooks bad . What can each of us do ?We can not clean up our (2) .............. rivers and seasovernight. Nor can we stop the(3) .............. of plants and animals. But we can stop adding tothe problem while (4)............... search for answers, and lawsare passed in nature’s (5) .................... .It may not be easy to change your lifestyle (6) ..................,but some steps are easy to take : cut down the amount of 
0. possible1. threat2. pollution3. appear4. science5. defend6. complete7. drive8. house9. decide
(7).............. ...you do, or use as little plastics as possible .It is also easy to save energy, which also reduces(8)................ bills . We must all make a personal(9)................ to work for the future of our planet if we want to(10)............... a better world for our grand - children .
10. sureB. reading :Question VI : Choose the word or phrase which best completes each blank inthe following passage(10p):
My home is in the air - I do an enormous amount of travelling . It is a fast life and(1)........ of work , but I like it and that is the only way (2)............. me .Everything is tiring - music, travelling- but what can I do ? I am not (3).......... tocomplaining . It is hard to imagine now (4)........... I will ever be very long in one place .My home town is on the Caspian Sea . There is sea, wind, sun, and (5).......... manytourists and hotels . I have my own flat with four or five rooms , but I am seldomthere . If I am there for a day or two I prefer to (6).......... with my mother andgrandmother . They live in a small house , (7)......... it is very comfortable and mymother cooks for me . I like good, simple food.I have no wife , no brothers or sisters and my father (8).......... when I was seven .He was an engineer and I don’t (9)......... him very well . He liked music very much andwanted me to(10).......... a musician.1. A. mostB. fullC. completeD. more2. A. for B. toC. inD. by3. A. wantedB. takenC. usedD. known4. A. andB. soC. whileD. that5. A. farB. tooC. muchD. more6. A. stayB. goC. doD. spend7. A. butB. sinceC. evenD. which8. A. killedB. goneC. passedD. died9. A. knowB. rememberC. remindD. see10. A. becomeB. turnC. developD. grow
Question VII: Read the passage and choose the best answer (10p):
Man discovered fire many thousands years ago . The first time he saw fire wasprobably when a tree was struck by lightning . He soon learned how to make fire forhimself . However man probably made his fire by rubbing two sticks together.Fire was very important to man . He needed fire to keep himself warm at night . Heused fire to cook his food . He used fire to frighten away enemies and wild animals . Insome parts of the world he used fire to signal messages. Red Indians, for example ,used fire to make smoke signals . In some other countries people lit fires to warn theirfriends of danger.Fire was very also used to give light . Before the invention of oil lamp, men usedburning sticks as torches . And before man discovered gas and electricity , he hungsmall fires in wire baskets from posts to light the streets .One man even used fire to tell the time . He invented a candle clock . He made acandle that took exactly twelve hours to burn . Then he marked this candle in twelveequal parts . He lit the candle and could tell the time by counting the number of parts

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