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Forever Always

Forever Always

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Published by Kholmann Portre
Things I've learned in my travels.
Things I've learned in my travels.

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Published by: Kholmann Portre on Jul 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Today is the echo of forever. My life has passed in the twinkling ofan eye. When I pass beyond the tombstone itwill be like turning apage of a book.
 I stand on the edge of the yawning abyss, looking down I see theriver far below threading it's way through a tortured and twistedcanyon. It is dark there, deep and mysterious, as old as time itself.The river is like a thread of pure silver but silent, cold and lonelyseeking its way to an unknown destiny.Like the river, I too must move on, my love waits, my destiny calls.I must take to flight and sail the solar winds onward, foreveronward. I spread my wings and rise to the gentle breeze . I havecame so far, but I am so weary and so far to go, so very far.Gently your memory touches me and in my mind I see you. I feelyour thoughts, your love, your strength. Your smiling face rides onmy memory like sea birds on an evening breeze. Gentle, effortless,calling me, touching me. Your love gives me strength as I feel thecool night air gently slide silently by. Your thoughts brush my skinand kiss my cheek with the softness of a lovers touch on a moonlitsummer shore.forever always
Eastward, to the rising sun and dawns early twilight, I see thestars fading into the iridescence blue of the newborn day. I feel theshadow of night lifted from my very soul. To the distant I hear thecall of the hawk, circling, hunting, calling to it's mate.Silently, alone I crouch and watch the crimson orb creep into thepale blue sky, pushing the darkness away and bringing peace andtranquility with it. I stand and face the restless sea and watch theflash of green as the golden sun swings through it's prizmadic path.Your thoughts are with me always as I travel. Sometimes I feel yourlips brush my mine, soft and gentle like a butterfly on an Augustrose. Your thoughts are soft, and gentle like summer rain. Withyour love guiding me and caring, always caring, I travel on, each daythe distance grows shorter. Soon, my love, so very soon.Forever always
When you are all alone and the world sets heavy on your shoulders,with loneliness eating away at your very soul. When all is lost andsadness reigns supreme. When what you love is lost and goneforever and your heart is broken in a thousand pieces, with tearsflowing like a babbling brook, if you are very quiet you can hear thegods laughing.
I travel west on gentle winds soaring high through the crystal whiteclouds to a blazing light of the silver sun.The sky is dark and endless, below I see the brilliant whiteness ofthe massive clouds stretching out to the endless horizon. I see thebrilliant flashes as massive lightning bolts rip the tranquil clouds intotortured and tumultuous shapes.I feel the empty ache of loneliness stab at my heart. I miss youterribly and I feel your thoughts stirring my soul, in the back of mymind I feel you. I can feel your touch, your smiling face.The fragrance of you floating to me on gentle winds, touching me,holding me, guiding me with your love.So far, so very far, but soon my love. Tomorrow will be better, eachday brings us closer. Soon, my love, so very soon.Forever alwaysOnce again I spread my wings and rise to the eastern wind, up totouch the lazy clouds on a summers day.

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