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The History of Banking Asian - Final Presentation Part 2

The History of Banking Asian - Final Presentation Part 2

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Published by Kim Beckett
The History of Banking Asian
The History of Banking Asian

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Published by: Kim Beckett on Sep 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The following information is gathered over a couple of years talkingto people with unique and personal experience in the secret servicepart of World Finance.We also gained access to and trust from some old people who for the last 50 years have lived very simple lives in hiding. All the whilecontrolling Key accounts and Gold certificates upon which theModern Banking world once was built starting a long time ago.This is their version of History. It is a simplified story of good versusevil but as we all know its usually never quite that simple. Battlesand it’s players are much more complicated and most of it in a Grayarea somewhere between what is right & what is wrong. Regardless,we deem it important information for anybody who whishes to knowwere the world is heading financially and how we actually got towhere we are today. We welcome additional input too.There are important choices to be made in the future.
The History of Banking
+ were did King Solomon’s treasure go?
 An Asian perspective
Solomon930 BC
It starts with KingSolomon inJerusalem around930 B.C. A verysuccessful King whoamasses hugewealth. EspeciallyGold.He has some 600wives & concubinesand thousands of kids.Considering that, heknows his country willfall apart after hisdeath and selectsone of his mosttrusted wives, QueenShaba or Balquish, toprotect the assets,bloodline andtraditions.
History of world Banking

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