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Proposed Research Topic

Proposed Research Topic

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Published by Affo Alex

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Published by: Affo Alex on Sep 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Proposed research topic:
Background to the Study
Recently, there has been a growth of social networking sites right before the
eyes.Sites like Friendster, Myspace, High5 and the latest, Facebook, have users glued to thecomputer screen typing away comments and messages to friends and relatives. The term
networking site” brings the meaning of a medium in the Worl
d Wide Web thatconnects anyone with the purpose to socialize. The users range from primary schoolchildren to even senior citizens of 50 years and above. Throughout the years, other than tosocialize, it has been proven useful in so many ways, catering to health, social, and now even for educational purposes.There have been studies done to test and see whether the social networking site, Facebook 
correlates to students’ grades and performance in their academic achievement. Some
of these studies are proven
true, that there is a connection between students’ grades and their
 usage of Facebook but researchers are unsure whether it is a good correlation or not.And as of late, it is seen that nowadays, not only students use the social networking site,Facebook, but their lecturers as well. Some of them use for personal reasons; while othersand most of them too, use Facebook as a way to connect to their students online. Lecturersand
students’ meetings are now held in the virtual world, no longer practiced in th
e realworld. This way is of course easier and faster and much more interesting, but that is not allFacebook has to offer. It provides users with games to play, and socializing purposes arebelieved to be the main reason why students have a Facebook account. Thus, having anaccount can be useful for education purposes but it can cause a big distraction. Studentscan get easily addicted to it, which leads to the act of procrastination and later, delay of submission of assignments.Moreover, this resear
ch not only focuses on the students’ point of view, but the lecturers
aswell. There are lecturers who are known to use Facebook regularly with their students andas educators; the researcher would like to find out their personal views on this issue, as they are the ones who are responsible in shaping their students to become better and responsiblestudents.This research on such issue may seem unimportant, but addiction to Facebook may lead tounnecessary bad consequences, and students and educators need to see this and address thisproblem before it gets worse.
The statement(s) of the Research Problem
 This study will mainly focus on investigating whether there are significant effects of the
usage of Facebook on students and lecturers’ performance in the e
ducation environment.
Research Objective
The study will seek to pursue the under listed objectives:
To know whether Facebook can assist students in improving their academic studies
To find out whether Facebook provide educational benefits to both students andlecturers
To seek the rate of importance of the social networking site towards the students andlecturers
The Research Question(s)
 In order to fulfill the objectives of the research, there are questions that are important tofind answers for, and they area.
Is there a significant improvement in students’ academic achievement when using
Facebook regularly?b.
What are the educational outcomes of the usage of Facebook?
How important is this social networking site towards students and lecturers?
 The research hypotheses
Based on the objectives and questions posed, the following hypotheses have been advised to guide the study and to prove the validity at the end of the research:a.
The usage of Facebook does help improve students’ learning habits and thus, their
academic achievement.b.
There are educational outcomes from using Facebook.c.
It is a must to sign up for the social networking site as it is very important forstudents and lecturers to use.
Definition of terms
There are two categories of definition regarding the research, which are constitutive andoperational.
Constitutive definitions: -
Facebook: a social networking site created by Mark Zuckerberg,an American computer programmer and entrepreneur.
Social network: a social structure made of individuals (or organizations) called "nodes,"which are tied (connected) by one or more specific types of interdependency, such asfriendship, kinship, financial exchange, dislike, sexual relationships, or relationships of beliefs, knowledge or prestige.
Operational Definitions: -
Social networking site: A website where everyone can create anaccount and get to know people from all over the world, and serves many purposes such asbusiness conferences, socializing, and education.
 Scope of the study
 This study is limited to the students and lecturers of the Accountancy Department of C. Poly only. Thus, the result of the research cannot be generalized for other students of otherdepartments or other universities.
Significance of the study
 The research would be of great importance to lecturers, students and guardians withregards to the positives and negatives of using social networking sites for education.
Literature Review
Literature search to be conducted to explore key related theories and concepts on somebehavioral trends linked with the use of using social networking sites, to provide the basesfor the study. Relevant articles and other research studies that have direct bearing on thestudy would be reviewed.
 The Research Methodology
This chapter will discuss on the research design, the method of data collection, sample andsampling, and the methods of data processing.Sampling method - Random sampling method would be selected by applying chit methodSample size - The sample size will be dependent on the sampling method.Research design - This study will use the research design of experimental and survey research. The reason for this is because this research would like to focus on the conditionsof students and lecturers when using Facebook and the aftermath, thus making itexperimental and the ways on finding out the results will be done through interviews andobservation, thus classifying it under survey research.

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