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N0W we believe ^ not because of thy saying, for we have heard
him ourselves^ and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour
of the world, * ' — John iv . 42.

N0W we believe ^ not because of thy saying, for we have heard
him ourselves^ and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour
of the world, * ' — John iv . 42.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Sep 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CA WE BE SURE?BY J. L. CAMPBELL, D.D.,0W we believe ^ not because of thy saying, for we have heardhim ourselves^ and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviourof the world, * ' — John iv . 42.We are to consider to-night a subject of thegreatest importance. Can we know with any de-gree of positive certainty that the Bible is of God,and that its teachings are absolutely and unques-tionably divine ? On this whole matter, is it pos-sible for us to get out of tjie realm of mist, andthe quagmires of peradventure, and plant our feetupon the solid rock? Other nations have had theirreligions ; how can we know that the religion of Jesus is the only one that has come from above ?Other religions have had their sacred books, too ;how can we tell that this book alone containsGod's special message addressed to a sinful, world?If it can be proved that the Bible is divinely in-spired, then the most stupendous consequencesfollow. We want to be right. We want to makeno mistake. We want to leave this world inpeace. We want to have every preparation thata soul should have to fit it for the life to come.Can we know that what this old book tells is cer-70 ^WO ZCBtBtainly true, and that Jesus Christ is the Saviourof men. We can ; and my purpose is to hint at afew of the proofs we have that the Man of Beth-lehem and azareth, and Gethsemane and Calvary,that mysterious Being of deep griefs and untoldsorrows, was the God-man, the Saviour of sinners,and that He is still in the world working His
wonders of transforming and renewing power.There are many inviting and tempting lines of argument into which we cannot now enter. Putthe sacred books of paganism, for example, besidethe Bible, and you will want no further evidence.The silly, absurd stories which abound in theformer, with the jealousies and quarrels of theirimpure gods, and the sties of moral pollution inwhich they wallow, are no more to be comparedwith the teachings of this book than are theirpitiable, grotesque idols to be put side by sidewith the exalted monotheism of revelation. Thenagain, there are the facts of history. The aston-ishing discoveries that have been made, and thatare still constantly coming from the plains of Babylon, and from the ruins of ancient Egypt,where the inscriptions on brick and stone, in tomband temple and palace, on rock and wall, tallyand match, fact by fact, with the teachings of God'sWord. The very mummy of the Pharaoh of theoppression, Rameses H., now lies in the museumof Bulak, near Cairo in Egypt. Then there is theBpplied to Gbtfdtianiti?* 71line of argument from fulfilled prophecy, frommiracles, and from multitudes of other sources, allconverging toward the same sublime conclusion.Our text, however, limits us to two lines of thought.I. We believe because of the testimony of others. •* He told me all things that ever I did ;is not this the Christ ? " declared this witness tothe people of Sychar. And they believed becauseof her saying.
II. We believe because we ourselves have ex-perienced. ** We have heard him ourselves, andknow that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviourof the world." This, presents the evidence whichcomes from our own consciousness.** Here," you say, ** is the ew Testament story:A child is born of a virgin, in a little town calledBethlehem ; He grew up in azareth, worked withhammer and adze, and saw and plane, in a car-penter shop until He was about thirty years of age,is alleged to have wrought many miracles, deliv-ered certain remarkable discourses, gathered aboutHim a few followers, was put to death; rose threedays after, was seen for forty days after He cameback from the dead. Then one day He led outHis followers to the summit of a little hill, andwhile He spake His feet ceased to press the ground,and He rose majestically in the air, until a cloudenveloped Him and He was wafted away to His72 Owo XUetBnative skies. ow," you say, "there are nearlynineteen hundred years since all this is said tohave taken place, and this is a very long time.All the alleged witnesses have been dead andburied for eighteen centuries. It took place, too,in a dark, superstitious age, and on the other sideof the globe. How can I be sure that any of these events ever occurred ? Might not His dis-ciples be deceived, or be deceivers ? Oh, if Ihad only been there myself! Had I seen Himcleanse the leper, and open the eyes of the blind,and feed the hungry thousands on the greensward, and walk on the ridges of the deep, andraise the dead; had I seen Him for myself afterHis resurrection, and walked with Him and talked

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