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Island Eye News - June 26, 2009

Island Eye News - June 26, 2009

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Volume 5 Issue 4
Volume 5 Issue 4

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Published by: Lucky_Dog_Publishing on Jul 08, 2009
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R S  OR S  NDRD U S  O S  GI  D C HR S  O N , S  C RMI   N O 4 3 7 
June 26, 2009Volume 5 Issue 4
Painting Trash Barrels
page 7
Mystery Plant
page 10
Redtail Rescue
page 17
Inside Island Eye
ullivan’s Islander Jeff Boehmcan look out on his yard withthe satisfaction of a job welldone, though he hardly considers ita job. The wall of vegetation whichsurrounds his house, bursting withcolor and buzzing with life, is more of a hobby turned passion rather than work. Just inside his front gate, the
path splits. Left leads to the ower
garden, where bright Echinaceaand Swamp Hibiscus, among otherperennials, are blooming next to abeautiful Corkscrew Willow. To theright is his latest project, a vegetablegarden which he plotted, dug andplanted by hand. But before you seeBoehm get his hands dirty, you’ll seehim hit the books. He’s well awareof how unforgiving our southernisland soil and climate can be, so alittle research never hurts.“I wanted plant varieties thatcould withstand the humidity andthe heat, and could still come backnext year,” Boehm says.Not long ago, Boehm found a wealth of knowledge in what’s cometo be his favorite gardening book,
Tough Plants for Southern Gardens 
by Felder Rushing. The book’s
methods are tailored specically
to problems which frequently cropup in southern soil, like poor waterretention and growing in sand.But don’t think Boehm’s forgottenthe value of experience. His own journal is full of notes and sketches,documenting what’s worked, what’sfailed and what’s to come in hisgarden.
The thinking man’s garden
by Chris MarChewka
continued on page 6
Since May 2005
Sullivan’s Island
Isle of Palms
Goat Island
Dewees IslandFREE
2 June 26, 2009
The new Council
Several Council members were
ofcially sworn in during the
meeting after winning their seatsin the Municipal election earlierthis year. Mayor Carl Smith andCouncil members Mike Perkis were sworn in, along with Mad-eleine McGee, who is replacingCouncil member Everett Pres-son. Council member Pat O’Neil, who was also re-elected, wasabsent from the meeting. How-ever, he did suggest that MikePerkis be considered to take hisplace as Mayor Pro Tem for thenext term. Mary Jane Watsonmade the motion that Perkis beselected for the position and thevote was unanimous. Perkis jok-ingly accepted on the conditionthat the Mayor take good care of himself.
CARTA gets approval
 The Town Council unanimouslyapproved the 2010 budget forCARTA after Howard Chap-man, CARTA Executive Director,gave a brief synopsis. Chapman
proclaimed that CARTA nished
the year with a surplus for the
rst time in its history, despite
receiving $1.4 million less fromCharleston County in 2009.Furthermore, he stated thatthe number of riders using thepublic transportation systemhas increased, as well. Chapmanconcluded with an environmen-tal seal by saying, “We’ve got todo better in this country with
fuel efciency and our depen
-dency on foreign oil. CARTA isdoing its part.”
Moving money
 The Council passed a resolu-tion to move much of the Town’s
nancial business from Wa
-chovia to First Federal Bank of Charleston. The recommenda-tion came from Mike Perkis andthe Town’s Comptroller, JasonBlanton. The Town would receive
a “substantial nancial benet”
from the move, Perkis said. “Weneed a bank that is willing to work with us.” He added thatthey did not experience the levelof service an important customershould receive at Wachovia and
 was condent of First Federal of 
Charleston’s willingness to treatthem well. The Town will be giv-ing the bank approximately $2.9million of its business.
2009/2010 Budget
Since April, the Town’s nancial
strategy for the next year hasbeen discussed and voted onin public during Town Council
meetings. The Council ratiedthe budget for the upcoming s
-cal year with no increase in mill-age or franchise fees. They arepresenting a cash and invest-ment total of $3,721,350 
Mo’ water, mo’ problems
While the Town can claim thatthere are no tax increases inthe budget, they also passed aresolution to increase Waterand Sewer fees in an effort to
make their rates more reective
of their operating expenses. TheWater and Sewer department will be using a more streamlinedrate system, as well. Changesin bills will vary according tothe amount of water a customeruses. However, the system wasdesigned so that the increase willbe very minimal for the average,6,000 gallon/month residentialcustomer. According to Councilmember Perkis, these custom-ers should see an increase of about $1.50 per month (1.6%increase). Furthermore, there isa surcharge rate for those whouse more than 4000 gallons permonth during drought periods.During a drought, a person us-ing 4000-8000 gallons will becharged a $10.14 rate versusthe regular $6.76. Anything overthat will result in a $15.05 rateversus the regular $10.04. The new rate structure will gointo effect on July 1 and changes will be seen on August bills.
Kaynard concedes
Some may have been surprised
to see rst reading of an ordi
-nance on the agenda that wouldincrease the Planning Com-mission by two members. Theordinance belonged to Councilmember Jerry Kaynard and this was the third time it had beenintroduced after failing twice inthe midst of much debate amongthe Council and residents.“I never thought it would createthis much controversy,” Kaynardsaid as he explained why he de-cided to give up on the ordinancethis third time. He restated hisdesire to increase public par-ticipation on the Town’s variousboards and commissions by tak-ing a broader look at all of them.As a matter of order, a motion was still made to vote on theordinance, but died when no oneseconded the motion.
Accreted Comprehensive Com-mercial plans
 There are two large projects for which the Town has engagedconsultants: the Accreted LandManagement Plan and the Com-mercial District Master Plan.While the work has been in thepreparatory stages for a while,the plans are now coming to frui-tion.A second draft document hasbeen supplied for the AccretedLand plan and the Town hasscheduled a public hearing forthe plan on August 4. The meet-ing is expected to be held at 6pmat the Church of the Holy Cross. The Town was also planningon holding a public hearing forthe Commercial District MasterPlan on July 8. However, thatdate may be postponed to an-other time as the South CarolinaDepartment of Transportation(SCDOT) is reluctant to allow re-verse-angle parking, which is be-ing called “crucial” to the overallplan. Administrator Andy Benkesaid Transportation SecretaryBuck Limehouse suggested the Town would be better off tak-ing the section of Middle Street, which is relevant to the businessdistrict, off the State system if they want reverse-angle parking.However, Council member Mad-eleine McGee encouraged theCouncil to develop a “Plan B”,suggesting that the reverse-angleparking issue does not neces-sarily have to prevent the Townfrom proceeding with plans andpresenting ideas to the public. The Council also plans to begindeliberation of the Town’s Com-prehensive Plan during their July 13 Committee meeting.
Text warnings
Police Chief Danny Howardstated that the new “NIXLE”program, which will allow regis-tered residents to receive newsand alerts from the town via textmessages, is in the debuggingstage. While a preliminary testrun was successful, they alsoreceived a message regarding a
trafc report from New Hamp
-shire. Once the issues are re-solved and the system is deemedfunctional, Howard says he willadvertise the program to thepublic. Residents will then beable to supply their phone num-bers to the Department if they wish to receive news and alerts.
Sullivan’s Island Town Council – June 16, 2009
Mayor Carl Smith (above) and council member Mike Perkis (below) are sworn
into ofce.
 June 26, 2009
Lynn PierottiPublisher 
Kristin Hackler Editor 
Swan RichardsGraphic Designer 
Ali AkhyariAssistant Editor 
Brittany UrbachReporter 
Chelsea LanganAdvertising
InternsMicah BrownChris MarchewkaEllie Smith
ContributorsBarbara Bergwerf Sarah Harper Eric HoranRichard HricikCatherine MalloyDimi MatouchevJohn NelsonCapt. Robert OlsenMary PringleNick StrehleSC DOTPublished byLucky Dog Publishingof South Carolina, LLCP.O. Box 837Sullivan’s Island, SC 29482843-886-NEWSSubmit your letters to the editor to:info@luckydognews.comFuture deadlines:July 1 for all submissions.
Lucky Dog Publishingof SC, LLC
Publisher of the
Island Eye News 
The Island Connection 
The Folly Current 
T ilnd e N,  oll ond d- o Lc Dog Plng o sot ColnLLC,   , ndpndnt npp p-ld  to  nd  o nd ott il o Plm, slln’ ilnd, Got ilndnd D ilnd. Cop  mld  o cg to  ct mlo n o cog nd  lo ll t  nnd  cpton to non-lnd. scp-ton  $30 p  o non-dnt nd ll  ndng  cc to LcDog Plng, LLC, P.O. bo 837, slln’ilnd, sC 29482. Contton o nomton,pct nd tcl  lcomd nd d ccodng to pc lmtton nd nl nd cnnot  tnd cpt  pclqt. O dtol contnt  pmlddctd to t  o dtton; d pc opn to ll n o nt to c tilnd e N mt. Complt d cton $50, o, cng o p to 30% o tognl d  ncldd t no t cot. alldtng t  ltd t.lndn.com nd “dtng”.
Isle of Palms886-6428www.iop.net
July 3
City ofces closed in observance 
of Independence Day.
July 7
Public Works Committee
4pm1303 Palm Boulevard
Public Safety Committee
5pm1207 Palm Boulevard
July 8
Municipal Court
10am1207 Palm Boulevard
Planning Commission
4:30pm1301 Palm Boulevard
July 9
Livability Court
5pm1207 Palm Boulevard
-------------------------------------------Sullivan's Island883-3198www.sullivansisland-sc.com
July 6
Town Hall closed in observance 
of Independence Day.
July 7
Municipal Court
10am1610 Middle Street
July 8
Planning Commission
6:30pm1610 Middle Street
CC District Plan meeting
6pm2520 Middle Street
Contact Town Hall for conrma 
July 9
Board of Zoning Appeals7pm1610 Middle Street
Civic Calendar 
For updates on the 2009turtle nesting season, visit www.bergwerfgraphics.com
Letter to the editor...
What a wonderful IslandDear Mayor,I just returned home from a re-spite in your beautiful town and wanted to leave a written reportof how I found it. Along with thebeauty of spring in the moun-tains of north Georgia, this April/May brought the passing of mylarge family’s beloved motherand grandmother, a child wholeft too soon … others. Bitter/sweet time.A friend and I headed toCharleston to check on familymembers. We arrived late. We wanted to see the ocean anddrove out to Folly Beach [I re-membered a carnival type placefrom the 70s when my husbandand I taught in Charleston.] Wefound no place to stay … it wasvery late. I remembered our fam-
ily crabbing and netting sh at
Breach Inlet … drinking beer atMuggins … so we headed to theIsle thinking we might see thebeach then head to Shem Creekor somewhere and get a room. The bridge … unbelievable! Wedrove straight up to The Sea-scape and The Palms hotels.Both were lovely. The Palms hada “beachview” [if you turn yourhead to the right] room. Steve,the night clerk, was a charmingand witty young man ... even atthat late hour. The rate, for whatever reason, was unbelievablyreasonable. So, to make a longstory short, we stayed four days.During this time we did nothingbut eat, sleep, drink beer andlisten to music … and heal, andread bricks, and realize that theIsle must have been restoredbrick by brick ... palm by palm.I noticed that it still had thatsame family feeling of safetyand of somebody’s brother-in-
law running the re hall; retired
teacher/coach/administrator[Shoup] running parking. Local watercolor artist and “village”resident, Susan, was day clerk-ing the hotel. That small but warm feeling of home and safety was still preserved and main-tained or restored even after 30+ years passing and devastatingstorms.How wonderful your residentsmust still be.On the last day, the familymembers that we had not seencame out and also got a room.It’s a tougher deal for them asthey have two very intelligentbut wheelchair bound children/adults.We ate breakfast at the little
 yellow building in front of the re
hall. That was an incredible feat[the large wheelchairs alone]. The staff there was welcoming ...not afraid ... the service and food were wonderful, and it seemedlike family worked togetherthere, too. I later learned thatmy brother in law’s family [El-liott] took them to a place eitheron that spot, or near it, to eat as
children. They shed the waters
in their boat, and had a homethere, he said, not so grand asthe homes are now, but then, asnow, the Isle was for families.Safe ... few tourists ... beautiful.Thank you all for provid-ing a couple of lovely places forvisitors to rest in the safety andsecurity of our own residentialareas.Yours,Shelli Jones
Summerville, GA 
Mayor’s response: 
 Thanks for your kind note; we
 who live and work here knowhow lucky we are. All those who
enjoy the Island are like family;
please consider yourself part of our extended family. Don’t stayaway so long next time. Dick CroninMadeleine McGee is sworn in by herfather, Peter McGee, during the June 16Sullivan’s Island Town Council meeting.In addition, Mayor Carl Smith and MikePerkis were also sworn in after being re-elected in the same election. Pat O’Neil, who was absent, will be sworn in at thenext meeting. McGee was selected to serveon the Water and Sewer Committee and will chair the Streets and MaintenanceCommittee.
McGeetakes oath

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