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ENG 151

ENG 151

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Published by nmnovara
Rhetoric and Style syllabus
Rhetoric and Style syllabus

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Published by: nmnovara on Sep 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ENG 151: Rhetoric and Style
English and Communications
Fall 2013
MWF 7:45-9:00
Nell Novara
Required Text:
Reinking and Osten.
Strategies for Successful Writing: A Rhetoric, ResearchGuide, Reader, and Handbook 
. 10
Course Description:
Rhetoric and Style is a course designed to help you develop skills inwriting and critical thinking that will help guide you towards more effective writtencommunication in your chosen field. You will be introduced to the various forms andconventions of essay writing through producing expressive, expository, and persuasive essayswhile exploring all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to revision. You will work on improving and developing skills in thinking clearly, reading carefully, and writing effectively.
By the end of this course, students should be able to identify and analyze rhetoricalstrategies, write coherent and correct papers of a variety of types, and use standard MLA citationcorrectly.
Course Objectives:
At the end of this course students should be able to:
Demonstrate a college vocabulary
Discover a main idea
Show the relation between the main idea and supporting evidence
Abstract the logic upon which an argument is based
Detect logical fallacies
Evaluate the relevance of examples
Discover paragraph and essay patterns
Recognize and evaluate figurative language
Distinguish different tones--As measured by response essays and class discussion
Organize an essay around a thesis
Develop supporting evidence in logical paragraphs
Use transitions
Use vocabulary appropriate to audience and purpose
Vary sentence pattern and length appropriately
Construct sentences grammatically
Employ the conventions of Standard English
Use MLA citation correctly and where appropriate
--As measured by five essays
Grade Scale:
90-100% A80-89% B70-79% C60-69% D0-60% F
Course Rules:
Any reading or assignment should be completed for the day it is listed2.
 NO LATE WORK will be accepted.3.
Unannounced, or “pop” quizzes will be given in class over a variety of topics
 No extra credit will be given5.
There will be time allotted in class to work on assignments and essays6.
Students will be required to review
classmates’ essays during the quarter 
 NO personal electronic devices are to be used during class time. I highly doubt thatanything on Facebook will be relevant to our discussions8.
Any attempts at plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you have questions about whatconstitutes plagiarism, please come and talk to me
Students are expected to attend each class meeting and arrive on time. Studentswho arrive 15 minutes late will be marked tardy, and two (2) tardies will be considered oneabsence. Students who arrive half an hour to an hour late will be marked absent. Final gradeswill drop by one letter grade if a student is absent four (4) or more times during the quarter.
Class Blog:
I will post ALL assignments and class information on the class blog, which can befound at: ENG151Fall2013.wordpress.com. It is extremely important that you check the blogoften, as the assignment calendar will most likely change a bit as the course progresses.Assignments and documents will often be accompanied by photos and videos that I findinteresting/funny, so please enjoy yourself.
Course Calendar
**All readings are DUE on the day listed. Also note that this schedule is likely to change, somake sure to be checking the blog!**
Monday, September 30 Class IntroductionWednesday, October 2 Read Chapter 1- 2-9Friday, October 4 Read Chapter 3- 35-47
Monday, October 7 Read Chapter 8Wednesday, October 9
Read “The Perfect Picture” (462)
 Friday, October 11 Begin generating ideas for Narrative Essay (3-5 pages, doublespaced)
Monday, October 14
Read and write summary of “Momma’s Encounter” (467)
 Present thesis statementsWednesday, October 16
Read “Sound and Fury” (464)
 Friday, October 18
Narrative Essay DUE
Read “Fast Track to Perfection” (483)
Monday, October 21
Read “Let’s Get Vertical” (490)
 Begin work on Process Analysis Essay (3-5 pages)Wednesday, October 23 Continue work on Process Analysis EssayFriday, October 25
Read “Can Generation Xers be Trained?” (493)
 Intro to Comparison
Monday, October 28
Process Analysis Paper DUE
Read “Art Form for the Digital Age” (534)
 Wednesday, October 30 Comparison Essay work (4-6 pages)

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