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Essay Outline

Essay Outline

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Published by 1558reading
notes to model how to collect info from different sources to write a historical research paper
notes to model how to collect info from different sources to write a historical research paper

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Published by: 1558reading on Sep 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1/3 of Dutch Jews were killed in the Holocaust ARTJews in Netherlands were a minority ARTAmsterdam was neutral during the WWI and Otto and others thought that the Dutch would remainneutral in the WWII. Everyone shocked with the fast defeat of the Dutch. WEBSITEMay 1940 Nazi invaded WEBSITEJews have to registrar ART, rounded up Jews from countryside and brought them to Amsterdam to theghetto =ghetto is overcrowded. MIEPAmsterdam has a tradition of religious toleration gets in the way of business. ME and ART This is waythe Purtains or Pligrims first went to Amsterdam. MEIn July 1942 deportations started in Amsterdam to Westerbork and then to camps in the east. Margo iscalled to “work” sending the family into hiding prematurely WESITEAnne received her diary one month before as a birthday present. She has already made several enteries.ME Risks of discovery increased when families hid together DOC BOOK Franks should have splitup to live instead of staying together and continuing to be a family DOC BOOK This is right, buthindsight is 20/20 and the Franks cannot be judged for not assessing the seriousness of theextermination camps as the true Nazi intentions were secret and many Jews were conflicted about whatwas true and what was rumor ME. We cannot put ourselves in their place when our safety, for most of us, has never been in danger. ME2 ways to avoid deportation in the Netherlands: hiding or protected status from the Nazis. Hiding is themost popular. Protection is harder to obtain because Nazis chose German Jews. ART1 in 5 Jews went into hiding ARTMajority of Jews did not hide ARTHiding places very difficult to find; people scared MUSEUMHiding more successful when families are broken up DOC BOOK Those in hiding were more successful when: they had money, they had to connections to Non-Jews
who they could trust and who they when they asked directly ART (Meip, Victor, Biep, etc),More successful when Jews prepared in advance with a place in mind before things got worse. MEAnne sees Jews rounded up on the streets later in the occupation ANNE, so as time passed hiding places and resources are running out ME and museum.Holocaust survivors high mental problems ART Liberal Jews have more connections to Non-Jewsthan more orthodox ART Employment also gained contacts with Non-Jews esp if the job is held by thehead of the family ARTOtto was a natural leader. Miep recalls that when an important decision had to be made everyone looksat him WEBSITEJews called the Non-Jew assistance as Vitamin R meaning relationship ARTJan 1941 All Jews had to register ARTCivil liberties taken away very slowly SPIEBURG movieMainly men had jobs, but many died in a labor camp ARTWider social networking out of own social circles increases chances of survival during gencide or ethnic cleanings.German Jews could escape under protected status, but odds were found to be stronger when Jews hadties to Non-Jews ARTIt's all about who you know MEWhen Miep is in danger we are all in danger ANNEPeople are still good at heart ANNEwants to be a Dutch citizen so that means that the Franks are still Germans ANNE and ME so protectedstatus was possible, but that would mean cooperating with the Nazis. ART and MEAnne reports they are listening to the BBC so that know the truth about the camps ANNE which maybewhy Otto avoids working with the Nazis. ME Hitler in Mien Kampf outlines his plans for the Jews soit's possible that Otto distrusted any “protection” from the occupatiors. ME

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