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Forbidden Love (Chapter 6)

Forbidden Love (Chapter 6)

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Published by Charlene Taylor
You will have to read and find out!!!!
You will have to read and find out!!!!

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Published by: Charlene Taylor on Jul 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 6 ---- 
Nathan's Perspection
Oh no. Look what I have done. She fainted all bacause Iyelled at her. I can't believe I yelled at the love of my life.How could I? Nancy was right. I
a disgrace. I pick Haileyup, and lie her in Natalie's bed beside her. Wow. I wasn'tlying when I said that Natalie was much heavier. I giveHailey a kiss on the forehead. My love for her is so strong, Icouldn't control it. There really isn't anything I can do but waituntil Natalie wakes up.
If she wakes up
. No. I won't jinksanyone. She is going to wake up. No doubt.I take one last look at both of them, then head to the kitchento get some containers. I am going to fill one of therefrigerators with blood so that when they get up, they won'thave to go hunting.I head out the door, and walk deep into the woods. I can'tstop thinking about Hailey. I love her unlike I have ever lovedanyone else in my life. Hailey is a different kind of girl. Imostly come aroud girls like Natalie, which disgusts me withtheir immature flirting, but Hailey is different somehow. I havefallen in love with her, and I hope that she will feel the sameway soon.When I get back to the house, I put the blood filledcontainers in the refrigerator, put a notice on the door tellingthem that they don't have to go out hunting, and go check onHailey and Natalie. Hailey is lying so beautifully on the bedstill unawakened. Natalie is still knocked out. I hope that shedoesn't die, because I didn't tell Hailey thet there is a higher risk of dying than staying alive, but with her being a vampire,she'll probably make it. I am so confused. I love Hailey with
all of my heart, but I also love my family. I can't believe I quitthe pack. They may have treated me like a banana in a roomfull of monkeys, but I got used to it, and I still survived. I stilllove them. I don't know why, I just do. I love Hailey morethough. I would give anything for her. I will always love her.No matter what. I will love her beautiful eyes and sexy lips.Oh, let me stop before I start to get into things I don't need toget into. I know that Hailey likes me, but I want her to loveme. I don't know how to do that though. I am so clumsy. Sheprobably would never fall in love with a weirdo like myself.I wonder. If I were to turn into a vampire, maybe it would beeasier to make her feel the same way I feel about her. Yes. Iwant to be a vampire. I will ask Natalie, because I know thatHailey won't do it. Natalie is an easy-going person, which Idon't like. That is
not my type. She always tries to forceherself onto me like she is a lonely dog who finds a person'sleg. It scares me how she looks at me 'tryin to be seductive',it just really frightenes me, but I try not to show it. I try to benice, but every time I do, she takes it the wrong way as if Iam flirting, which I am aparrantely not!But back to the subject. I love Hailey, and wish to marry her,and someday have her child.
Well, not that far, yet.
I walkinto the living room, trying not to think about Hailey toomuch, and sit on the couch. I am bored,so I head back for Natalie's room to check on them before I go to bed. They arefine. As still as death. Speaking of death, I shouldn't thinkthat and bring bad luck upon Natalie. I walk into Hailey'sroom."I might as well get in Hailey's bed since she is in her sister'sroom.", I walk over and get in Hailey's comfortable bed. Thesheets are so soft. Almost as soft as Hailey's sweetpersonality, but still not there yet.
Hailey's Perspection
I wake up and get up from Natalie's bed. Nathan must haveput me there. My stomache gets a small bunch of butterflieswhen I think of his cute face. I have forgiven him now. I knowthat I can't blame him for yelling, because he
knowwhat to do, and
I was
blaming him for it, when it really wasn'this fault. I wonder where he is. My headache has gonedown, so I walk in my room. The light is off. Just the way Ilike it.
I hop into bed, and see that Nathan is soundasleep in my bed. Well, I think he is sleep. I guess he cansleep here
 just for tonight.
Nathan is so cute when he issleeping. His body is cold. I turn the opposite direction,ignoring my instinct to touch him. I feel Nathan's arm slowlywrap around my hip. Oh brother. I don't even try and movehis hand. I know that he will just put it back. I look back atNathan, and see a huge flirtatious smile wiped across hisface. I reach over and kiss him on the cheek. I am giving himwhat he wants. I know that he is having a party in his headcelebrating our second kiss. He leans over and kisses me. Ikiss him back as his tounge slips into my mouth. We frenchfor a good while, and I notice that he is a good kisser. He iseven better than me.I know what I am doing. Teasing him. I won't
do it 
with him, Iwill just flirt, making him want more of me to see what willhappen. This will be fun. I smile and turn back around andfall asleep knowing that vampires can only get about 3 hoursof sleep.
* A while later * 
I wake up. Nathan is
alsleep now. The sun is out, andlooks like it still in the morning. I walk in Natalie's room to goand check on her. She is still in the coma. I am so worried for her. She
make it though. My mouth starts to hurt whenmy fangs come out. I hate that they just come out when theyplease just because you are hungry. What if you don't feel

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