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The Conduct and End of Enoch.

The Conduct and End of Enoch.

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Published by glennpease
BY J. Edmondson

Gen. v. 24.

And Enoch walked with Gody and he was not
for God took him.
BY J. Edmondson

Gen. v. 24.

And Enoch walked with Gody and he was not
for God took him.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE CODUCT AD ED OF EOCH.BY J. EdmondsonGen. v. 24.And Enoch walked with Gody and he was notfor God took him.i HE account of men before the flood presentsa melancholy picture of human nature. Therewas indeed a pious Seth, in whose day men be?gan to call upon the name of the Lord ; butthey were soon corrupted by the female de-scendants of Cain, who are called the daughtersqfmcn There was also a pious Enoch, whowalked with God, and he was not ifor God took Jiini.Let us consider, first, the conduct of Enoch 5and, secondly, his end.|2j8 Enoch's conduct and end,I. The conduct of enoch.Enoch walked with God in the way of pureandundefiled religion; which implies friendship,|)urity, and obedience.Can two walk together except they he agreed?Amos iii. 3. We avoid the company of menwhom we do not esteem. We carefully shunpur enemies ; but we love to walk with friends.Friendship implies mutual love; and there is a
mutual love between God and good men. Welove him, because he first loved its. 1 John iv. 19,Enoch enjoyed friendship with God, throughthe promised Deliverer'^ for a throne of grace was&et up for guilty man, when God said to theserpent, I will put enmity hetiveen thee and thewoman, and hetiveen thy seed and her seed; it shall^ruise thy head, and thou shall bruise his keehGen. iii. 15. Friendship with God, throughJesus Christ, is one of the greatest blessings thatman can enjoy. It is productive of substantialhappiness, ai)d everlasting honour. But, howamazing it is that themost high God should stoopso low as to make a worm his friend! What ho*uour this confers upon tlie creatures! Whatabundant cause have the friends of God to unitein blessing and praising his holy name ! O be.careful to preserve friendship with God, andEnoch's conduct and end. ¦ t^f then yoTi may say with David, / will not benfraid of ten thousand of the people, that haveset themselves against nieroundabout!Vs2L\. iii.6.Walking with God implies pm'ity. God isperfectly holy ; and he cannot walk with theunholy. This is the message which we haveheard of him, and declare unto you, that God islight, and in him is no darkness at all. If wesay that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, we lie, and do not the truth, 1 Johni. 5, 6. Sinners are said to be afar off from God^but saints are brought nigh. Deeply impres*«ed with this subject, David said, Thou art nota God that hath pleasure in wickedness : neiihef shall evil dwell with thee. Psal. v. 4. Evil caniro more abide in the presence of God, than
darkness can abide in the presence of the sun ;so that it is extremely absurd to think of walk--iug with God in a state of impurity. Ik must beallowed, however, that evil may remain in somegood men, who walk with God ; but it is notpredominant. Evil in them is under the control of grace, and they may be called holyi because ho-linessis the predominant principle in their Jiearts.They direct all to God. They love him at all.times, and honour him in all things. Evil istheir grief and burden, and they earnestly seek a/w// conformity to the image of God.i28 Enoch's conduct a^j-d end.To walk with God implies obedience. Enochhad this testimony that he pleaded God. Theholiness of his heart produced holiness in hislife. He walked with God in the discharge of every duty which God required. Thus Heze-kiah walked in health and strength, and whensickness came, he besought the Lord to remem-ber it: / beseech thee O Lord, remember novihow I have walked before thee in truth, and witha perfect heart;, and have done that zvhich wasgood in thy sight. Isa. xxxviii. 3. The riiariwho walks with God, makes no ostentatiousshew of piety, but is found serving the Lord zvitk all humility of mind. Acts xx. 19. He is re^signed to the divine will, and is contented ine\ery situation. Devotion both private andpublic is delightful to him. He walks in all theordinances of religion^ honouring, and enjoy-ing the means of grace. He retreats from theworld, and all its frantic ways ; and mixes withmen only upon necessary occasions. Whenthese occasions are over, he quickly returnslo his God, and cleaves to him with full pur-

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