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Necklaces of Gems

Necklaces of Gems

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Biography of Ghawth ul Azam, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani.
Biography of Ghawth ul Azam, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jillani.

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Published by: Mujahid Asaadullah Abdullah on Jul 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Necklaces of Gems
 by Shaikh Muhammad ibn Yahya at-Tadifi al-Hanbalion the Marvelous Exploits of theCrown of the Saints, the Treasure-trove of the Pure, the Sultan of the Saints, the SublimePivot, Shaikh Muhyi'd-din 'Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani (may Allah be well pleased with him).
As for the friends of Allah, surely no fear shall be upon them, nor shall they grieve.(10:62)[a-la inna awliya'a 'llahi la khawfun 'alai-him, wa la hum yahzanun.]In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate.The following are the words of Muhammad ibn Yahya at-Tadifi, the poor servant [of theLord], who acknowledges his sin and his shortcoming, and hopes for a hidden pardonfrom His tender grace. May Allah forgive his sins, and replace his sins with blessings.Praise be to Allah, who has opened for His saintly friends [awliya'] the paths of rightguidance, and has caused all kinds of good things to come about at their hands, and hasdelivered them from ruin. Those who follow their example will therefore be successfuland guided aright, but those who swerve from their path will fail and be ruined. Thosewho seek their protection will prosper and travel safely, but if anyone shuns them withrejection, he will be cut off and destroyed. I praise Him with the praise of one who knowsthat there is no refuge from Him except toward Him. I thank Him with the thanks of onewho is firmly convinced that favors [ni'am] and afflictions [niqam] alike are entirely atHis disposal. I invoke blessing and peace upon our Master, Muhammad, and upon hisfamily. May they enjoy the countless benefits and gracious favors of Allah.As for the subject of the present work, my interest was aroused when I studied "HistoryTo Rely On for Accounts of the Bygone" [at-Ta'rikh al-mu'tabar fi anba' man ghabar], thecompilation of the Chief Justice [Qadi 'l-qudah], Mujir ad-Din 'Abd ar-Rahmanal-'Ulaimi al-'Umari al-Maqdisi al-Hanbali (may Allah encompass him with His mercy). Idiscovered that the author had given no more than summary treatment to the biography of our Master, our Patron, our Shaikh and our Guide to Allah (Exalted is He), Shaikh 'Abdal-Qadir al-Jili al-Hanbali (may Allah be well pleased with him), and that he had madeonly the slightest reference to his charismatic qualities and exploits [manaqib]. I foundthis quite astonishing, and I said to myself: "Perhaps he considered him a widely known1
celebrity (may Allah be well pleased with him), and therefore confined himself to this brief account. In deciding to keep it short, he may also have been influenced by theexample of that most erudite scholar, Ibn al-Jawzi (may Allah bestow His mercy uponhim)."I then felt moved, by the wish to obtain good fortune, to gather together everything that Icould find about the exploits of the Shaikh (may Allah sanctify his innermost being, andmay He illuminate his mausoleum), in various books, from what I heard from trustworthysources, and from what I held in my personal recollection. I resolved to follow thisinformation, after having mentioned his noble genealogy, with accounts of his physicalconstitution [khalq] and his moral character [khulq], his work ['amal] and his knowledge['ilm], his methods and his spiritual counsel, his speech and his action, the children whomAllah bestowed upon him, and his exaltation by the saints [awliya'] in recognition of his proper due. I also decided to make some mention of the charismatic qualities and exploitsof these saints, as well as the exploits of those who trace their spiritual affiliation to hisexcellency.It is necessary to persevere in standing at the threshold of his door, for the elevated natureof the act of following is determined by the nobility of the one who is followed, just asthe copious extent of the rivers' flow depends on the magnitude of the spring that is their source.I also mention his birth and the completion of his earthly life, and I conclude that withsomething concerning his charismatic qualities and exploits, and what has been saidabout him, keeping that fairly concise, for fear of causing boredom and ennui. I haveentitled the book: Necklaces of Gems: Concerning the Charismatic Qualities and Exploits of Shaikh 'Abdal-Qadir [Qala'id al-Jawahir fi Manaqib ash-Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir] 
The Shaikh's Genealogy 
I turn to Allah for help, for He is all I need, and how excellent is the Helper! Then I go onto say [concerning the subject of this book]:He is our Master, the Shaikh of Islam, the exemplar of the splendid saints [awliya'], thesignpost to right guidance. Those who trace their spiritual affiliation to him are among the blissfully fortunate. He is the Lordly Cardinal Pole [al-Qutb ar-Rabbani], theincomparable, the universal, the everlasting, the pure foundation, Muhyi 'd-din AbuMuhammad 'Abd al-Qadir, the son of Abu Salih Jangi Dost (some say Janga Dost) Musa,the son of Abu 'Abdi'llah, the son of Yahya az-Zahid, the son of Muhammad, the son of Dawud, the son of Musa, the son of 'Abdu'llah, the son of Musa al-Jawn, the son of 'Abdu'llah al-Mahd (also known by the epithet al-Mujall [the Venerable], derived fromthe term ijlal [veneration]), the son of al-Hasan al-Muthanna, the son of the Commander of the Believers [Amir al-Mu'minin], Abu Muhammad al-Hasan, the son of theCommander of the Believers, 'Ali (may Allah be well pleased with him), the son of Abu2
Talib, the son of 'Abd al-Muttalib, the son of Hashim, the son of 'abd Manaf, the son of Qusayy, the son of Kilab, the son of Murra, the son of Ka'b, the son of Lu'ayy, the son of Ghalib, the son of Qahr, the son of Malik, the son of an-Nadr. the son of Kinana, the sonof Khuzaima, the son of Mudrika, the son of Ilyas, the son of Mudar, the son of  Nadhdhar, the son of Ma'd, the son of 'Adnan. [His surnames are] al-Qurashi al-Hashimial-'Alawi al-Hasani al-Jili al-Hanbali.He is the grandson [on his mother's side] of our master, the famous 'Abdu'llah as-Sawma'iaz-Zahid [the Ascetic Hermit], who was one of the Shaikhs of Jilan and one of their leading ascetics. Shaikh 'Abdu'llah was endowed with lofty spiritual states [ahwal] andconspicuous charismatic talents [karamat]. He met with a group of the the outstandingShaikhs of the Persians [al-'Ajam] (may Allah be well pleased with them). It was ShaikhAbu 'Abdi'llah Muhammad al-Qazwini who said: "Shaikh 'Abdu'llah as-Sawma'i was onewhose supplication was always answered. When he was angry [with someone], Allah(Almighty and Glorious is He) was Swift in exacting retaliation, and when some businesswas to his liking, Allah (Exalted is He) would carry it out as he preferred. In spite of his physical weakness and his advanced age, he performed many acts of supererogatorydevotion [nawafil], and constantly practiced remembrance [dhikr]. He was noticeablyhumble, and patient in preserving his spiritual state, while paying careful attention to hismoments of opportunity. He used to give notice of something before it occurred, and itwould happen just as he had said it would."Shaikh Abu 'Abdi'llah Muhammad al-Qazwini went on to say: "One of our companionstold us how they once set out as traders in a caravan, and were attacked by horsemen inthe desert of Samarqand. He said: 'So we cried out to Shaikh 'Abdu'llah as-Sawma'i, andthere he was, standing in our midst. He uttered the call: "All-Glorious, All-Holy [SubbuhQuddus] is our Lord, Allah! Be gone from us, O you horsemen!" He thereby scatteredthem up onto the mountains peaks and down into the valleys, making us safe from their assault. But when we looked for the Shaikh amongst us, we could not find him, and wedid not see where he had gone. Then, when we returned to Jilan and told the people thereabout it, they said: "By Allah, the Shaikh (may Allah be well pleased with him) has never  been away from here!"'" 
The Birth of Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir 
According to the two Qur'an-memorizers [hafizan], adh-Dhahabi and Ibn Rajab, Shaikh'Abd al-Qadir's father was Abu Salih 'Abdu'llah, the son of Jangi Dost. Allah knows best!The name Jangi Dost is a Persian expression, meaning "he who loves fighting." Anyway,Allah (Glory be to Him and Exalted is He) is indeed the One who knows best!His mother was Umm al-Khair [Mother of Goodness] Amat al-Jabbar [Maidservant of theAll-Compelling One] Fatima, the daughter of Shaikh 'Abdu'llah as-Sawma'i al-Husainiaz-Zahid. She had an abundant share of goodness and righteousness. It is related of her that she used to say: "When I gave birth to my son, 'Abd al-Qadir, he would not suck my breast during the daytime of Ramadan. The new moon of Ramadan was hidden by3

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