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Flock of Christ Encouraged.

Flock of Christ Encouraged.

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Published by glennpease
BY J. Edmondson

Luke, xii. 32.

Fear not little flock; for it is your fathers
good pleasure to give you the kingdoin.
BY J. Edmondson

Luke, xii. 32.

Fear not little flock; for it is your fathers
good pleasure to give you the kingdoin.

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Published by: glennpease on Sep 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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FLOCK OF CHRIST ECOURAGED.BY J. EdmondsonLuke, xii. 32.Fear not little flock; for it is your fathersgood pleasure to give you the kingdoin.Anxious thoughts, about futurity, mayperplex and distress the mind ; but they can-not promote any valuable purpose. The bestway for man to take, with reiz;ard to futurity,is, to put his trust in Goo, ani to be dilij;ent inthe discharge of tho>e (huies which are neces-Bary at the present time. God, in Is is provi-dence, feeds the fowls of the air, an 1 clothesthe grass of the iield : and he will, most assu-G G225 LITTLE FLOCK.redly, feed and clothe his humble and depend-ent children. He is their father — Jesus is theirshepherd — and a kingdom is prepared forthem.. The words of our text contain four parts :Jesus has a flock — the followers of Jesus are aa little flock — they are not toi^e afraid — for itis the good pleasure of their father to give thema kingdom.L Jesus has a flock.
This implies two things, namely, that Jesusmay be compared to a shepherd, and that hisfollowers may be compared to a flock.The prophet Isaiah foretold the appearanceof Jesus in the character of a shepherd : Behold,the luord God will come with strong hand, andhis arm shall rule for him. — He shall feed hisflock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambswith his arm, and carry them in his hosom, andshall gently lead those that are with young. Isa. xl.10, 11. Accordingly, when our Lprd appearedin human natm-e, he claimed this character,saying, / am the good shepherd, and know mysheep, and am hiotvn ofmifie. John x. 14. Asa shepherd, Jesus feeds hjs flock with whole-LITTLE FLOCK. ^27some truths, and sweet consolations. He ma-keth them to lie down in green pastures : he lead-eth them heside the still tvaters. Psal. xxiii. 2,Jesus, as a shepherd, safely joroiec^^ his flock.They have many powerful enemies ; but he isan all-powerful friend.Of all the animals in the world, sheep are themost striking emblems of a true christian.Liike that animal the christian is harmles,meek, and inoffensive. The malignant and vio-^lent dispositions which predominated in himas a natural man, are brought into a state of entire subjection, by a scriptural conversion.Thus, the lien becomes a gentle lamb ; and thehaughty, mischievous, and turbulent disposi-tions of man, taking the gospel mould, becomehumble, useful, meek, and gentle. A so'ciety
of such men, may be compared to a flock of sheep, on account of their happy union. Theylove to dwell together, and to feed in the samepastures. In times of danger they form them-selves into a close and compact body ; and look up, for protection, to the great shepherd of thesheep. Happy would it have been if no griev-ous wolves had ever mixed with the flocks of Jesus ; but, alas, the history of the church af-fords too many proofs, that selfish, proud, and2Gg228 LITTLE FLOCK.persecuting tyrants, have appeared, in slieep^sclothing, amongst the harmless and inoffeursive flocks of Jesus.II, The FOLLOWERS OF JESUS ARE A LITTLEFLOCK.One would have supposed, from the purityof Jesus' conduct -the wisdom displayed inhis dicourses — and the many mighty workswhich he wrought, that the whole Jewish na-tion would have received him as their shepherd.This, however, was so far from being the case,that he had only a few obscure individuals inhis flock. The great bulk of that nation, ex-tremely ignorant and abominably wicked, ha-ted and persecuted him even unto death.Christianity, after the day of Pentecost, had arapid spread ; and, in a short time, the greatestpart of the Roman Empire professed the faithsBut even then, when we consider the greatnumber of formal professors, and the numerousnations which remained in heathenish dark-

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