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129 Names and Attributes of Allah

129 Names and Attributes of Allah

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Published by Monge Dorj

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Published by: Monge Dorj on Sep 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"God teaches us good but how can we see if we make ourselves blind? At the end of all shall we know how small is our accept state, but for God's Grace: Let us bow tohis Will and His true guidence: Let us Praise Him and trust Him now and forever''.129 Names and Attributes of Almighty AllahYa-Allaho [66]
If recited 66 times at the time of Asar (Afternoon prayer time) or at the time of setting sun, orin that last part of the night, prayer will be granted and legitimate desires will be fullfilled. Fora very busy man it is permissible to recite 66 times. This is the self name of God. This namehas been repeated 2,607times in the Quran.If recited 200 times on a Firday with ablution for any legitimate desire it will be fullfiled byAlmighty God.If this name is pasted on the wall in the house there will be blessings of Almighty Allah.If this name is recited 11,000 times on pills of flour and those pills are thrown in the river orsea, difficulties of the person will be sloved by Almighty God.There are many merits of this name. Due to lack of space these few have been written, If recited 1,000 times daily the person will become pious and wordly love will be vanished formthe heart of the person and cognizance of Almighty God will be achieved Most of the ulemahave recommended that this in one of the Isme Azam i.e Great Name of ALmighty God.
Al-Ahado [Unique] [13]
If recited 1,000 times in solitude it will be felt that Angels are with the reciter. If recited 100times it is useful for snake bite and the patient will be cured.
Al-Avvalo [Foremost] [Alfa] [37]
If recited this name before starting any job/work, it will be completed nicely with the blessingsof Almighty God. If recited regularly a great deal people will be kind to the person, and willmeet with departed and separated persons and reliatives in their dreams.
Al-Akhiro [Everlasting] [801]
If recited regularly there will be everlasting sucess in all works taken in hand. The person willbe loved by all and respected in all aspects of life.
Al-Aliyyo [The Highest] [110]
If recited a great deal, the person will be respected and will be honoured by all and will bepromoted in rank if recited regularly. If written name is kept on a person, one will becomeprosperous.
Al-Alimo [All knowing] [150]
If recited 10 times after every Wajib (obligatory) Prayer the person will be aware of secrets of nature. If recited a great deal the person will recognise Almighty God. If recited 21 times daily,
the person will become a learned man, If this name is written on a piece of bread and eatenfor 40 days the person will never have to starve.
If recited 40 times every day the person will acquire great wealth. If recited 99 times it will beuseful to gain the knowledge of alchemy. If recited unlimited number regularly the person willgain such spiritual powers that all will be afraid of him/her.
If recited regularly the person will do justice in all cases. Also secrets are revealed by recitingthis name. If written on a piece of bread and eaten, the person wil have light in his/her heart.If recited regularly with unlimited number Almighty God will justify his/her cases amicably.
Al-A'fvo [All forgiver] [156]
For removing of sins and achieving blessings of Almighty God this name is very effective. Thisname can be recited at any time and at any number, specially reciting this name 70 timesafter every Wajib prayer is very effective.
Al-Akramo [The Gracious] [261]
This name is very effective for obtaining grandeur. It should be recited after every Wajibprayers and at the time of sleeping.If recited a for a great number of time at the time of sleeping angels will be detailed by Almighty God, who will ask forgiveness for the personthroughout the night.
Al-Azimo [The Grand, The Magnificent] [1020]
Practice of this recitation of this Holy Name is beneficial for gaining respect with influentialpersonatlities as well as for the attainment of an imposing and dominant personality. If recitedregularly for any disease the patient will be cured.
Al-Ba'eedo [The Farthest] [92]
If recited regularly worldly passions and desires will be removed from the heart of the personand he will become pious.
Al-Basito [ Uncloser] [72]
If after reciting this Holy Name ten times daily at dawn with one's arms raised, one rubs handon ones face he will for ever be free from asking anbody for anything. It is also recommendedto be recited 72 times after Wajib Prayer, specially after morning prayer.
Al-Barro [The Good] [202]
This Holy Name should be regularly recited to gain inspiration to do good deeds, for removal of troubles and for the long life of children. Also it creates love of Almighty Allah. If recited 202times on a child, the child will become fortunate and lucky one
AL- Bareeo [The Artificer][213]
If recited daily the body of the person will not be decayed in the grave. A barren womanshould recite this Holy Name a great deal to have conception
Al-Baseero [All Seeing] [302]
If recited on Friday a great deal, the person will be specially blessed by Almighty Allah. If recited regularly it will be very beneficial for all ailments of eyes including night blindness. It isalso recommended that 7 times recitation of this Name keeping hands on eyes will protect andincrease eyesight. It will.cure eye sore.
Al- Baqi [The Eternal] [113]
If recited 113 times at any time of the day regularly the reciter will be prosperous, and alltroubles will be removed and enemies will be humiliated and degraded.
Al-Badeeo [The Creator] [86]
This name will be useful for sucess in any endeavour, under taken by the individual. Regularrecitation of this name and will make a person free from all worries. If recited daily 86 timesfor 14 days for any particular legitimate desire, Almighty Allah will fullfil the desire. If recited1,000 times in one sitting for any particular legitimate desire/obect it will be achieved within aweek.
Al-Baa'eso [The Raiser for Death] [573]
One should recite this Holy Name one hundred times when going to bed, then rub the hand onthe chest, Allah will revitalise his heart, with divine knowledge. If recited 573 times at bedtime the person will become wise. This name is also very useful for the improvement of an ill-tempered officer.
Al-Baatino [The Hidden] [62]
If recited regularly the secrets of the person will not be known to others and the mysteries willbe known to the reciter. Recitation of this name creates self purification.
Ad-Dayyano [The Bestowerof Rewards] [65]
The practice of recitation of this Holy Name is beneficial for the development of religousvirtues in oneself.
AL- Fattaho [The Opener][489]
If one recites this Holy Name 70 times after Morning Prayer keeping hand on the chest,theALmighty Allah shall remove curtains from his mind[i.e. his perceptive qualities shall becomedeveloped].Also for every type of task the recitation of this name is beneficial. if recited 21times after every Wajib Prayers.All worries will be removed.
Al-Fardo [Unique] [284]
Recitation of this Holy Name is beneficial for the develpoment of one's individuality and tobecome distingiushed in huge gathering.
Al FAATERO[Incision-Maker][290]

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