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FHIG 2012

FHIG 2012

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Published by surfnewmedia
FHIG 2012
FHIG 2012

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Published by: surfnewmedia on Sep 30, 2013
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Saturday, October 27, 2012... A Special Supplement to the
Inside ThisGuide
 Ken Geroux . . . . . . . . . . .Page 3 Fall Lawn Care . . . . . . . . .Page 4 Air Quality . . . . . . . . . . .Page 5 Property Values . . . . . . . .Page 6 Home Exteriors . . . . . . . . .Page 7 Backyard Reflections . . . . .Page 8Winterize Your Home . . .Page 10Cold Weather Rule . . . . .Page 11Call Before You Clear . . .Page 11Contest Announced . . . . .Page 12 Protect Your Deck . . . . . .Page 13 DIY Projects . . . . . . . . . .Page 14 Allergens . . . . . . . . . . . .Page 15
Stories:Advertiser’s Index:
 All Elements...Page 8 American Family Ins...Page 4 Audio Communications...Page 9 B&D Plumbing...Page 14 Big Lake Hardware...Page 2 Big Lake Lumber...Page 7 Bogart, Pederson & Assoc...Page 11C&S Blacktop...Page 12 Elk River Municipal Util...Page 15 Foley Lumber...Page 11 Fyles Exc. & Honeywagon...Page 11 Haus Construction...Page 10 Heitz Group Edina Realty...Page 4 Insurance Specialist Team...Page 13 Keller Williams-B. Wiley...Page 12 Ken Geroux Construction...Page 9 KleinBank...Page 3 Lano Equipment...Page 13 Larson Companies...Page 15 Lofgren Construction...Page 5 Long & Sons...Page 16 Merit Drywall...Page 16 Meyer Bros. Electric...Page 16 Midway Iron & Metal Co...Page 16 MNsota Real Estate...Page 4 New Century Exteriors...Page 11 PDR...Page 12 Preferred Title...Page 4 Ray’s Abbey Carpet...Page 5Veit/Vonco...Page 12Wes Olson Electric...Page 10WestAir...Page 16
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Fall Home Improvement Guide
October 27, 2012...
Page 2
 Lars Raisanen of Backyard Reflections, Inc.(left).Ken Geroux of Geroux Construction (right).(Photos by Jennifer Edwards.)
, T
& L
• Lawn & Garden Tools (Tillers & Aerators)• Painting Equipment • Power Tools • Plumbing & More!
Rent by the Day or Week. Call for Your Rental Needs.
Lake Shopping Center • Big Lake • M-F, 8-8; Sat., 7-6, Sun., 9 am to 5 pm
Hank’s Supreme Exterior FlatSatin
912-873 (7200G series)
Hank’s Supreme Exterior FlatLatex 
468-397 (8002G series)
Hank’s Supreme Exterior FlatSemi-Gloss
016-865 (2300G series)
Hank’s Supreme Exterior Latex Paint.For siding or trim, great durability.Covers in 1 coat. Your choice of finishes.
621 Rose Drive Big Lake, MN 55309
(763) 263-2019
Fall Home Improvement Guide
October 27, 2012...
Page 3
Jennifer EdwardsStaff Writer
There is a lot of pent-up demand forprojects in the construction trade rightnow, says Big Lake builder Ken Geroux.“We have been as busy in the office aswe have ever been, designing projects andgiving estimates,” Geroux said. “But peo-ple are still hesitant to do the major proj-ects.”Geroux Construction has been stayingbusy, doing the little things there cus-omers need to survive in the difficultconomy.“That is where we started, years ago,”said Geroux, “Doing the little jobs thatobody else wanted to do. Right now peo-le are only doing the things which have toe done.”On a brighter note, Geroux says, he isesigning three new homes planned to beuilt in the Big Lake area, although no startates for construction have been set yet.“That is a positive,” he said. “It meanseople are looking at new construction andhey are at least considering it.”Creating accurate designs for his variousrojects with detailed estimates is a lot of ork which does not always pay off,eroux said.“But it is the only way to give accuratestimates. Some builders charge for thisservice. We don’t. There is a lot of debatebout it in the industry but I will maintainy practices and my integrity level,”eroux said.While Geroux has made cutbacks to hisstaff, his company is finding work to do.“We are not as busy as I would like,” hesaid. “I have down-sized. There is alwaysoom for more projects.”Replacing windows and doors, mainte-ance and roofing and siding work is keep-ng him busy and Geroux says he is grate-ul for the work.“It’s not much for bragging rights but Im glad to have it,” he said.One of his larger projects right nowncludes an addition requiring a variance.“That makes more work on the frontend,” he said. “I do research these projectswith the county before I take them on. Iusually do this myself although the proper-ty owners could do it. They can get nerv-ous and I am used to working with thestaff.”“I am just thankful we are still in busi-ness,” Geroux said. “And I notice a lot of the contractors who were working whenwe started, like Don Deuel and PaulBecker are still here.”“I can say there has been a dramaticincrease in the local area for new construc-tion, at least on the design and estimatingside,” he said. “We just need a few morethings to fall into place, like employmentand financing.”Geroux said he would like to see theconstruction industry move into a moresteady pattern.“There are pockets around the TwinCities, like Edina and Eden Prairie, wherenothing has happened. There have been noslow-downs,” he said. “This area got hitextremely hard but we still need qualitycontractors.”Geroux says he believes the only reasonhis company is still in business is becauseof his customer base.“For two years we had no new cus-tomers,” he said. “Every job was a repeatcustomer or a referal from an existing cus-tomer. I can’t say how thankful we are forthem.”Geroux’s reputation for integrity andstanding behind his work is well-known tothe local community.“A house has 20,000 different partswhich have to be put together to createexcellence,” he said. “It’s not too surpris-ing if a door fails or a window sticks nowand then. What is important is that peopleknow we are there to stand behind ourwork.”“We have really good customers, highintegrity people and I became friends withthem years ago. When we go to do repeatwork it is like going to see friends, notclients,” he said. “That makes the qualityof life go up a little bit.”
Gratitudend integritycan pay off
KEN GEROUX of Geroux Construction hs een wethering theeconomy with the hep of his customers nd is ooking forwrd to movinghed with some rger projects in the ner future. (Photo y JenniferEdwrds).
$$" #$!
Donna Clarksean
d.clarksean@kleinbank.comph 763-263-2100
NMLS ID # 649575
Michelle Eder
m.eder@kleinbank.comDirect 612-940-5430
NMLS ID # 799960
Big Lake

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