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Planet Earth is Afflicted By A Very Serious Deadly Disease

Planet Earth is Afflicted By A Very Serious Deadly Disease

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on Sep 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Planet Earth Is Afflicted By A Very Serious Deadly Disease.
Written by Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier.
This disease is destroying everything that is naturally beautiful.If the natural cure is not spread to the whole planet now.Then this disease will soon be terminal for planet earth.It is time to empower you the people.Truth is the only thing that empowers the individual.It is time to grow the cure for planet earth.That cure has to grow in your minds.The seeds of truth are the only thing that will grow healthy food for thought.The cure has to grow strong enough to over come the disease.The cure is a natural one.For only a natural remedy is the solution to this disease.Only a natural remedy will bring planet earth back to natural health.The hippies tried to warn the world of this spreading disease.But as some of you know, the hippies were attacked by that very disease.The disease attacked and destroyed the truth loving freedom fighters known as hippies.This disease has now spread to every last corner of planet earth except for a place known as
The Halifax Commons is the very first piece of common land that eventually led to the creation of Canada, is a Common Wealth Country.In 1758, The First Representative Democratic Parliament was erected in Halifax before Canada was created.Nova Scotia Provincial Legislature known as The Province HouseParliamentary democracy was born in Halifax then after the first piece of common land to apply our common lawtoo, was created.That which we named 
The Halifax Commons is the very last piece of common land remaining that has never been deeded and still belongsto the people.Canada, unlike the USA has no property rights under common law. For in Canada we just staked our claim to landby just putting our stake on it. That was basically done by marking your stake with sticks in the ground to showwhich piece of land you are claiming your stake to. Then after one year under common law, if no one disputed yourstake. You just went to the land registry office and registered your claim. Then you received your deed. That whichmeans “In deed you have a claimed stake’ . Then after just known as your land ‘Deed’.The land deed only recognized your home stead. But did not mean that you have ownership of a piece of commonland. For, like I said. There are no property rights under common law. For the whole of the common wealth countrybelongs to all the
But the disease has changed all that.The disease I speak of is about to put in the last piece (stake) of the puzzle that will clearly show the disease that hasinfected the whole of this planet.That piece (stake) is at The Halifax Commons.If we the people permit the disease to stake a claim on the last piece of free common land in Canada.The disease will then be permitted to spread and stake claim to the whole remainder of The Halifax Commons.Then the 
,the land of the free will cease to exist and we will then loose our common law of theland.

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