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Intro to Food Science and Food Sensory Evaluation 09

Intro to Food Science and Food Sensory Evaluation 09

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Published by RutgersCPE
Rutgers sensory evaluation and introduction to food science courses running Summer 2009.
Rutgers sensory evaluation and introduction to food science courses running Summer 2009.

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Published by: RutgersCPE on Jul 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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   N  J   A  E  S   O  f   fi  c  e  o  f  C  o  n  t i  n  u i  n  g   P  r  o  f  e  s  s i  o  n  a l  E  d  u  c  a  t i  o  n
   R  u  t  g  e  r  s ,  T  h  e  S  t  a  t  e   U  n i  v  e  r  s i  t  y  o  f   N  e   w J  e  r  s  e  y   1  0  2   R  y  d  e  r  s  L  a  n  e   N  e   w  B  r  u  n  s   w i  c  k ,   N J  0  8  9  0  1  -  8  5  1  9   P  h :  7  3  2 .  9  3  2 .  9  2  7  1  F  a  x :  7  3  2 .  9  3  2 .  8  7  2  6   E   m  a i l :  o  c  p  e   @  n j  a  e  s .  r  u  t  g  e  r  s .  e  d  u
   Y  E  S ,
 I   w  a  n t t  o  b  e i  n f  o  r   m  e  d  a  b  o  u t  c  o  u  r  s  e  s  a  n  d  r  e l  a t  e  d i  n f  o  r   m  a t i  o  n t  h  r  o  u  g  h   p  e  r i  o  d i  c   m  e  s  s  a  g  e  s f  r  o   m   R  u t  g  e  r  s  v i  a :  (  c  h  e  c  k  a l l t  h  a t  a  p  p l  y )
  e   m  a i l
 f  a  x
    W  e   w i l l  n  e  v  e  r  s  e l l ,  r  e  n  t  o  r  e  x  c  h  a  n  g  e  y  o  u  r  c  o  n  t  a  c  t i  n  f  o  r   m  a  t i  o  n   w i  t  h  a  3  r  d   p  a  r  t  y .
   T  o  u  n  s  u  b  s  c  r i  b  e  a  n  d  b  e  r  e   m  o  v  e  d f  r  o   m  o  u  r l i  s t ,  c  o  n t  a  c t  u  s  a t  o  c  p  e    @  n j  a  e  s .  r  u t  g  e  r  s .  e  d  u   o  r  b  y f  a  x  7  3  2 .  9  3  2 .  1  1  8  7  o  r  p  h  o  n  e  7  3  2 .  9  3  2 .  9  2  7  1 .
   N  o  n  p  r  o
 t   O  r  g  a  n i  z  a t i  o  n    U   S   P  o  s t  a  g  e
     P     A  I     D
   N  e   w   B  r  u  n  s   w i  c  k ,   N  J    P  e  r   m i t   N  o .  1  5  3
ManagerTraining CertificationSeptember23and24,2009Course code: LF0410CA10
Food Service Managers need to know food safety and its critical importance as well as be able tosharefoodsafetyknowledgewiththeiremployees.ServSafe®ManagerTraining is for restaurant andsupermarketmanagers,foodserviceprofessionalsandanyonewhoisinneedofadvanced food safety training.Uponcompletionofthecourseandapplicableexamsyouwillreceive ServSafe® Manager Training Certification.
GoodManufacturingPracticesOctober13,2009Course code: LF0407CA10
Gainthepracticalknowledgeyouneedtoavoidfoodsafetyproblemsandgrow a healthy business.GoodManufacturingPractices(GMPs) are a comprehensive program of sanitary and hygienic practices. You will become familiar with the basics of current GMP regulations and guidelines and learn about theimportanceofcontrollingenvironmentalhygiene, sanitation and personal hygiene in your facility. You willalsotakepartinapractical,hands-onexercisespecificallydesignedtoreinforcetheseconcepts.
ListeriaMonocytogenes - Learn how to Prevent and Protect Yourself November17,2009Course code: LF0401CB10
LearnaboutListeria(L.monocytogenes) and how to successfully implement a reduction program toreduceandpreventListeriacontaminationof products. Because the FDA has a zero tolerance policy forListeriainready-to-eatfoods,makesureyoucanidentifythe signs and know how to prevent them.
HACCP: Basic ConceptNovember18-20,2009Course code: LF0403CA10
DiscoverthebasicconceptsofHACCP so you can develop a thorough plan to better support you and yourcompany. You will be taken through each step in the HACCP system and learn the proper measures forimplementingasuccessfulprogram. Due to regulations by the FDA, it is now the law that food processorshaveHACCP certifiedpersonnelon-siteatalltimeswhenproductionorpackaging is occurring.
ApprovedbytheFDA, our 4-day Better Process Control School course will teach you how to avoidpotentialfoodcontaminationscaresthatevolvefromimproperpackaging and processing. By law, eachprocessorofacidifiedorlow-acidcannedfoodsmustoperatewithatrainedsupervisoronhandatalltimes.Successfulcompletionofthiscourse,includingpracticalexams,willprovideyouwithacertificateof trainingandregistration with the FDA.
Food Service HACCPDecember10and11,2009Coursecode:LF0404CA10
Learnhowtoimproveyourfoodserviceprocessesandpracticesandpreventfoodbornediseaseoutbreaksbeforetheyhappenbyattendingthiscourse.Whether your food preparation facility is in aschool,business,hospital,orcorporatecenter, you will learn how a successful HACCP program and planimplemented,willhelpcontrolandmonitormicrobiological hazards.
Rutgers University invites you to transform, broaden and update your food science skills with this highly focused, practical training. In minimum time, you will build your value by expanding your range and depth of skills with a quick infusion of targeted food scienceeducation.Working with the best instructors in industry and universities, you will move through the key points of food chemistry, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, color, sensory, nutrition and finally microbiology. You will mine the most valuable seams of a Food Science degree – but in only five days instead of four years! You will leave with a better vocabulary and understanding of thewide range of disciplines needed to develop and produce competitive food products --from food chemistry and food microbiology to nutrition and sensory evaluation.
Past participants have included:
Food Technologists, Research and Development EngineersandTechnicians, Flavor Technicians, Technical Sales Managers and Purchasing Agents, Quality Assurance/Quality Control Personnel, Regulatory Advisors, Product Development TechniciansandManagers, Labeling Coordinators, and Process Control Technicians.Letushelp you achieve the skills necessary to better develop, process, manufacture andpromote your food products – and gain knowledge that attendees take with them for alifetime. To meet your specificneeds and goals, this course may be taken as a series of individual one-day sessions or as a complete five-day program. Although most participants attend all fivedays, we will work with you to customize the course to cater to your individual educationalobjectives.
The following pages summarize the topics offered during each class day.
Introduction to Food Science
August 10 - 14, 2009 Course Code: LF0201CA10
New Jersey AgriculturalExperiment Station
IntroductionTo Food Science
Sensory Evaluation
Office of Continuing Professional Education
Food Engineer, Fernando Sosa
(2008attendee)tookour course to jumpstart his career:
“I really liked the overview and the course helped me understand the industry in a much more in-depth form. I still use some of the material Ilearned during the course today. [For example], the bacteria information for  hygiene purposes and the aroma part was memorable, to say the least.” 
R&DChef, Victor Dell’Aquila
(2008attendee) wasimpressed by all he learned in one class:
“Introduction to Food Science was well worth the time and effort--especially forpeople with limited time and a lot of responsibilities. The amount of  knowledge gained in such a short time was amazing…. I have called uponthe information learned in class countless times-- as well as understanding more fully what I read in the trade magazines and formal papers.” 
  Y  o  u  c  a  n  f  a  c  e  t  h  e   m  o  s  t  r i  g  o  r  o  u  s  c  h  a l l  e  n  g  e  s  o  f   t  h  e   m  o  d  e  r  n  f  o  o  d i  n  d  u  s  t  r  y  s  u  c  c  e  s  s  f  u l l  y   w i  t  h    t  h  e  r i  g  h  t  t  r  a i  n i  n  g   —  a  n  d
   R  u  t  g  e  r  s   U  n i  v  e  r  s i  t  y
 i  s  t  h  e  r i  g  h  t  p l  a  c  e  t  o  g  e  t i  t !  T  o  d  a  y ’  s  f  o  o  d  i  n  d  u  s  t  r  y  p  r  o  f  e  s  s i  o  n  a l  s  n  e  e  d  a  g  o  o  d  b  a l  a  n  c  e   o  f  s  k i l l  s  a  n  d  p  r  a  c  t i  c  a l  k  n  o   w l  e  d  g  e i  n  o  r  d  e  r   t  o  r  e   m  a i  n  c  o   m  p  e  t i  t i  v  e  a  n  d  c  o   m   m  u  n i  c  a  t  e   c  o   m  p l  e  x i  n  f  o  r   m  a  t i  o  n  t  o  c  o  n  s  u   m  e  r  s .   R  u  t  g  e  r  s ’   s  h  o  r  t  c  o  u  r  s  e  s  a  r  e  n  o  t  s i   m  p l  e  a  c  a  d  e   m i  c   e  x  e  r  c i  s  e  s   —  t  h  e  y  a  r  e  t  a  r  g  e  t  e  d ,  a  p  p l i  e  d  t  r  a i  n i  n  g   o  p  p  o  r  t  u  n i  t i  e  s  s  p  e  c i  fi  c  a l l  y  d  e  s i  g  n  e  d  t  o i   m  p  r  o  v  e   y  o  u  r  t  e  c  h  n i  c  a l ,  r  e  g  u l  a  t  o  r  y  a  n  d  c  r  e  a  t i  v  e   p  r  o  b l  e   m  s  o l  v i  n  g  s  k i l l  s .

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